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Gale Cengage Learning Webinar: Measuring Library Success, May 22


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Webcast Title: Demonstrating the Value of Your Library – Data That Makes a Difference
Webcast Date: May 22, 2014

School libraries make a difference. Or do they? What measurements are being used to show the strength and effectiveness of the resources and programs offered to students and teachers? Hear from library representatives at Oxford (MI) High School and Hinsdale (IL) Central High School who will cover:
• Defining useful anecdotal and statistical data
• Building relationships with students and teachers to create curriculum and assessments
• Collecting and using assessment data to measure student growth

About the speakers:
Carrie Conner, Media Specialist, Oxford (MI) High School
Carrie has been a Library Media Specialist at Oxford High School for two years. Prior to this she worked as a librarian for three years and interim library director for a year at a private high school in the Washington, DC area. Carrie has an MIS from the University of Michigan and a BS in Biology from Western Michigan University

Kathleen Krepps, Library Director, Hinsdale (IL) Central High School
Kathleen is the Library Director for Hinsdale Central High School. She earned National Board Certification as a Library Media Specialist in 2011 and has an MLIS from Dominican University and an MA in Communications from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Kerrin Riley, Teacher-Librarian, Hinsdale (IL) Central High School
Kerrin is a National Board Certified Librarian at Hinsdale Central High School. Before becoming a librarian she worked for a large telecommunications company as a data network specialist. Kerrin earned an MLIS from Dominican University and is currently working on an Ed.D in Instructional Technology at Northern Illinois University.

Myles Laffey, Teacher-Librarian, Hinsdale (IL) Central High School
Myles Laffey is a National Board Certified Teacher-Librarian at Hinsdale Central High School in Hinsdale, IL. Prior to his past 8 years teaching in the library, he spent 13 years teaching English.

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Gale Cengage Learning Webinar: Measuring Library Success, May 22

