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CDMSD Profile

  1. 1. CDMSD Profile
  2. 2. Who we are? The Center for Disaster Management and Sustainable Development (CDMSD) is a registered independent multi-disciplinary consulting firm, with cross-the-board expertise and in-depth experience in disaster risk management and sustainable development. CDMSD was established with a mission “To provide cutting edge solutions to our clients based on best practices in disaster management and sustainable Development”. CDMSD is the first ever consulting initiative established to provide specialized services in disaster risk management in Pakistan. CDMSD scope of work ranges from the grassroots to the national level medium and short term assignments commissioned by international development organizations, government departments, civil society organizations and corporate sector. Our Vision We envisage “a prepared and resilient society by providing simple, creative and sustainable solutions to our clients” CDMSD is governed by its core values guiding us to shape our behavior and decision making:  Client commitment  Integrity and honesty  Accountability  Responsiveness  Flexibility What we do? The key thematic areas where CDMSD provides training, assessment, surveys, M&E, strategies/Plan formulation, institutional development and material development services are: DRR and Climate Change Adaptation  Risk Assessments and profiling  Environmental Impact Assessments  Hazard Mitigation Plans  DRR and CBDRM  DRR Mainstreaming Peace building & Conflict Transformation  Stakeholders’ Analysis, consultations and engagement  Advocacy and Citizens Diplomacy Plans  Inter-faith Harmony  Mediation and dialogue trainings Safety and Security  Security and surveillance Training  First Aid Training Sustainable Development Solutions  Social mobilization and networking  Micro finance management  Enterprise Development  Livelihood & Food Security  Gender and development  Inclusion of marginalized communities Governance  Voice and accountability  Devolution and local government management  Organizational governance
  3. 3. Our Completed Assignment Research 1. Islamic Relief Pakistan: Research study on Understanding Drought: Using skeptical of communities vulnerabilities in relation to drought risk mitigation in District Chaghai Baluchistan Nov 2014- January 2015. 2. Sungi Development Foundation: WASH/DRR Baseline Study in three Districts; Haveli (AJK), Muzaffargar and Jhang, Punjab, December 2014-January 2015. 3. Malteser International/Handicap International: End Project Evaluation “Empowering Local Structures for Inclusive Community Based Disaster Risk Management” under DIPECHO 7th Action Plan for South Asia. December 2014- January 2015. 4. Social Efforts for Education and Development (SEED)/ Daikonie Katastrophenhilf (DKH): Pre-KAP Survey for School Safety Project, Union Council Nahaqi, District Peshawar, May-June 2014. 5. PDMA Baluchistan/World Bank: Draft Provincial CBDRM Programme for PDMA Baluchistan (second draft).June 2014. 6. Social Efforts for Education and Development (SEED)/ UNICEF: DRR/WASH KAP Survey for DRR/WASH Project, Charsadda, KPK, February 2014. 7. Muslim Hands/ Christian Aids: End Project Evaluation of Housing for Flood Affectees of District Thatta, Sindh, February 2014. 8. International Health & Social Group (IHSG)- Norway/NORAD: External Evaluation of Underprivileged Women & Children Health Care Project Pakistan, January 2014 9. Malteser International / Handicap International: Inclusive DRR KAP/Baseline Survey for DIPECHO Project, Swat KPK, December 2013.Trainings Training 1. VSO Pakistan: Three two days trainings on CBDRM for community groups, Nowshera, Khushab, December 2014. 2. VSO Pakistan: Three days CBDRM Training of National Humanitarian Network (NHN) partners’ Staff, November 2014.
  4. 4. 3. Association of Human Development (AHD): Three days Advance CBDRM for AHD staff in Charsadda, Feb 2014. 4. Archi Nova: Eight Days ToT on CBDRM for Arche Nova staff at Jhuddo, District Mirpur Khas Sindh, Feb 2014. 5. Medicines Du Monde (MDM): Five days ToT for MDM and Ministry of Health Staff KPK, Islamabad, September 2014. 6. HADAF: Three days DRR Training for HADAF Staff, Haripur, October 2013 7. PRDS Peshawar: Two days Training on Peace Building and Conflict Transformation, September, 2013. On-going Assignments 1. GIZ: Local Situation Analysis of two districts of KPK 2. HADAF: End Project Evaluation Our Team Led by a high-profile and influential management. Our professional team of experienced consultants has a range of expertise in research, policy & strategy formulation, training, manual and handbooks development of disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, community development, peacebuilding, conflict transformation, institutional development, livelihood and food security, Micro-Finance, enterprise development and surveys and research studies. Our Clients o Malteser International, Pakistan Office o Sungi Development Foundation o Islamic Relief, Pakistan Office o Muslim Hands, Pakistan Office o Arche Nova, Pakistan Office o Voluntary Support Oversees (VSO) , Pakistan Office o Association for Human Development (AHD) o Social Efforts for Education and Development (SEED) o Archi Nova, Pakistan o Medicines Du Monde (MDM) o GIZ Contact Details: House CB-718, Lane # 5, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan Ph: +92-515854387, Cell: +923009115690, +923365947887,