Strategies and Tips for Engaging Today’s Students


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Presenter: Julie Hansen, Implementation & Training Specialist, Cengage Learning

Are you finding that it’s challenging to get students engaged in the course material? How can you ignite student interest to get better outcomes? Engaging today’s students presents unique challenges. Join Julie Hansen as she shares strategies and tips for engaging students. You’ll see examples of activities and assignments that really work, as well as innovative techniques for getting students motivated, facilitate meaningful application, and result in improved learning outcomes. We will also share examples of technology solutions that can help you engage your students, as well as how a student-tested, faculty approved solution from Cengage Learning – 4LTR Press – can also assist with getting student involved in the course.

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  • To sum up, [Title] offers a full solution of engaging print and digital tools, including a full eBook and full suite of instructor supplements, at a value-based price.[Presenter Note: The goal is to summarize the full value proposition of 4LTR Press. We recommend replacing “Value-Based Price” in the starburst with your solution’s actual list price.Here are some general supporting statistics for reference.Engaging Print: 79% of students preferred the layout and design over a traditional textbook.Review Cards: 84% of students said that they would ‘definitely’ or that there was a ‘good chance’ that they would use the Review Cards to help them study.Digital: 74% of students said that they would ‘definitely’ or there is a ‘good chance’ that they will use the website to help them study.And an eBook! No other product on the market offers this much value at such an affordable price.]
  • Strategies and Tips for Engaging Today’s Students

    2. 2. 1. What is challenging about students these days? 2. How are you addressing challenges in getting them engaged in the material/text? 3. What creative tips are you using to ignite student interest to get better outcomes? 4. What have you thought about using to engage today's students?
    3. 3. Your Ideas?
    4. 4. TODAY: THOUGHTS ON THESE CHALLENGES Strategies and tips – Inside/Outside Class Activities and assignments that really work Innovative techniques Technology solutions 4LTR Press & CourseMate
    5. 5. STRATEGIES: IN CLASS  Group Activities  Current Events  Videos  Vocab Quiz  Games in class  Pass the chips  Prezi  PollEverywhere
    6. 6. STRATEGIES: OUTSIDE CLASS  Projects/Cases  Videos  Games  Technology eBook CourseMate Online Homework Google Docs Screencast-o-matic  Communicate!! Go Animate! ampaign=usercontent EyeJot – Marriage of email & video chat VoiceThread – group conversation, peer review, video feedback
    7. 7. STRATEGIES: GO OUTSIDE  Guest speakers  TeamUP  Online & Resources: Faculty Focus - Higher Ed Teaching Strategies – MERLOT– Ideas from Indiana - PollEverywhere – The 10 Minute Trainer by Sharon Bowman Active Learning and Engagement Strategies by Paula Rutherford. Your Ideas?
    8. 8. 4LTR PRESS | Are You IN? Student-Tested Print What students find useful: • Succinct Chapter Narrative • 1 or 2 Relevant Examples • Only the BEST Boxed Features All course concepts in an efficient presentation.=
    9. 9. 4LTR PRESS | Are You IN? e.g. Page discusses stem & leaf display statistics concept. Visually Engaging Print Resources • Two Columns pull reader through text • Bright Header Colors for Study • Key Terms at Top for Added Convenience • Supporting Imagery to Reinforce Topics
    10. 10. 4LTR PRESS | Are You IN? Includes Review Cards Content based on student study needs within each course. TECH Card for STAT MLA Style Card for BCOM Review of main ideas for PSYCH
    11. 11. 4LTR PRESS | Are You IN? ENGAGING PRINT COURSEMATE WEBSITE and a full suite of instructor supplements. Student Tested, Faculty Approved REVIEW CARDS & FULL EBOOK!
    12. 12. USING COURSEMATE – IDEAS FOR INCREASING ENGAGEMENT  Pre-Quiz  Chapter videos  Games in class – quiz bowl style!  Instructor Prep Cards  Syllabus/Grading
    13. 13. WIFM?  Better student experience  Improves teaching effectiveness and efficiency  Student retention  Higher quality discussions  Better prepared students  Currency & robustness of 4LTR press  Digital frees me up to teach more from my experience
    14. 14. THE AUDIENCE “Personally, I love when professors use technology in the classroom to facilitate both lectures and discussions. being connected to the news, media, as well as going as far to communicate with other academic authorities via Skype or what have you have been some of the most enriching and enjoyable academic experiences I have had throughout college. Technology takes a flat classroom experience and makes it three dimensional in multiple ways. This makes for much, much more enjoyable classes and makes us want to research and study more outside of the classroom.”
    15. 15. I felt that CourseMate was very easy to use and kept me on top of my work knowing I had a certain amount of hours I had to use on it. 1. Loved how it highlighted the Vocabulary words for us making it easy to find and study for our quizzes. 2) The content in CourseMate was easy to use. I loved the glossary and the flashcards and used those the most 3) Helped increase my level of understanding the administration of Business and gave me a better understanding of why I want to major in this subject. 4) My opinion of business is more broad having a better understanding with what I need to do to be successful when starting in my own business.
    16. 16. 1) Ease of Use The portal was very friendly and the user experience was great. Easy to navigate around with a very easy user interface. 2) Content Excellent! Very well documented and the information flowed like wine. 3) Level of Understanding Success is simple, Do what’s right, the right way at the right time. Chapter 17’s information makes great business sense. 4) Overall Opinion – Specific exciting stuff from focus on efficiency to a focus on effectiveness.
    17. 17. • During this semester I have been using CourseMate for business 120 and I really believe it’s a great program to do homework, and study. I have used many programs in the past in different classes to do homework, study and even have access to the eBook and I can say that CourseMate is one of my favorite because it is easy to use. • I love how I can just get in the program and go thru the vocabulary very easily in the flashcards, do the short quizzes, and even play games. The game is great because it’s short multiple choice and at the end it ranks you, the videos help too for students who want more information about the chapter, the power points lectures are great very helpful and I love I have access to print them out to study. The way the eBook works is just fantastic, best program so far. • For me the CourseMate , its great very easy and accessible, even for foreign students whose second language is English.
    18. 18. Questions? Thank you!