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An overview of STEM monographs available on Gale's award-winning eBook platform, GVRL.

Titles from a number of highly regarded publishing partners are available, including Springer, Elsevier, IGI, M.E. Sharpe, Wiley and others.

Disciplines, course correlations and potential careers for those in the engineering program are also included.

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  • WELCOME! Wait for latecomers INTRODUCTION & INSTRUCTIONS – Will be on MuteJen Albers will be moderating the chat room. We have much to cover in the next hour. Any questions be directed to Jen in chat.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math/Medicine continues to grow in both interest and interdisciplinary appeal. There is an increased call for women in STEM fields and this topic has been a major focus of the White House and particularly Michelle Obama.
  • In addition, the STEM business community is now committed toward efforts of supporting STEM education to insure that college graduates are not just prepared for careers in these fields, but also have the skills to become future leaders within their communities and globally.
  • As STEM occupation projections approach growth rates of 17% by 2018 according to the US Department of Commerce, the demand for libraries and STEM related departments to provide access to content in these fields will also grow. In support of this effort, Gale is now pleased to offer more than 3000 STEM related titles on our award winning eBook platform from Springer and Elsevier. This includes almost 30 new eBook collections, primarily monographs, which expands on our large humanities base of content.
  • This collection provides coverage of both astronautical and aeronautical engineering. A number of titles cover aerodynamics, as well space strategy, satellite systems, and power management.
  • As you may know aeronautical engineering crosses a number of disciplines within engineering, as well as humanities disciplines such as history when you begin to explore the success and failure of space and aviation flight and what we can learn from these experiences. Who would like to take a ride on Malaysian Airlines? Anyone?
  • Perhaps the engineering field experiencing the most change and growth is Biomedical engineering. The Gale collection offers almost 50 titles from 3 of the leading science publishers. Essential topics are covered such as Neuro Science, but you will also find information around new diseases, dentistry, and translational medicine.
  • Yale MOOC – Open Online Courses, Do you want to create replacement cells, tissues, and organs?” “Do you want to focus on the use of mathematical theory or computers to solve complex biological and medical problems?” “Do you want to develop new imaging technology to reveal how biological systems work or to diagnose disease?” Sequence Richard III’s DNA. Adding these 2013-2014 titles to your library collection insures that the latest trends in this constantly changing field are available for your users.
  • College campus sustainability is an integral part of every college strategic plan, and most likely every library collection strategy. Gale’s Civil and Environmental Engineering collection supports the very interdisciplinary nature of this field.
  • Whether a department is teaching a course on urban cities and infrastructure, or students need to utilize the library while studying abroad to support their research around international structures, this collection provides coverage of topics such as plasticity, stone, and cement-based materials to coverage of earthquake resistant materials, railroads, and water purification.
  • The growth of communications and technology has fueled interest in electrical engineering. One of our largest engineering eBook collections offered, these 2013-14 titles provide essential information on power, control, signal processing, and electronics among other topics.
  • Students may be required to take courses across disciplines, depending on their focus, and the Gale Electrical Engineering eBook collection complements many of these disciplines. I should note that we will soon be adding a collection on mathematics and cyber security that will be of definite interest to those studying electrical engineering.
  • While this collection does offer coverage of traditional manufacturing topics associated with industrial engineering, it is much more. The Gale industrial engineering collection includes critical coverage of the oil and gas industry, reliability engineering, as well as international conference proceedings around industrial engineering and management innovation.
  • Industrial engineering by its nature delves into a bit of human resources and some of the social sciences. A very interdisciplinary collection.
  • Our largest and broadest eBook collection we will cover today. DNA nanotechnology, magnetophotonics, tribology, and inhaler technologies are just a few of the topics covered within almost 200 titles.
  • The Gale materials science collection appeals to those researching forensics as a criminal justice major, new medical device materials as a pre-med student, or perhaps a fashion design department researching footwear design. By its nature materials science is cross-disciplinary, and this collection will support research within the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.
  • Finally, another large eBook collection from Gale and one near and dear to our hearts as a headquarter based Detroit company is mechanical engineering. One of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines, you will find complimentary overlap with our Aeronautical Engineering collection, materials science, as well as civil engineering. There is a good deal of information on using AUTOCAD programming, as well as conference proceedings in the area of marine engineering and vehicle thermal systems management.
