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Jobb english

  1. 1. Can you vote to get more jobs?
  2. 2. all parties promise more jobs. but who is going to hire people? More jobs are needed, particularly among young people. Some people think that politicians can create jobs. Some people hope that new jobs will be created in the public sector. Or in large-scale industry. The Centre Party has a different idea of where these new jobs will come from. If you believe that Sweden has room for lots of new start-ups, then we are on your side. The jobs of tomorrow can be found in the many small companies we have. In the service sector, for example, in pre-schools, cafes and restaurants; and in advanced environmental technology companies. These kinds of jobs can only be created by entrepreneurs themselves. Entrepreneurs are people with a dream. They are willing to invest their time and money in an idea. When the idea works and the company grows, hiring more employees, this dream can become reality. A government can make it easier for people’s dreams. Which government do you think can help most companies to start, to develop and to grow? Is it the left wing, with their tax increases, higher employer contributions and strict seniority rules? Or is it the Alliance and the Centre Party that can pave the way for more jobs in new companies?
  3. 3. this is what the Centre party will Do: reDuCe the hassl It should be easy to run a company! People who are good at baking or welding want to spend their time doing this; not administering unnecessary rules. Over the past four years, the amount of hassle has fallen. It has become simpler and less expensive to employ people. For example, we have halved employer contributions for young people. We want to continue along this route. a ‘las’ for our time When the Security of Employment Act (LAS) was created in the 1930s, the intention was not to exclude whole groups of young people in the 2010s. At the moment, LAS works against confidence and self-realisation. Young people are without jobs because companies do not dare to employ them. This is why the Centre Party wants to change LAS to ensure that more young people can enter the labour market more quickly. give Competition to Counties anD muniCipalities In the left-wing vision of Sweden, a nurse is good if she is employed by the county, but bad if she opens up her own practice. We believe that she is just as good if she starts up on her own. We also believe that she can get more pleasure, happiness and energy if she works for herself. This also spurs on the large hospitals to be even bet- ter. This is also true of schools, old people’s homes and child-care centres. Sweden also needs to have more women who run companies! more Companies where the jobs are neeDeD Many residential areas in Sweden are full of people who have experience from around the world. Lots of people want to work, but cannot. They cannot find their way onto the labour market. Some people want to solve this problem through higher benefits and more regulations. The Centre Party believes the opposite. We want to create jobs through tax relief for companies that set up in Rinkeby, Rosengård or Angered. We call the project New Start Zones. This has proven to be successful in the United Kingdom, France and Italy. ww w.Centerpart
  4. 4. by voting for the Centre party in september, you are voting for more new Companies.