Content Marketing Science And Art - Centerline Digital - UPDATED October 2013


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Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle let's us know that we can't possibly know both the exact location and the exact velocity of an object. People operate on the same level: Us marketers rarely know both where our audience is going and how fast they'll get there.

Content Marketing is a way to improve your aim and better connect your message with your target audience. But actually making the connection? That's more art than science. In this presentation, principles of science (and art) reveal lessons for content marketing success.

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Content Marketing Science And Art - Centerline Digital - UPDATED October 2013

  1. 1. Content Marketing Science & Art | @johnvlane | #contextconf
  2. 2. Entropy Natural Tendency Not Gonna Happen @johnvlane
  3. 3. of the70%B2B buying process is over before the first sales touch.Corporate Executive Board Marketing Leadership Study, 2011 @johnvlane
  4. 4. Owned Earned Paid Shared @johnvlane
  5. 5. Owned Earned Paid Shared Website eBooks SlideShare Presentations Our Building Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Delicious Quora Pinterest Instagram Speaking Opps & Events Published Articles Awards Keyword Buys Sponsorships Email Google+ @johnvlane
  6. 6. The average shopper uses sources before buying, twice as much as in years past. 5.27 10.4 2010 2011 @johnvlane
  7. 7. Which one will a random person pick first? @johnvlane
  8. 8. The Nature of Ions +- @johnvlane
  9. 9. @johnvlane
  10. 10. @johnvlane
  11. 11. @johnvlane
  12. 12. @johnvlane
  13. 13. @johnvlane
  14. 14. The Take-Away: Aim for “You Complete Me.” @johnvlane
  15. 15. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle @johnvlane
  16. 16. Where did you come from? Where are you going? @johnvlane
  17. 17. If you want to do a "Real world" test, make a bootable CD-ROM with one of the Linux distros, such as Knoppix. Boot the servers off the CD-ROMs and then unplug your UPS's. This doesn't replace the drivers & monitoring software, but gives you another way to test, to relieve any lingering concerns you, your boss, or any auditors involved may have. You will still want to do this off hours, or on a weekend.
  18. 18. ING Direct “Small Sacrifices” @johnvlane
  19. 19. Mobile enables unique customer insights for location and time- specific targeting. Explore @ #ibmmobile @johnvlane
  20. 20. Average Tennis Fans... • Are men, 35-49 years old (56% male) • Are 93% more likely to have a post-grad degree • Are more likely to be in senior management • Are mobile-centric 117,000,000 mobile page views of US Open Coverage @johnvlane
  21. 21. The Take-Away: Design for Moments of Need. @johnvlane
  22. 22. Fluid Dynamics @johnvlane
  23. 23. Flickr Photo by wetwebwork Respect Desired Paths
  24. 24. Install a Pebble Tile Accent Wall The bathroom can be a inviting beautiful room that can add a lot to your home with just a few simple changes, such an a pebble tile accent wall.
  25. 25. @johnvlane
  26. 26. The Take-Away: Respect Desired Paths. @johnvlane
  27. 27. E=mc2 Mass-Energy Equivalence @johnvlane
  28. 28. @johnvlane Story-Resonance Equivalence S+C=R 2
  29. 29. Thank you! Connect here: Here: Here: And here, too: