Global Education ‐ Helping Students Maximize Their Performance Part 2 - Course Technology Computing Conference


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Global Education ‐ Helping Students Maximize Their Performance Part 2 - Course Technology Computing Conference

Presenter: Paula Ruby & Ralph Ruby, Jr., Arkansas State University

The constantly changing global environment presents an ongoing challenge to educators when selecting international topics and learning tools and experiences for their students. Instructional strategies for international business might include such topics as: Case Studies and Decision-Making Exercises, Geographical and Cultural Environment Analysis, Company and Country Research Reports, Cross-Cultural Experiences and Team Projects, Role Playing and Simulations, Field Research and Experiential Learning, Online Research and Web Activities, Electronic Portfolios, and the list continues. In today’s classroom a student must be prepared, regardless of the instructional strategy being used or the topic being covered using that instructional strategy to receive and send messages in a common language understood by both the sender and the receiver. This may involve writing a message in your native tongue, English, and sending in the receiver’s native tongue, Chinese, or any one of the other major foreign languages. No one is proficient in 20 or 30 languages. A major part of today’s digital communications is digital images such as a picture, video or possibly even a quick drawing of a future product under development that might be just the idea that makes a sale. It is also important that individuals be able to take a note in the quickest and easiest possible manner. Dr. Walter Pauk suggests using abbreviations and symbols. It is also important to be able to customize your abbreviations and symbols to meet your personal and professional needs. What about the ability to select just the most efficient and appropriate note-taking tool i.e. Charting, Cornell Notes, Mapping, Mind Mapping, or any one of a number of note-taking tools to meet the usability requirements of that moment. How about a note card tool for when you are preparing a presentation for this week’s local service club or a presentation regarding a product soon to be released. To communicate in the most convenient mode it might be best to use SMS, Facebook, Twitter or Email. In today’s society we need to have these choices available immediately. Having a personal library to store all of your information for quick retrieval and reference can be critical. In today’s world time is money. In today’s fast paced global community the most productive person has the most efficient tools, at their fingertips, on their mobile device ready to be called upon when needed.

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Global Education ‐ Helping Students Maximize Their Performance Part 2 - Course Technology Computing Conference

  1. 1. GLOBAL EDUCATION Helping students maximize their performance Paula and Ralph Ruby Arkansas State University
  2. 2. Decodes / Deciphers Abbreviations into Meanings
  3. 3. Decodes / Deciphers Abbreviations into Meanings
  4. 4. Decodes / Deciphers Abbreviations into Meanings
  5. 5. Decodes / Deciphers Abbreviations into Meanings
  6. 6. Decodes / Deciphers Abbreviations into Meanings
  7. 7. Decodes / Deciphers Abbreviations into Meanings
  8. 8. MY CLASSROOM NOTES Templates / Organizers
  9. 9. Templates / Organizers
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  26. 26. MY CLASSROOM NOTES My Draw / Write Pad
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