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This April 2, 2014 webinar provides an overview of the the Science and Technology monographs available on GVRL, Gale's award winning eBook platform.

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  • WELCOME! Wait for latecomers INTRODUCTION & INSTRUCTIONS – Will be on MuteJen Albers will be moderating the chat room. We have much to cover in the next hour. Any questions be directed to Jen in chat.
  • REVIEW AGENDA – A lot to get to…
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math/Medicine continues to grow in both interest and interdisciplinary appeal. There is an increased call for women in STEM fields and this topic has been a major focus of the White House and particularly Michelle Obama.
  • In addition, the STEM business community is now committed toward efforts of supporting STEM education to insure that college graduates are not just prepared for careers in these fields, but also have the skills to become future leaders within their communities and globally.
  • As STEM occupation projections approach growth rates of 17% by 2018 according to the US Department of Commerce, the demand for libraries and STEM related departments to provide access to content in these fields will also grow. In support of this effort, Gale is now pleased to offer more than 3000 STEM related titles on our award winning eBook platform from Springer and Elsevier. This includes almost 30 new eBook collections, primarily monographs, which expands on our large humanities base of content.
  • Whether you are a Breaking Bad fan, or just a chemistry major, this collection offers titles from a variety of publishers including Gale and Wiley. Conference proceedings on the International Conference on Applied Biotechnology, as well as Experimental Chemistry can be found. There are also a number of guides, handbooks, technique manuals, and case studies essential for any chemistry collection.
  • Chemistry by its nature as the so-called central science crosses biology, biomedicine, environmental science, and many others. Perhaps one of the most interdisciplinary collections we will discuss today.
  • Easy One
  • For anyone studying anything having to do with Planet Earth it is in this collection. You will find both the reductionist and holistic study of Earth Science within the 151 titles. Climate change in Bangladesh, Coral Reef Structure, Glaciers of the Karakoram Himalaya, and Fossil Mammals from China are just some of the interesting titles included.
  • For those that have experienced the extreme cold, snow, and harsh winter that I have faced in Delaware this year, the weather continues to be of popular and research interest to those in the earth sciences. Whether you have students studying to be meteorologists, or entering Green fields, this is an essential collection.
  • While a separate collection, this compliments our enviormental studies and earth science collections very nicely. Fire safety studies, strategic planning around energy, as well as international symposium proceeds on Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning can be found in our Energy Collection.
  • Great crossover appeal with Physics, environmental studies, and mechanical engineering. Also of great interest to campus sustainbility groups.
  • 5th year of our program which in partnership with these libraries and undergraduate programs provides cash rewards and publishing opportunities for excellence in undergrad research.
  • For the sake of time we have combined these topics. Our most widely represented collection we will discuss today in terms of publishers. This collection includes several award winning titles.
  • Definite cross over into the social sciences like law and public policy, as well as public health and business.
  • For you foodies out there this is the collection for you. Whether you are an avid watcher of Food TV, or an accomplished chef…this collection including protein science offers 60 titles from Springer & Elsevier. Handbooks, guidebooks, and some courses in food preparation can be found.
  • Many applications in the sciences and for those institutions that have food science programs, a must.
  • One of our largest collections in the science & tech group, this corpus covers life sciences very comprehensively. Animal communication, reproductive technologies, animal-human interaction, and habitat are examples of other topics covered.
  • For zoology, pharmacology, or marine biology programs, this is an essential collection.
  • Our largest collection in the sciences that we will cover today and rightly so. Mathematics is such a jumping off discipline to the sciences and technology that you will be hard pressed to find this collection not applicable within your library. Practically every math concept is covered here, as well as taking a view of math in society, within financial models, and even within fantasy. There is even an Actuaries survival guide.
  • One of our most exciting and interesting collections. How many of you have had credit card accounts hacked through Target’s security breach, or perhaps experienced identity theft? For those students looking to enter what is becoming a huge market, and great career opportunities for the best and brightest computer hackers…this collection is essential reading.
  • Those interested in pursuing law, gaming careers, or even within law enforcement as perhaps an electronic forensics specialist will find relevant content here. Edward Snowden and others have continued to bring to light this always important topic.
  • We have reached our largest collection of all…complimenting the Cyber Security collection as well as robotics which we will cover next. 6 publishers are represented here over 370 titles. All of the beginning programming languages are covered, as well as 3D technology, data mining, mobile platforms like ios and Andriod, and for all of you library technologists…ip proxy topics.