  1. 1. Demonstrating the Value of Your Library – Data That Makes a Difference May 22, 2014 Gale K12 Webinar
  2. 2. • Library Assessment Data • Build Relationships • Assess Student Growth Agenda
  3. 3. Carrie Conner Media Specialist Oxford (MI) High School Guest Speakers
  4. 4. Kathleen Krepps Library Director Hinsdale Central (IL) High School Kerrin Riley Teacher-Librarian Hinsdale Central (IL) High School Myles Laffey Teacher-Librarian Hinsdale Central (IL) High School Guest Speakers
  5. 5. Library Assessment Data
  6. 6. We start by counting ….
  7. 7. Then comparing ….
  8. 8. Then analyzing trends ….
  9. 9. … To find meaning and tell a story. “Two Freshman English teachers piloted a sustained silent reading program in the 2011-2012 school year. Three additional teachers joined this program in the 2012-2013 year…” …”These efforts align with the college readiness standards in reading and support the building goal of increasing the reading and writing scores on the MME and ACT Plan.”
  10. 10. What is the story behind the data?
  11. 11. Product Description SessionsFull Text Retrievals Searches S1 2013 Power Search (multiple databases) 1,644 2,144 6,301 S1 2012 Power Search (multiple databases) 2,294 2,852 11,557 S1 2013 Opposing Viewpoints 2057 1100 7928 S1 2012 Opposing Viewpoints 2284 691 11125 S1 2013 Gale Virtual Reference Library 3820 6556 10380 S1 2012 Gale Virtual Reference Library 2480 4693 11823 “While session and searches went down in some products, retrievals stayed near the same or increased in all products. This may indicate that students are using better searching techniques to find more relevant results in fewer searches or we are delivering more targeted resources to students that are yielding more useful results. Whatever the cause, the overall result is that more articles are being looked at by students.” Show AND tell: Database Use
  12. 12. Guide ID Guide Name Views 1. 389522 Oxford Community Schools Library Home 1683 2. 430329 Chemistry 1304 3. 466314 Science Guides 1209 4. 468538 Language Arts Guides 1009 5. 398491 Chemistry- Elements 625 6. 392830 Databases (updated!) 211 7. 404983 US History 181 8. 404746 Evaluating a Resource 106 Guide Tracking - All Guides, 2013-09-01 - 2013-12-31 Guide Tracking - Total Views Sept 1- Dec 31 2013 60 guides, 6838 views Additional sources: Don’t forget website traffic!
  13. 13. Additional sources: Google Analytics
  14. 14. Title Author 1. Divergent Roth, Veronica 2. Insurgent Roth, Veronica 3. Catching Fire Collins, Suzanne. 4. Looking for Alaska Green, John 5. House of Hades Riordan, Rick Top Title Statistics Which is more appealing?
  15. 15. What library resources do you use? (Check all that apply) “The staff has been FANTASTIC in helping me and my students this year. They have been proactive, resourceful and really go above and beyond their duties in helping out.” Ask your users! Surveys: Data and Testimonials “you guys rock” “more audio books would be nice.” Choice Year 1 Year 2 books 75% 88% subscription databases N/A 70% magazines 34% 37% newspapers 28% 45% movies (dvd and vhs) 45% 52% microfilm 1% 3% computers 53% 64% Reference hard copy 45% N/A Reference Online 64% N/A “I just don’t use the library often enough to really know.”
  16. 16. Record Observations: Internal data collection
  17. 17. How do you count class interactions? Faculty Collaborators by Department
  18. 18. Building Relationships
  19. 19. Building Relationships by Scheduling Collaborative Opportunities
  20. 20. Building Relationships by Inviting Requests for Partnerships
  21. 21. Building Relationships by Gathering Data
  22. 22. Assessing Student Growth
  23. 23. Using TRAILS to Assess Student Growth Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills TRAILS is a self-guided, self-administered assessment tool designed for use by library media specialists and teachers to determine the information literacy competencies of their high school students. Tips and Ideas for using TRAILS can be found on their website and is FREE to use!
  24. 24. TRAILS: Sample Questions
  25. 25. 202009 2010 2011 20122008 2013 Refined TRAILS assessment process by capturing both individual student and class scores. • Collabratively created a customized asssessment reflecting instructional goals of E1 curriculum. • Standardized instruction. • Focused on search strategies and source types. • Students produced annotated bibs. • Librarians graded student work. • Partnered with TRAILS. • Placed TRAILS assessment in context of a freshmen research paper. • Measured class scores. • E1 teachers included Trails assessment scores in course grade. Partnered with two E1 teachers to pilot the design of an instructional plan. • Systematized pre and post testing. • Refined E1 assessment to measure three skills. • Partnered with E2 to develop assessment. • Synched E2 library instruction. ASSESSMENT MILESTONES • Initial TRAILS assessment with all freshmen classes. • AASL Fall Forum focus on TRAILS. A Six-Year Journey on the TRAIL of Assessing Information Literacy at Hinsdale Central High School Library
  26. 26. 202009 2010 2011 20122008-09 2013 ASSESSMENT MILESTONES Initiated TRAILS assessment with all freshmen classes.
  27. 27. 202009 2010 2011 20122008-09 2013 ASSESSMENT MILESTONES Class scores on TRAILS provide a compelling “WHY?” for students and teachers preparing to start a research project.
  28. 28. Sample 2009 Results
  29. 29. 202009-10 2010 2011 20122008 2013 ASSESSMENT MILESTONES • Formalized a partnership with TRAILS. • Presented assessment results to English department and parents. Collaborated with one E1 teacher to place TRAILS results in context of a freshman research project
  30. 30. 202009 2010-11 2011 20122008 2013 ASSESSMENT MILESTONES First use of post-assessment; first tracking of individual scores for all freshmen • Developed specific library instruction for search strategies and source types. • Students produce annotated bibliographies. • Librarians grade student work.
  31. 31. 202009 2010 2011-12 20122008 2013 ASSESSMENT MILESTONES • Standardized instruction using class sets of articles. • Library instruction: search strategies and source types using Student Resources in Context. • Students produce annotated bibs. Collaborated with two E1 teachers to pilot a standardized curriculum
  32. 32. 202009 2010 2011 2012-132008 2013 ASSESSMENT MILESTONES • Standardized instruction using class sets of articles. • Students produced annotated bibs. • Limited searching to two databases including Student Resources in Context. Collaboratively created and implemented a customized asssessment in for all freshmen
  33. 33. 202009 2010 2011 20122008 2013-14 ASSESSMENT MILESTONES • Refined E1 assessment to measure three skills: search strategies, source type, using information responsibly. • Standardized E2 library instruction. Partnered with English 2 to customize sophomore assessment
  34. 34. 2013-14 Assessment Results English 1 Honors Pre-test Post -test
  35. 35. 202009 2010 2011 20122008 2013-14 Data supported the Library’s ability to: • Assess information literacy skills of all incoming freshmen • Collaborate with English teachers on planning and grading research projects • Teach students to use library resources • Sync library resources with research goals • Validate the influence of library instruction on student growth
  36. 36. Resources to Help You Share Your Value • Gale Admin (Pull Database Usage Statistics): • Reports: • Google Analytics: • Pictographs: • Digital publishing platform: • Scheduling Solutions: • TRAILS Student Assessments:
  37. 37. QUESTIONS? PLEASE CONTACT US! Dinah Ramirez Product Training Specialist 1-800-877-4253 ext# 8047 -- OR -- Your Gale Representative 1-800-877-4253 To learn more about our K12 resources, please visit for product info, training services, customer care support, and more!