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"Flip the Tax Classroom" and "Teach Tax with Cases"


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Presented by: Bill Raabe, University of Wisconsin
Author Bill Raabe of the South-Western Federal Taxation Series will discuss how you can spend your class time most effectively with today’s student. Bill Raabe discuss how you can use tax cases to enrich the tax experience and extend your students’ tax knowledge with real-world client assignments.

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"Flip the Tax Classroom" and "Teach Tax with Cases"

  1. 1. Teaching Tax Today: Flipped Classrooms and Using Case Studies William A Raabe, PhD, CPA University of Wisconsin – Whitewater BillRaabeTax at YouTube, Twitter March 2015
  2. 2. Teaching Tax Today Changing student profiles Changes in prior accounting courses Changes in student abilities 2 (c) 2015, WmARaabe Teaching Tax Today
  3. 3. Flipping the Classroom  How common is it?  How does it fit in with tax courses?  Students’ preparing for class  Using class time well  Activities after class time  Your preparations  Some next steps – Maximizing contact time  Role plays  WebEx, Camtasia, etc 3 (c) 2015, WmARaabe Teaching Tax Today
  4. 4. Teaching with Case Studies  Benefits of using cases  What is a case study?  Cases in the textbook  ATA case study exchange Link  PwC Case Studies in Taxation How to Use Catalog  Pros and cons of using tax cases in your course 4 (c) 2015, WmARaabe Teaching Tax Today