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Youths in Times of Crisis: Bangladesh Perspective


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Research findings by Centre for Research and Information (CRI) on the role of youth in times of crisis and youth volunteers involvement in disaster response

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Youths in Times of Crisis: Bangladesh Perspective

  1. 1. Centre for Research and Information
  3. 3. About CRI Center for Research and Information (CRI) is a not-for-profit policy research organization which aims to create platforms for public discussion and debates. Our primary area of focus is the young people of Bangladesh and all our events are designed keeping them in mind.
  4. 4. How The Research Was Conducted
  5. 5. Focus Group Discussion with 40 youths involved in disaster management Survey of around 150 youth involved in disaster management Proposals of Joy Bangla Youth Award nominees involved in disaster management Online feedback collected through CRI and Young Bangla social networks
  6. 6. Example of Youth in Disaster Management Nodi Vangon Songram Parishad As I have been experiencing the impact of natural calamities like river erosion first hand, I wanted to do something for standing besides the people of my own community. River erosion often takes away everything they possess in an instant, and uproots them from their homes. I feel it is inhuman not to extend our helping hands. Suman Chandra Das Founder, Nodi Vangon Songram Parishad Primary Area of Work: River Erosion Location: Durgapur Union, Bakergonj Upazilla, Barisal Volunteers: 40
  7. 7. Imparting basic training of disaster preparedness Providing voluntary labor support to the victims Houses rebuilt as a result of their efforts What They Do?
  8. 8. Research Queries  Which areas of disaster management are you involved in?  What motivated you to work in disaster management?  What are the problems you face in your line of work?  What recommendations do you suggest for improving youth involvement in disaster management?
  10. 10. “ Youth in Disaster Management: Common Features
  11. 11.  Welcomes support, but ready to go at it on their own  Open to comparative ideas and perspectives  Technology driven with particular knack for use of ICT  Most effective while working in their own communities  Cost effective, relevant, informed & prompt responses  Adaptive to indigenous and traditional knowledge
  12. 12. “ Problems Faced by Youth Volunteers in Disaster Management
  13. 13.  Lack of funding hampers scaling up existing efforts  Inadequate support from local administration  Scarcity of relevant information about central initiatives  Lack of platform for networking and cooperation
  14. 14.  Difficult for women to engage in volunteerism in rural areas  Lack of adequate infrastructure and equipment  Lack of facilities for quality training  Not enough scope to transfer experiences to other youth  Attitude towards volunteerism discouraging generally
  15. 15. “ Areas Where Youth Volunteers Want To Work
  16. 16.  Raising awareness about climate change, adaptation, action and building resilience  Building resistance to earthquakes  Creating awareness on earthquake preparedness  Man-made disasters such as collapse of buildings, incidents of fire, and political violence
  17. 17. “ Recommendations
  18. 18. 1. Sensitizing local administration and political leadership to the benefits of youth volunteers in disaster management 4. Compiling and maintaining an updated list of local youth volunteers 5. Incentivizing volunteerism on part of government by giving certificates, recognition etc. 6. Increasing feedback of youth in national disaster management initiatives 3. Raising awareness on the positives of youth volunteerism 2. Enhanced use of digital methods for awareness raising and information dissemination
  19. 19. Youth Innovation for Disaster Management Alor Dishari My heart cried when I saw the recovery efforts following the Rana Plaza collapse. I wondered why do we not have any modern equipment which can make such recovery of people trapped under debris easier. Hence, I thought of designing a robot which can help in this regard. Md. Zakaria Haider Founder, Alor Dishari Winner, Joy Bangla Youth Award 2015 Gold Medal Winner, 2015 IEEE-RAS International Robot PRIDE Competition
  20. 20. Innovation: Robot named "Max Explorer" which locates trapped people and also can send emergency provisions to people in inaccessible places. Controlled both manually and automatically, the device uses GPS, maps, high resolution camera and other relevant technology. Prototype designed in association with other classmates of BUET.
  21. 21. Full Report Please send us your contact details at for receiving a copy of our full report on the research findings
  22. 22. Thanks