  • The library collection applications are quite broad, and those institutions that regularly graduate students that go on to work within the automotive or transportation industry will benefit from this collection.
  • GVRL is the only library product in the history of the Charleston Advisor to get five stars — the highest rating.  The only other two services to get five stars ever were Jing and the Mayo Clinic.  
  • GVRL was one of the first eBook platforms on the market, and we continue to enhance our platform…You have the ability to customize your eBook collections, acquiring on a title by title basis, or as an ecollection.
  • Gale’s eBook partners list is one of the largest if not the largest in the world…jump into product
  • Gale Cengage Learning Webinar, Engineering eBooks in GVRL

    1. 1. Engineering eBook Webinar March 25, 2014 GVRL
    2. 2. Webinar Overview Brief Overview of Gale’s New STEM eBook Program Why is this important to your library? Engineering eBook Collection Overview: • Aerospace Engineering • Biomedical Engineering • Civil and Environmental Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Industrial Engineering • Material Sciences • Mechanical Engineering Award Winning Gale eBook Platform Overview Wrap-Up/Q&A Roger Strong Director, Strategic Accounts – Academic Market
    3. 3. Women in STEM “If we’re going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, we’ve got to open doors for everyone. We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.” -- First Lady Michelle Obama, September 26, 2011
    4. 4. “As we become more „digital‟ as a society, not only does STEM education lead to technology-led innovations, but also increased competitiveness and productivity of a country. Future job growth will be in STEM disciplines, and a nation aspiring to be a global leader can use STEM education as a perfect platform for economic growth and prosperity.” - Balaji Ganapathy, Head of Workforce Effectiveness, TCS North America Top 5 Commitments from the 100 CEOs 1. Understand & Train for critical STEM skills and experiences their organizations need to succeed 2. Invest in STEM education with public & private organizations, establishing mentorships and apprenticeships 3. Increase employees’ awareness of STEM challenges and establish cross-departmental alignment on STEM company initiatives 4. Encourage them to get involved with STEM initiatives outside of work to help motivate future STEM employees 5. Change perceptions within their communities by educating students, teachers, career counselors, and parents about the various and promising career opportunities requiring STEM skills
    5. 5. 3000+ Titles 70 New Ebook Collections 29 in STEM Fields Current monographs & reference to support critical research needs
    6. 6. C: Sir George Caley
    7. 7. For more information visit: www. Aerospace Engineering Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 28 Titles Springer Topics Include China Space Flight Nonlinear Dynamics Navigation & Control
    8. 8. For more information visit: www. Aerospace Engineering Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations Mechanical Engineering Mathematics Computer Science Technology Electrical Engineering History AEROSP 201, Intro to Aerospace Engineering MECHENG 240, Intro to Dynamics and Vibrations AEROSP 215, Intro to Solid Mechanics and Aerospace Structures AEROSP 347, Space Flight Mechanics
    9. 9. What is the rapidly expanding field within biomedical engineering called that aims to create artificial organs for transplantation, basic research, or drug development? A. Tissue Engineering B. Translational Medicine C. Neuro Science D. Health Informatics A: Tissue Engineering
    10. 10. For more information visit: www. Biomedical Engineering Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 47 Titles Springer, IGI, Elsevier Topics Include Optics Neuro Science Ethics Health Informatics Physiology Tissue Engineering
    11. 11. For more information visit: www. Biomedical Engineering Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations MOOCS BENG 100: Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Modeling and Design Systems Bioengineering II: Neural Systems Cell/Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Computational Bioengineering
    12. 12. Civil Engineering is the 2nd oldest engineering discipline. What is the oldest? A. Mechanical Engineering B. Chemical Engineering C. Military Engineering D. Architectural Engineering C: Military Engineering
    13. 13. For more information visit: www. Civil & Environmental Engineering Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 61 Titles Springer, Elsevier, IGI Topics Include Wind Engineering Green Technologies Sustainability Studies Energy Structural Dynamics
