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Why automate your library


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Published in: Education
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Why automate your library

  1. 1. ACS Professional Development Day for School Librarians in Lebanon Why Automate Your Library? Cendrella H. Abdallah04/18/12 1
  2. 2. Introduction• Efficiency of Automation04/18/12 2
  3. 3. Reasons For Automation• Budget and Low Bookfund• Productivity• Access04/18/12 3
  4. 4. Budget and Low Bookfund• Better Administering of Funds• Faster Turnover of Backlog04/18/12 4
  5. 5. Productivity• Faster Process of Backlog• No More Filing• More Accurate Catalogs04/18/12 5
  6. 6. Access• Manual vs. Online!04/18/12 6
  7. 7. Advantages of Automation• OPAC• Circulation• Cataloging• Acquisitions• Serials04/18/12 7
  8. 8. Planning For AutomationPHASE 1• Data Collection/Assessment: – Number of titles and volumes in your collection – Circulation information – Patrons – Acquisitions – Usage data (average and peak)04/18/12 8
  9. 9. Planning For AutomationPHASE 2• Selecting the System: – Professional literature – Professional contacts – Limitations (i.e.,Oracle, budget, etc.) – RFP04/18/12 9
  10. 10. Total School Library System Sales 199804/18/12 10
  11. 11. Planning For AutomationPHASE 3• Retrospective conversion: – Shelflist analysis (inventory before or after?) – Inhouse vs. outsourcing – Barcoding04/18/12 11
  12. 12. Sources• Cohn, John M., Kesley, Ann L., and Fiels, Keith Michael. Planning for Library Automation: A Practical Handbook. London: Library Association Publishing, 1998• Cortez, Edwin M. Proposals and Contracts for Library Automation: Guidelines for Preparing RFPs. Chicago, IL.: American Library Association, c1987• Head, John W., and McCabe, Gerard B., eds. Insider’s Guide to Library Automation: Essays of Practical Experience. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, c1993• Matthews, Joseph R., and Parker, Mark R. Introduction: Microcomputer-Based Automated Library Systems. New Series. (pt.1). Library Technology Reports 29.2 (March-April, 1993): 151-163• Ross, Richard W. The Procurement of an Automated Library System with a Model RFP. Library Technology Reports 30.3 (May-June 1994): 331-434• And More….04/18/12 12
  13. 13. Cost• Expensive vs. Inexpensive!04/18/12 13
  14. 14. GO FOR IT!04/18/12 14