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Fill the Gap: Turning learners into workers


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Presented by: Courtney Doyle Chambers, Cengage Learning
Companies are looking for students who bring skills to the employment table. By focusing on workforce readiness throughout college education, students can leave with skills to bring value to companies and themselves

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Fill the Gap: Turning learners into workers

  1. 1. Building a ThinkNation Workforce Readiness: Turning Learners into Workers
  2. 2. Agenda • Overview of the industry, the legislation, and trends • What kind of skills drive workforce readiness? • Examples of implementation
  3. 3. Thought Leaders Kathryn Jo Mannes Business/Education Partnerships Dr. Henry Johnson Faculty Advisor/TeamUP, Cengage Learning R. Scott Domowicz Academic Dean - Schools of Business, Criminal Justice, Hospitality & Culinary Arts Pittsburgh Technical Institute
  4. 4. WHY Workforce Readiness? • Trends • Legislation • Funding
  5. 5. Heard from the demand side: • Give me someone who has a strong foundation and is interested in building on to that by continuing to learn and acquire more specific skills • “Soft skills” are hard… critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving
  6. 6. All the “C” words… Competency Career Pathways Credentials and Frameworks Credit for Prior Learning and Experience Cohorts Cross-Campus Collaboration Customers Community Colleges Oh– and Cengage!
  7. 7. Critical vs. Creative Thinking
  8. 8. Active Learning Here are some activities usually associated with active learning: Ice Breakers One Minute Paper Think/pair/share Write/pair/share Student Summaries Q and A Pairs Focused Listening Two Column Method Scenarios Case Studies Reciprocal Questions Roundtable Numbered Heads Problem-based Learning Ten-two Strategy Peer Survey Shared Brainstorm Jigsaw Teamwork Note Check Rotating Chair Discussion
  9. 9. Synectic Exercises Divergent thinking
  10. 10. & Pittsburgh Technical Institute
  11. 11. Thank You! Any Questions? Contact: Dr. Henry Johnson Courtney Doyle Chambers Heather Kramer