    14. 14. For more information visit: www. Civil & Environmental Engineering Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations CIEG 321 Geotechnical Engineering CIEG 440 Water Resources Engineering CIEG 451 Transportation Engineering Laboratory MOOCS Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I Campus Sustainability Environmental Studies Urban Planning Ecosystems Business Materials Science Marine Studies
    15. 15. Which electrical engineering invention brought down the cost of electronics to the point where it could be used in almost any electronic product? A. Transistor B. Integrated Circuit C. Vacuum Tube D.Telegraph B: Integrated Circuit
    16. 16. For more information visit: www. Electrical Engineering Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 138 Titles Springer & Elsevier Topics Include Communications Technology Computer Engineering Power & Energy Systems Circuit Design Microelectronics
    17. 17. For more information visit: www. Electrical Engineering Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations Circuits & Electronics Signals & Systems Introduction to Communication, Control, and Signal Processing Semiconductor Processing and Device Design Systems Design Computer Science Technology/Gaming Engineering Education Biomedical Studies Communications Mathematics
    18. 18. Industrial engineering‟s underlying concepts overlap considerably with what business-oriented discipline? A. Marketing B. Finance C. Operations Management D. Advertising C: Operations Management
    19. 19. For more information visit: www. Industrial Engineering Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 57 Titles Springer & Elsevier Topics Include Operations Management Logistics Informatics Supply Chain Strategy Oil and Gas Industry
    20. 20. For more information visit: www. Industrial Engineering Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations IE 33500Operations Research – Optimization IE 38600Work Analysis and Design I IE 47000Manufacturing Processes II IE 55800Safety Engineering IE 67000Advanced Topics in Manufacturing Engineering Finance Mathematics Business/Economics Communications Human Resources Sustainability Computer Science
    21. 21. Which science did modern materials science evolve directly from, which itself evolved from ceramics and mining? A. Metallurgy B. Thermodynamics C. Biomaterials D. Semiconductors A: Metallurgy
    22. 22. For more information visit: www. Materials Science Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 196 Titles Springer & Elsevier Topics Include Polymers & Plastics Solid Mechanics Textiles Optics Biomaterials Metallurgy
    23. 23. For more information visit: www. Materials Science Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations QD 380-388 - Polymer chemistry TA 410-418 - "Special" materials, including composites, nanomaterials. etc. TA 459-489 - Metals and alloys TK 7871 - Electronic materials TN 600-799 - Metallurgy TP 1087-1190 - Plastics and polymer engineering Business Textile Science Sustainability Marine Biology Computer Science/Technology Forensics Medicine
    24. 24. Which famous Greek inventor deeply influenced mechanics in the Western tradition? A. Cicero B. Plutarch C. Diocles D. Archimedes D: Archimedes
    25. 25. For more information visit: www. Mechanical Engineering Collection On GVRL Key Highlights 131 Titles Springer & Elsevier Topics Include Machine Theory Applied Dynamics Hydrodynamics Vehicular Applications Solid & Structural Mechanics
    26. 26. For more information visit: www. Mechanical Engineering Collection Sample Curriculum Correlations ME 1800. MANUFACTURING SCIENCE, PROTOTYPING, AND COMPUTER-CONTROLLED MACHINING ME 2713. ASTRONAUTICS ME 3310. KINEMATICS OF MECHANISMS ME 3410. COMPRESSIBLE FLUID DYNAMICS ME 4504. BIOMECHANICS ME 4832. CORROSION AND CORROSION CONTROL Business Manufacturing Materials Science Sustainability Computer Aided Design Medicine Architecture & Design Aerospace Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering BioMedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Mathematics Physics Statistics
    27. 27. Which library product is the only resource to receive a 5-star rating (out of 5 stars) in the history of the Charleston Advisor publication? A. Ebrary B. Web of Science C. netLibrary D. GVRL D: GVRL
    28. 28. GVRL
    29. 29. For more information visit: www. GVRL
    30. 30. eReference from more than 100 Strategic Publishing Partners ELSEVIER
    31. 31. NEW FEATURES COMING SOON TO GVRL In-Text Citation Cover to Cover Reading
    32. 32. DISCOVERY AGNOSTIC OCLC Summon Primo EDS GVRL is locally indexed GVRL is locally indexed GVRL is locally indexed GVRL is locally indexed
    33. 33. THANK YOU Wednesday April 2, 2014 at 3pm Gale Science & Technology eBook Collections Tuesday April 8, 2014 at 2pm Gale Health & Medicine eBook Collections For a peek at all of our new eBook colletions: Roger Strong Director of Strategic Accounts