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Content Marketing Art of War - Second Edition - John Lane - Centerline

Based on the teachings of Sun Tzu, this presentation has new maxims and examples for better Content Marketing!

Learn why you must: "Know yourself. Know your audience. If you don't know both equally well, you can't possibly close the distance between." And why: "Brand is a powerful weapon. The knowledge behind the brand is of greater value."

Clicking most images in the presentation will open the actual pieces.

The presentation was given by John Lane, VP Strategy & Creative at Centerline Digital at MIMA on October 15, 2013.

Centerline Digital examples in the presentation:
- All work for Physicians Pharmacy Alliance
- IBM Smarter Computing Workload Simulator
- Datagrams for IBM Mobile First
- Vitamin T UX Infographic
- Eaton - Professor Wattson
- Lowe's Creative Ideas Videos
- Lowe's "3 Tips" Animations

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Content Marketing Art of War - Second Edition - John Lane - Centerline

  1. 1. Content Marketing Art of War Second Edition #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  2. 2. The nature of ground — marketplace and channels — is the fundamental factor in creating content that is primed for victory. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  3. 3. ? ? 70%journey of the buyer’s is over before the first sales touch. Corporate Executive Board Marketing Leadership Study, 2011
  4. 4. The average shopper uses 10.4 sources before buying, 5.27 twice as much as in years past. 2010 2011
  5. 5. One View... Shared Owned Earned Paid
  6. 6. A Better One. Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest SlideShare Presentations Delicious Email Published Articles Website Our Building Shared Owned eBooks Keyword Buys Paid Google+ Earned Speaking Opps & Events Instagram Awards YouTube Sponsorships Quora Facebook
  7. 7. Content Marketing 70% focuses on winning the first by delivering value before the sale. @johnvlane
  8. 8. The Take-Away: Creating content without understanding the ground is less profitable than creating no content at all. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  9. 9. Know yourself. Know your audience. If you don’t know both equally well, you can’t possibly close the distance between. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  10. 10. The Take-Away: Create a shared agenda. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  11. 11. In content, volume alone confers no advantage. One insight can conquer 1,000 foes. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  12. 12. The Take-Away: Provide evidence and show your work. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  13. 13. The job your content has to do today is easier than the job it'll have to do tomorrow. Be industrious today. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  14. 14. Mobile enables unique customer insights for location and timespecific targeting. Explore @ #ibmmobile
  15. 15. The Take-Away: Create content that expands both search and social surface area. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  16. 16. Delivering content in context requires more than identifying the channel your audience prefers. It requires knowing why they prefer it. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  17. 17. Average Tennis Fans... • Are men, 35-49 years old • Are 93% more likely to have (56% male) a post-grad degree • Are more likely to be in senior management • Are mobile-centric 117,000,000 mobile page views of US Open Coverage
  18. 18. The Take-Away: Design and place content for moments of need. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  19. 19. Straightforward content generally leads to engagement. Surprising content generally leads to victory. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  20. 20. The Take-Away: You don’t have to be outlandish to “go viral.” You have to be focused on who you want to go viral with. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  21. 21. Brand is a powerful weapon. The knowledge behind the Brand is of greater value. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  22. 22. Install a Pebble Tile Accent Wall The bathroom can be a inviting beautiful room that can add a lot to your home with just a few simple changes, such an a pebble tile accent wall.
  23. 23. The Take-Away: Think of your brand as an access point — delivering the knowledge your audience craves and can’t afford. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  24. 24. Don't value your content over the job you need your content to do. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  25. 25. The Good...
  26. 26. The Sad...
  27. 27. The Ugly.
  28. 28. The Take-Away: Always be willing to ask, “Is this content what my audience wants, or what I want?” #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  29. 29. If you want your content to overcome its enemy, you have to really understand its enemy. The enemy is: average. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  30. 30. If you want to do a "Real world" test, make a bootable CD-ROM with one of the Linux distros, such as Knoppix. Boot the servers off the CD-ROMs and then unplug your UPS's. This doesn't replace the drivers & monitoring software, but gives you another way to test, to relieve any lingering concerns you, your boss, or any auditors involved may have. You will still want to do this off hours, or on a weekend.
  31. 31. The Take-Away: Find ways to make the commonplace new. #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane
  32. 32. Thank you! Connect here: Here: Here: And here, too: #ContentMarketingArtOfWar | @johnvlane