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The (super ideal) UX Design Process


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At its core, User Experience Design is about people. It’s about truly getting to know them, whether they’re stakeholders or end-users. The more you know about someone’s digital preferences and behaviors, the better you’ll be able to design for them. In this post you’ll find a high-level blueprint for executing good UX strategy. Not every process will look identical, but this will help you see how UX design fits into the digital experience design process.

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The (super ideal) UX Design Process

  1. 1. super ideal A CLIENT 8: INDUSTRY RESEARCH WHAT IS THEIR. .. COMPANY CULTURE? REPUTATION? BRAND PERSONALITY? WHAT IS THE LATEST NEWS IN mam , mnusmv? WHAT PROBLEMS WHO ARE THEIR DO THEY SOLVE FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS? HOW? COMPETITORS? 3 INFORIVIATION ARCHITECTURE NE 555% %E@ INVENTORY ALL EXISTING CONTENT. EXECUTE A CONTENT AUDIT. Analyze all existing content with your user research as a guide. WHAT CAN BE REMOVED OR CONSOUDATED? WHAT PARTS OF THE SITE WORK WELL ALREADY? DO WE NEED TO CREATE ANY NEW CONTENT? DESIGN NEW SITE ARCHITECTURE. TEST THE ARCHITECTURE with users using card sorting techniques or interactive prototypes. ITERATE based on user feedback. 5 VISUAL DESIGN "Y Q, COLLABORATE WITH VISUAL DESIGNERS. They have a good eye for beauty and functionality that can only help the user. SHARE THE VISUAL DESIGN with users as early as possible to get feedback on any assumptions made and general opinions. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ( CENTERLINE DIGITAL centerline. net 2 USER RESEARCH 5;; WHO ARE THE CLIENT’S PRIMARY TARGET AUDIENCES? WHAT ARE THEIR. .. INTERACTION WEB ""1"-“"3? BEHAVIORS? PERSONALITY mes? RUN USABILITY TESTS on the current site or app based on existing pain points. DEVELOP PERSONAS based on research & testing. DEVELOP USER JOURNEY MAPS to identify ideal scenarios for completing critical tasks. PREFERRED 4. PAGE TEIVIPLATE DESIGN (WIREFRAIVIIIIG) COLLABORATE WITH CONTENT STRATEGISTS to determine what content should be available on each page. DESIGN THE CONTENT STRUCTURE, LAYOUT & INTERACTION PATTERNS for each page type within the site architecture. TEST DESIGNS by sharing prototypes with users and asking for feedback on any assumptions you've made SHARE & EXPLAIN DESIGNS early and often with the entire team, so they understand every layout or interaction pattern decision that's made. 5 SITE ANALYTICS 8: USABILITY TESTING WORK CLOSELY WITH YOUR ANALYTI CS TEAM to help them understand which areas of the experience you'll need the richest analytic information about. RUN USABILITY TESTS based on any revelations from site analytics over time, previous design assumptions, or user complaints. DOES ANYTHING NEED TO BE ADDED? REMOVED?