Presentatie The Internet of Things iBestuur Congres 2013 door Ben van Lier


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Ben van Lier van Centric sprak op 24 januari tijdens het iBestuur Congres in ’s Hertogenbosch samen met Jean-Louis Roso van TNO over The Internet of Things. De sessie opende met de trailer van de science fictionfilm Prometheus, waarin mensen en technologie voor hun functioneren en overleven van elkaar afhankelijk zijn. Is dit fictie of is The Internet of Things dichterbij dan we denken? Van Lier legde in zijn presentatie uit dat de onderlinge verbondenheid in netwerken van mensen en dingen verstrekkende gevolgen heeft voor ons leven en de manier van werken. Hij liet bestuurders, beslissers en experts uit en rondom het i-overheidslandschap zien dat de afhankelijkheid van technologie groeit in onze alledaagse wereld.

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Presentatie The Internet of Things iBestuur Congres 2013 door Ben van Lier

  1. 1. i-Bestuur CongresPrometheus & the ‘Internet of Things’ Den Bosch, 24 januari 2013 Dr. Ben van Lier CMC Directeur Strategie & Innovatie
  2. 2. Cyborgs & Posthumanism Katherine Hayles  How we became Posthuman (1999)  In the posthuman, there are no essential differences or absolute demarcations between bodily existence and computer simulations, cybernetic mechanism and biological organism, robot teleology and human goals. (3)
  3. 3. Internet of Things – History Mark Weiser  Ubiquitous Computing (1991)  The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistguishable from it. Bruce Sterling  Shaping Things (2005)  Spimes are sustainable, enhanceable, uniquely identifiable, and made of substances that can and will be folded back into the production stream of future spimes.
  4. 4. Internet of Things – European Union Sundmaeker c.s.  Internet of Things (2010)  In the context of Internet of Things a thing could be defined as a real/physical or digital/virtual entity that exists and move in space and time and is capable of being identified either by assigned identification numbers, names and/or location addresses
  5. 5. Internet of Things – Industrial Internet Pushing the Boundaries of Minds and Machines 2012  The Industrial internet brings together the advances of two transformative evolutions: the myriad machines, facilities, fleets and networks that arose from the industrial revolution, and the more recent powerful advances in computing, information and communication systems brought to the fore by the internet revolution
  6. 6. Internet of Things – Machine2Machine communication OECD M2M:Connecting billions of devices 2012  Devices that are actively communicating using wired and wireless networks, that are not computers in the traditional sense and are using the internet in some form or another (2012:7
  7. 7. Internet of Things - Context Paul Dourish  Like ordinariness, context is managed moment by moment, achieved by those carrying out some activity together, and relative to that activity and to the forms of action and engagement that it entails. (2004:25)
  8. 8. Emergent properties Andy Clarke  Natural-Born Cyborgs (2003)  For better or for worse (almost certainly for both), human technology symbiosis is poised to transform our lives both as individuals and as collective groups. At the individual level, new transparent technologies will increasingly blur the already fuzzy boundary between the user and her tools for thought; at the collective level distributed activity-sensitive software will enable us to press new knowledge from electronic trails of use and access. (2003:165)
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