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Mission Viejo Final New Media Storytime Training


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Mission Viejo Library, April 14 2014 with Cen Campbell & Carisa Kluver

Published in: Education, Technology
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Mission Viejo Final New Media Storytime Training

  1. 1. Mission Viejo Public Library April 14, 2014 Cen Campbell & Carisa Kluver
  2. 2. Questions? Apps you’ve tried? Other digital tools you’ve tried? Challenges & Successes? What have you been up to?
  3. 3. Since we saw you last… ● Dimitri Christakis & Susan Linn ● Pew Digital Life in 2025 ● Beyond Screen Time ● Cris Rowan & Megan Egbert ● Learning at Home ● Kucirkova ● ECRR What’s Happening?
  4. 4. ● Check-in ● Touchpoints ● Competencies ● Hands-on practice in a supportive environment ● Parent questions What are we doing today?
  5. 5. ● Presentations ○ Storytime Practice Assignment ○ At least 3 different types of digital tools ○ Competencies ● Constructive Feedback ● Unfinished Business What are we doing tomorrow?
  6. 6. Brazelton Touchpoints
  7. 7. Touchpoints Guiding Principles
  8. 8. ● Focus on the Parent-Child Relationship ● Recognize what you bring to the interaction ● Value passion wherever you find it ● Look for opportunities to support parental mastery Key Principles for New Media
  9. 9. Talk Sing Read Write Play Phonological Awareness Narrative Skills Vocabulary Print Awareness Print Motivation Letter Knowledge Supporting Parents
  10. 10. Why are we using new media? For whose benefit? Are we being explicit? Is it developmentally appropriate? Does it support parent-child engagement? What is the impact? Reflective Practice
  11. 11. Nosy Crow Fairy Tale Cat in the Hat Learning Library Bean’s Baby Developmentally Appropriate?
  12. 12. ● Content ● Interactivity ● Text & Readability ● Ease of Use ● Use in Storytime/Home Key Features
  13. 13. ● Presentation (speaking, voice, eye contact) ● Facilitation (interface with group) ● Comfort/Flexibility ● Knowledge of Material ● Technological Skill ● Supporting Key Values (relationships etc) ● Developing Promising Practices (hopeful ignorance!) Competencies
  14. 14. ● Choose a song, story or rhyme you know ● Depict your song, story or rhyme using the Felt Board app ● Explain how you can use this tool to promote relationship building and early learning Felt Board Activity
  15. 15. Parenting in the Digital Age
  16. 16. ● Engagement: Focus on the parent-child relationship ● Resources/Research ● Technology as a tool (not a replacement) ● Not all screens are created equal Parent Questions
  17. 17. ● Welcome slide ● Images ● Lyrics (optional) ● Prompts (optional) ● Resource slide (with links; can be uploaded to website) iPad as presentation tool
  18. 18. ● Digital felt board (or MGOL app) ● Book app or digital book ● Digital music or sounds ● Non-book app (Wee Sing etc) ● Create your own content (30hands etc) ● Screen shots or images ● Remember non-digital tools! Storytime Practice Assignment
  19. 19. Technology handled with careful consideration, in moderation; in ways that fit in with the program’s intent and don’t overwhelm, that enhance but don’t replace, and that encourage parent/child interaction is appropriate for use in a Mother Goose on the Loose program. When preparing your Storytime...