Trans& playing with the futures


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Trans& playing with the futures

  1. 1. trans&playing futures
  2. 2. The Future Complex The future becomes exponential Why Playing Futures?Our world rapidly becomes more turbulent Companies struggle to cope with these Philips Design has developed a unique process We tend to think that future is ‘ahead of us’, that it is ‘further out.and chaotic, more complex and increasing complexities of a new, unimaginable to help companies and their leaders to We walk forward, from ‘past’ to the ‘future’.unpredictable then ever before. Dozens of world. The old ways of working, the old ways transform themselves, and to learn how to surf We use a telescope to look at the future.technological domains – computing, of thinking no longer work. Companies - and the waves of new futures. Trans& is a guidednanotechnology, robotics, and many more people too - are less and less capable to cope journey that help companies to transform, But members of this African tribe believe that what is ahead of us is the known ‘past’.– double their performance every other with the coming futures. They become alienated through interactive experiences with possible The future – unclear, unknown – is behind you back. So they walk to the futureyear. Multiple social and economic processes from the present. They feel they are lost. futures and playful exploration of the new backward – and obviously one walks backward very differently, much more carefully.– globalization, social networks, peer-to-peer possibilities. Tran& equips people with a new Having too many unchecked assumptions about what behind your back is too dangerous.production, new emerging values and practices sense, the sense of Emerging Futures, and imaginedramatically - and very quickly - changes the new, relevant solutions for these we live.Diagnostics Constructing ‘future spaces’ Facilitating experience Playful transformation Follow-up evaluationTogether with our clients we evaluate the When the most relevant ‘future dilemmas’ We then guide our clients through these Depending on the clients’ issues, a specific Finally, we evaluate, with our clients, whetherexisting problems in relation to the future. are identified, we construct future spaces, spaces, managing their immersion and ‘gameplay’ is developed – a unique combination of transformation really occurred, what are theWe listen, ask question, and probe clients’ future ‘mini-worlds’ that participants will be interactions. We reflect initial expectations Activities, Reflection, and Creation to help new signals of new ideas, behaviors and practices.assumptions about the futures, the ones living it. It is a creative process whereby our and ideas, and then go through discovery forms of thoughts and actions to emerge.expressed explicitly and more hidden, hypotheses about the futures are translated and experiences, to shape and anchor new This gameplay is enabled by both human‘shadow’ ones. This shapes our understanding into multi-sensorial, interactive immersive ‘memories of the future’. Both duration and interactions and new ambient technologies.of what kind of transformation is required. environments where our clients will not only intensity of the process are personalized for be able to ‘understand’ the future better, but every client. ‘sense and feel’ it.“We need different ways of thinking, being and doing Write your own quote:if we are to live well, prosper and safeguard the future”Josephine Green
  3. 3. Transformation Transsition Transportation Transplantation Transgression Transcendence Philips Design as an agent of transformation Philips Design is global community of creative professionals committed to deliver value to our clients. We combined our knowledge and experiences of design, human sciences and technology to create solutions focused on personal and business growth For more information contact©2008 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.All rights reserved.