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Pajama Jam 02/25/13


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My Keynote presentation for Pajama Jam Storytime 02/25/13

Published in: Education
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Pajama Jam 02/25/13

  1. 1. Pajama Jam
  2. 2. Sleep
  3. 3. Sheep
  4. 4. See the sleeping bunnies Sleeping til its noon Shall we wake them with a merry tune? Oh so still. Are they ill? Wake up, wake up, wake up Sleeping bunnies (x2)Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop Stop little bunnies, stop stop stop
  5. 5. Fais do do Colas mon petit frereFais do do tauras du lolo Maman est en haut Qui fait du gateau Papa est on bas Qui fait du chocolat