  • Even those colleges that don’t offer a computer science degree, you will still find relevant information given the saturation of technology and computers that will interest your students.
  • Our final eBook collection today is Robotics, Systems, and design. The content included here: Chinese Intelligent Automation proceedings, Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering proceedings, as well as proceedings from the international symposium on linear drives and the first Iberian Robotics conference.
  • While you will not find a copy of 2001 A Space Odyssey, this collection supports the needs of any core robotics or system design program.
  • GVRL is the only library product in the history of the Charleston Advisor to get five stars — the highest rating.  The only other two services to get five stars ever were Jing and the Mayo Clinic.  
  • GVRL was one of the first eBook platforms on the market, and we continue to enhance our platform…You have the ability to customize your eBook collections, acquiring on a title by title basis, or as an ecollection.
  • Gale’s eBook partners list is one of the largest if not the largest in the world…jump into product
  • We are the only publisher to have converted all of this content to HTML.  Everyone else serves only PDFs.  What does this mean?  Our content can be translated into other languages, the text can be read out loud and shared via social media, and the text can be easily integrated into LibGuides and curriculum.
  • We are the only platform without DRM restrictions, meaning that they have full, unlimited usage and unlimited downloads to our content.  Also, this means that they can use GVRL in the classroom as part of their readings and instruction.
  • We are the only platform that allows them to have their reference and monograph collections in the same place — meaning that students can get the background on a topic at the same time they dive into deeper research.
  • I wanted to mention – we have highlighted most but not all of the Science and Technology Ebook collections, the others including Physics, Life Sciences, and Astrophysics can be found on our website.
  • Gale, Cengage Learning, Webinar, GVRL STEM Webinar: Science & Technology

    1. 1. Science & Technology eBook Webinar April 2, 2014 GVRL
    2. 2. Webinar Overview Brief Overview of Gale’s New STEM eBook Program Why is this important to your library? Science & Technology eBook Collection Overview: • Chemistry • Earth Science • Energy • Environment & Fish/Wildlife • Food & Protein Science • Life Sciences • Math • Cyber Security • Computer Science • Robotics Award Winning Gale eBook Platform Overview Wrap-Up/Q&A Roger Strong Director, Strategic Accounts – Academic Market
    3. 3. Women in STEM “If we’re going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, we’ve got to open doors for everyone. We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.” -- First Lady Michelle Obama, September 26, 2011
    4. 4. “As we become more „digital‟ as a society, not only does STEM education lead to technology-led innovations, but also increased competitiveness and productivity of a country. Future job growth will be in STEM disciplines, and a nation aspiring to be a global leader can use STEM education as a perfect platform for economic growth and prosperity.” - Balaji Ganapathy, Head of Workforce Effectiveness, TCS North America Top 5 Commitments from the 100 CEOs 1. Understand & Train for critical STEM skills and experiences their organizations need to succeed 2. Invest in STEM education with public & private organizations, establishing mentorships and apprenticeships 3. Increase employees’ awareness of STEM challenges and establish cross-departmental alignment on STEM company initiatives 4. Encourage them to get involved with STEM initiatives outside of work to help motivate future STEM employees 5. Change perceptions within their communities by educating students, teachers, career counselors, and parents about the various and promising career opportunities requiring STEM skills
    5. 5. 3000+ Titles 70 New Ebook Collections 29 in STEM Fields Current monographs & reference to support critical research needs
    6. 6. What other science nickname is given to Chemistry due to its bridge of the other natural sciences like physics, geology, and biology with each other? A. “Physical science” B. “Breaking Bad Science” C. “The Central Science” D. “Alchemy” C: “The Central Science
    7. 7. For more information visit: www. Chemistry Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 219 Titles Springer, Wiley, Gale, Elsevier Topics Include Quantam Methods Toxicology Applied Biotechnology Catalysis Chromatography Chemical Compounds
