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Your BPO Questions Answered


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  • BPO Service Providers: Business method Outsourcing services, popularly called BPO services area unit merely those services through that a number of the supporting business processes area unit served by specialised corporations.BPO IT Services: BPO business has celebrated within the realm of arriving decision services because of its unmatched client care services offered at its fore, the businesses deploy its earnest spontaneous efforts toward gratifying many-sided
    demands and expectations of the business relation.
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Your BPO Questions Answered

  1. 1. Your BPO QuestionsAnswered
  2. 2. 1. Which are the commonly outsourced operations?Operations that are not usually the core competence of thecompany. 2. Which operations should we outsourcing and why?This depends on how much it will cost you, whether the service canbe improved by a third party and whether there is opportunity for asaving.3. What kind of outsourcing company could handle theseoperations? You will need to assess the performance of yourpotential outsourcing partner to answer this question.4. Is it best for all these operations to be handled by oneoutsourcing company?Definitely yes, you will need to develop a close working relationshipwith your outsourcing.5. Where should this company operate from?Ideally the company should operate from a country that has a similarwork ethic to your own. Close cultural affinity in a call centre isimportant, especially for your client contact services.Your BPO Questions Answered
  3. 3. 6. What languages should this company speak?The company needs to speak your language with the potential toprovide all the languages your clients speak. You should also considerfuture markets you may expand into.7. What level of services are we looking for?At least the same level you already have in-house. An improvementshould be expected in the long run.8. Who will handle which processes?Once you have decided on your outsourcing partner, they can helpyou decide which services are best outsourced by providing you withpackages that allow you to test outsourcing feasibility.9. What problems will this resolve?Your outsourcing partner should be expected to resolve staffing andinfrastructural issues at least, whilst also matching your currentservice quality.10. How will the process be started?The process is usually started by signing a contract that includes atesting period, it is important to make sure that expansion andflexibility are built into your contract.Your BPO Questions Answered