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  1. 1. OCLC Global Council  November 2013 NRCIG Cendrella Habre University Librarian, Lebanese American University EMEARC Delegate
  2. 2. Mission The mission of the Non-Roman Characters Interest Group (NRCIG) is to inform the Cooperative and OCLC’s strategic development about the issues of making OCLC’s products and services “work” in languages that use non-Roman characters.
  3. 3. Charge To provide background information to the OCLC Board and SLT regarding the locations, sizes and importance of major Arabic-language collections and to investigate and report on the status of Arabic language in OCLC’s product development plans.
  4. 4. Members • Cendrella Habre, Chair • Omar Farhoud, Information Management Manager, LAU (Lebanon) • Fares Jureidini, Logos (Distributor_Lebanon) • Asma Al-Kanan, Director, Library, American University of Kuwait • William Kopycki, Field Director, Library of Congress, Egypt • Magda El-Sherbini, Associate Professor and head of Cataloging Department, Ohio State University Libraries • Martha Speirs, EMEARC Alternate Delegate, Dean, Library and Information Services, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy • Rebecca Youth, Catalog Librarian, University of Iowa Libraries & MELA member OCLC Staff • Janet Lees • Bemal Rajapatirana • Arthur Smith
  5. 5. Institutions that Create Records for Arabic-Languages Resources 82 58 1,307 51+ 11-50 1-10
  6. 6. Institutions with Holdings on Records for Arabic-language Resources 101+ 11-100 1-10
  7. 7. Issues and Challenges • Transliteration/Romanization   Tools are unknown to users  • Tools are not user-friendly Inconsistencies (In the US for example Romanization is performed by non-Arabic speaking staff) Subject Headings   Translation of LCSH with modifications  • Limited LCSH Different Arabic SH Lists Arabic topics Undiscoverable Names   • Similar to SH Complexities in Name Structure Users (Western vs. Arab)  • What do they want? Technological lags  OCLC’s Z39.50 server is not enabled to search records in Arabic  Inconsistent use of MARC fields for Romanized diacritics  UNICODE  Indexing (non-filing characters for the ) and the Hamza on the Alef ( )
  8. 8. Suggested Solutions • Transliteration/Romanization LINKED DATA • Subject Headings LINKED DATA UNIFIED LIST OF SUBJECT HEADINGS (a project that should be sponsored by OCLC) • Names VIAF LINKED DATA • Users (Western vs. Arab) LINKED DATA • Technological lags Experts from the Arab World
  9. 9. THANK YOU Q&A