    8. 8. For more information visit: www. Chemistry Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations CHEM-100 Chemistry and the Human Environment CHEM-106 Elementary Bioorganic Chemistry CHEM-111 and CHEM-112 General Chemistry CHEM-120 Quantitative Chemistry CHEM 527 Introductory BioChem CHEM 865-011 Seminar: Analytical Physical Seminar Mathematics Statistics Alchemy Food Sciences Agricultural Sciences Sustainability
    9. 9. Which of the following fields is not generally associated with Earth Science? A. Physical Geography B. Ecology C. Geology D. Industrial Engineering D: Industrial Engineering
    10. 10. For more information visit: www. Earth Science Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 151 Titles Springer, Cambridge, Oxford, Salem Press, Elsevier Topics Include Hydrogeology Disaster Recovery Meteorology Dinosaurs Mineral Exploration Oceanography
    11. 11. For more information visit: www. Earth Science Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations ERSC 1102 Physical Geology Laboratory ERSC 2300 Science and Technology in Society ERSC 3310 Earth Materials ERSC 3372 Surficial Hydrology ERSC 3390 Weather Studies ERSC 3440 Sedimentology ERSC 5419 Geomorphology Campus Sustainability Environmental Studies Ecosystems Marine Studies Meteorology Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics
    12. 12. Who discovered the link between mechanical work and the generation of heat, which led to the first law of thermodynamics? A. Aristotle B. Prescott Joule C. Lord Kelvin D. Isaac Newton B: Prescott Joule
    13. 13. For more information visit: www. Energy Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 114 Titles Springer, ABC-CLIO, Elsevier, Salem Press Topics Include Power Networks Thermoelectrics HVAC Renewable Energy Global Electricity Solar Energy
    14. 14. For more information visit: www. Energy Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion Thermodynamics & Kinetics The Physics of Energy Global Warming Science Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies Introduction to Sustainable Energy Campus Sustainability Environmental Studies Ecosystems Meteorology Physics Chemistry Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Business
    15. 15. Which of these universities does not participate in Gale‟s undergraduate research prize for environmental studies and sustainability program? A. Penn State University B. North Carolina State University C. University of Delaware D. Temple University B: North Carolina State University
    16. 16. For more information visit: www. Environmental Studies & Fish/Wildlife Collections On GVRL Key Highlights Environment 135 Titles Springer, Oxford, Macmillan, Berkshire, ABC-CLIO, Sage, Elsevier Fish & Wildlife 11 Titles (Springer/Elsevier) Topics Include Conservation Sustainability Water Issues Migration International Soil Composition Forestry Fisheries
    17. 17. For more information visit: www. Environmental Studies & Fish/Wildlife Collections Sample Curriculum Correlations ENVS 100/L – Ecology and Society ENVS 143 – Sustainable Development ENVS 168 – Biogeochemistry & the Global Env. ENVS 149 – Environmental Law and Policy ENVS 145 – Green Building Design ENVS 166-Agroecosystem Analysis/Watershed Mgmt. ENVS 167/L- Freshwater & Wetland Ecology Law Public Policy Earth Science Urban Planning Global Studies Marine Studies Chemistry Oceanography Health Business
    18. 18. Which food is absorbed fastest? A. Protein B. Starch C. Fat D. Sugar D: Sugar
    19. 19. For more information visit: www. Food Science & Protein Science Collections On GVRL Key Highlights Food Science 52 Titles (Elsevier) Protein Science 8 Titles (Springer) Topics Include Nutrition Food Safety Flavor Science Foodborne Illness Genetically Modified Food Farming
    20. 20. For more information visit: www. Food Science & Protein Science Collections Sample Curriculum Correlations FDSC 1101 - Science and Technology of Foods FDSC 2000 - Introduction to Physiochemical and Biological Aspects of Food FDSC 2300 - Chef's Chemistry FDSC 4210 - Food Engineering Principles FDSC 4250 - Unit Operations and Dairy Foods Processing FDSC 6220 - Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Mathematics Business/Economics Chemistry Manufacturing Sustainability Computer Science Hotel/Restaurant Management Agriculture Kinesiology Sustainability Health Biology
    21. 21. What science is at the centerpiece of life sciences? A. Biology B. Zoology C. Kinesiology D. Anatomy A: Biology
    22. 22. For more information visit: www. Life Sciences Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 231 Titles Springer , IGI, Macmillan, Elsevier Topics Include Ecology Biocommunication Biology Physiology Genetics Stem Cells
    23. 23. For more information visit: www. Life Sciences Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations Life and Physical Sciences A. Foundational Chemistry and Biology Life Sciences 2. Evolutionary Human Physiology and Anatomy Life Sciences 60. Ethics, Biotechnology, and the Future of Human Nature Molecular and Cellular Biology Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology Medicine/Health Chemistry Marine Biology Biochemistry Animal Studies Entomology Pharmacology
