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Course Tech 2013, Joyce Porter, Microsoft Office is Suite on the Mac


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At least half of the notebook computers purchased by university students are Macs. Students are always questioning:
Where can I find that feature on my Mac? We are currently offering one section of our Microcomputer Applications
course in our Mac lab. Teaching the Microsoft Office Suite 2011 on a Mac offers a few challenges. This section will give
instructors an overview of the differences encountered in teaching Word, PowerPoint and Excel on the Mac.

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Course Tech 2013, Joyce Porter, Microsoft Office is Suite on the Mac

  1. 1. Microsoft Office is Suite on the Mac Joyce Porter, Weber State University Ogden UT
  2. 2. Mac vs PC—the Debate Goes On. . .
  3. 3. Microsoft Office 2011 for MacThere’s always a beginning:
  4. 4. Mac is Good with WordManyoptions tostart with:
  5. 5. The Word Ribbon Mac Style The Ribbon on the Mac supplements the menus and toolbars On the Windows platform, the Ribbon replaces options found in the menus and on the toolbars
  6. 6. The Layout Tab The Mac Layout The Windows Layout
  7. 7. Document Elements vs References The Mac Document Elements The Windows References
  8. 8. Setting the Tables is Easy! The Mac Tables Tab The Windows Table Tools
  9. 9. Charting a Course The Mac Charts Tab The Windows Chart Tools
  10. 10. SmartArt for both Platforms The Mac SmartArt Tab The Windows SmartArt Tools
  11. 11. Finally a Review Tab The Mac for Tracking Tracking through Windows
  12. 12. Mac offers Tools to Assist User The Mac Office Toolbar offers a few different tools to assist the user.With Word for Windows there’s a Quick Access Toolbar that’s customizable!
  13. 13. Lots of Tools with Lots of Uses. . .
  14. 14. . .and the User is in Charge of Tools
  15. 15. Is Anything Else Different?• Mailings with Mail Merge are missing!• Live Preview isn’t available!• Default settings are different—some back to 2003 settings! – Margin settings 1.25 left/right – Spacing is single
  16. 16. Users Choose the Views Window’s Views
  17. 17. Starting Out with PowerPoint
  18. 18. Ribbons of PowerPoint Mac’s Point of View Looking Through Windows
  19. 19. PowerPoint’s Media Browser& Toolbox
  20. 20. Excel’s New WorkBook Gallery
  21. 21. Ribbons in Excel Mac’s Ribbon Perspective Window’s Perspective
  22. 22. Excel’s Toolbox Display
  23. 23. Two Books—One Classroom!