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John Lane - Centerline - Content Marketing Art Of War - 04.13

Content Marketing Art of War. Theories, Case Studies and Anecdotes on Content Marketing, based on the (modified) teachings of Sun Tzu. Centerline Digital examples in the presentation:
- All work for Physicians Pharmacy Alliance
- IBM Smarter Computing Workload Simulator
- Datagrams for IBM Mobile First
- Vitamin T UX Infographic
- Eaton - Professor Wattson
- IBM City One
* Click those images to be taken to the actual pieces.

The presentation was given by John Lane, VP Strategy & Creative at Centerline Digital twice in April:
- The BMA Carolinas Lunch
- The Digital Marketing For Business Conference

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John Lane - Centerline - Content Marketing Art Of War - 04.13

  1. ContentMarketingArt of WarTheories, Case Studies & Anecdotes #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  2. Those skilled inContent Planningengage audienceswithout obstacle...They conquerby strategy. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  3. 60% of theB2B buying processis over before thefirst sales touch. Corporate Executive Board Marketing Leadership Study, 2011
  4. The average shopper uses 10.4sources before buying,twice as much as in 5.27years past. 2010 2011
  5. So...what is content marketing?It’s the creation, sharing andgovernance of high-quality,relevant information.It’s providing knowledge to educate andpersuade rather than a “hook” to entice.It’s about delivering value before the sale.
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  8. 60%It’s aboutwinningthe first
  9. Know yourself.Know your audience.If you don’t knowboth equally as well,you can’t possibly closethe distance between. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  10. The Take-Away:Create a shared agenda.
  11. In content, volume aloneconfers no advantage.One insight canconquer 1,000 foes. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  12. The Take-Away:Provide evidenceand show your work.
  13. The job your contenthas to do today is easierthan the job itll haveto do tomorrow.Be industrious today. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  14. Mobile enables unique customerinsights for location and time-specific targeting. Explore #ibmmobile
  15. The Take-Away:Create content thatexpands both searchand social surface area.
  16. Straightforward contentgenerally leads toengagement.Surprising contentgenerally leads to victory. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  17. The Take-Away:You don’t have to beoutlandish to “go viral.” Youhave to be focused on whoyou want to go viral with.
  18. Dont value your contentover the job you needyour content to do. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  19. The Take-Away:Always be willing to ask, “Isthis content what my audiencewants, or what I want?”
  20. Brand is a powerful weapon.The knowledge behind theBrand is of greater value. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  21. The Take-Away:Think of your brand as anaccess point — delivering theknowledge your audiencecraves and can’t afford.
  22. If you want your contentto overcome its enemy,you have to reallyunderstand its enemy.The enemy is: average. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar
  23. If you want to do a "Real world" test, makea bootable CD-ROM with one of the Linuxdistros, such as Knoppix. Boot the serversoff the CD-ROMs and then unplug yourUPSs. This doesnt replace the drivers &monitoring software, but gives you anotherway to test, to relieve any lingeringconcerns you, your boss, or any auditorsinvolved may have. You will still want to dothis off hours, or on a weekend.
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  25. The Take-Away:Find ways to make thecommonplace new.
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