    24. 24. Most of the mathematical notation we use today was not invented until which century? A. 1st Century B. 6th Century C. 17th Century D. 19th Century C: 17th Century
    25. 25. For more information visit: www. Mathematics Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 240 Titles Springer , Gale, Elsevier Topics Include Geometry Computational & Analytical Mathematics Probability Modeling Data Mining Calculus
    26. 26. For more information visit: www. Mathematics Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations 18.01SC Single Variable Calculus 18.03SC Differential Equations 18.04 Complex Variables with Applications 18.06CI Linear Algebra - Communications Intensive 18.100B Analysis I 18.312 Algebraic Combinatorics 18.410J Design and Analysis of Algorithms Business Computer Science Medicine Physics Statistics Biology Science Engineering
    27. 27. According to Gartner Group, the worldwide security technology and services market is expected to exceed what in 2014? A. $2 billion B. $32 million C. $62 billion D. $100 million C: $62 billion
    28. 28. For more information visit: www. Cyber Security Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 89 Titles Springer , ABC-CLIO, IGI, Elsevier Topics Include Cryptology Network Security IP Mobility Management Wireless Sensors Social Media Technologies Corporate Security Hacking
    29. 29. For more information visit: www. Cyber Security Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations Mass Communication Computer Science Electrical Engineering Business Law Gaming/Technology Forensics Concepts and Applications of Information Technology Introduction to Problem Solving and Algorithm Design Technology in Contemporary Society Foundations of Cybersecurity Fundamentals of Networking Network Security Security Policy Analysis
    30. 30. Where was the world‟s first computer science degree program established in 1953? A. University of Cambridge B. Purdue University C. Stanford University D. M.I.T A: University of Cambridge
    31. 31. For more information visit: www. Computer Science Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 372 Titles Springer , Facts on File, ABC-CLIO, IGI, Elsevier, Macmillan Topics Include Computer Frameworks Programming Game Development Agile Development Computer Ethics Apps Robotics Cloud Computing Learning Technologies
    32. 32. For more information visit: www. Computer Science Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations Mass Communication Electrical Engineering Business Gaming/Technology Aerospace Engineering Mathematics Library & Information Science CS 1109: Fundamental Programming Concepts CS 1115: Introduction to Computational Science and Engineering Using Matlab Graphical User Interfaces CS 1620: Visual Imaging in the Electronic Age CS 2048: Introduction to iPhone App Development CS 2800: Discrete Structures CS 3740: Computational Linguistics
    33. 33. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word robotics was first used in print by what author? A. Fritz Lang B. Karel Capek C. Isaac Asimov D. L. Ron Hubbard C: Isaac Asimov
    34. 34. For more information visit: www. Robotics, Systems, & Design Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 197 Titles Springer , Elsevier Topics Include Technology Enhanced Learning Brain-Computer Interaction Data Mining Innovation Intelligent Computing Signal Processing Infobiotics
    35. 35. For more information visit: www. Robotics, Systems, & Design Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations Electrical Engineering Gaming/Technology Aerospace Engineering Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Computer Science Education 10-701: Machine Learning 15-381: Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Problem Solving 15-462: Computer Graphics I 15-862: Computational Photography 16-250: Gadgetry 16-299: Introduction to Feedback Control Systems 16-385: Computer Vision
    36. 36. Which library product is the only resource to receive a 5-star rating (out of 5 stars) in the history of the Charleston Advisor publication? A. Ebrary B. Web of Science C. netLibrary D. GVRL D: GVRL
    37. 37. GVRL
    38. 38. For more information visit: www. GVRL
    39. 39. eReference from more than 100 Strategic Publishing Partners ELSEVIER
    43. 43. NEW FEATURES COMING SOON TO GVRL In-Text Citation Cover to Cover Reading
    44. 44. DISCOVERY AGNOSTIC OCLC Summon Primo EDS GVRL is locally indexed GVRL is locally indexed GVRL is locally indexed GVRL is locally indexed
    45. 45. THANK YOU Tuesday April 8, 2014 at 2pm Gale Health & Medicine eBook Collections For a peek at all of our new eBook colletions: Roger Strong Director of Strategic Accounts