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This was my part of the CLA's Spring Fling webinar: Every Child Reading to Read 2 in Action with Eva Mitnick and Elaine Meyers

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  1. 1. ECRR2.0: Apps andeBooks in StorytimeCen Campbell,
  2. 2. more slides- maybe littleelit screenshot?
  3. 3. Engagement•  Parent/Child Engagement•  Child/Device Engagement•  Librarian/Digital Media Engagement
  4. 4. Image from Hanna Rosins Atlantic Article, The Touch Screen Generation
  5. 5. Southington Library Museum eTots program from SLJ
  6. 6. What were NOT doing with digitalmedia•  Replacing paper books•  Replacing other storytelling tools with digitalones
  7. 7. image of llama llama at CDM
  8. 8. Options•  Mirrored: projector or screeno  Big groupso  Better visibilityo  Hands free for actionso  You need iPad, AppleTV, cables (HDMI or VGA w/adaptor) and WiFi for both iPad and AppleTV•  Hand-heldo  Small groupso  Kids can touch screeno  Walk around the room; Pop-up booko  Flip the screen around
  9. 9. Grow a Reader App•  Lullabies, Bounces, Tickles, FingerRhymes, Face & Body Rhymes•  Sing, Talk, Play, Read, Write•  Book recommendations (Links directly tocatalog)
  10. 10. Five Early Learning Practices•  Singing•  Talking•  Reading•  Writing•  Playing
  11. 11. Singing•  Toca Band•  Twinkle Twinkle•  Wee Sing ABC•  Lyrics
  12. 12. Talking•  Dialogic reading•  Asking open ended questions•  Ignoring the words and reading the pictures
  13. 13. Apps to Talk about•  Byron Barton•  Morris Lessmore•  Press Here
  14. 14. Reading•  Dr Seuss•  Sandra Boynton•  Richard Scarrys Busytown•  Beatrix Potter•  How Rocket Learned to Read
  15. 15. image of how rocket learned to read
  16. 16. Writing•  Children can write sooner with a tablet; theyare not limited by their dexterity with acrayon, pencil, mouse or keyboard•  Bob Books•  Dont Let the Pigeon Run this App
  17. 17. writing app screen shot
  18. 18. Playing•  Animal sounds•  Interactive elements•  Print Motivation
  19. 19. Playing: Animal games and Sounds•  Animal SnApp: Farm•  Animal Sounds: Fun Toddler Game
  20. 20. Playing: Interactive Elements•  Monster at the End of this Book•  Very Cranky Bear•  Blue Hat Green Hat
  21. 21. Non-Fiction•  Smithsonian•  National Geographic•  iBooks
  22. 22. NumeracyBedtime Math•  Toca Store•  Goodnight Moon 123
  23. 23. Felt Boards and Storytelling•  Felt Board•  Sock Puppets•  Keynote•  Not intended to REPLACE physical feltboards, puppets or any other traditionalstorytelling tool; they are just another tool inyour toolkit!
  24. 24. Review Sources for Apps•  Appitic•  Common Sense Media•  Cybils•  Digital Storytime•  Horn Book: Out of the Box•  Kindertown•  Kirkus: iPad Reviews•  SLJ: Touch & Go•  Smart apps for kids
  25. 25. Questions?Thank you!
  26. 26. Further Reading/ResourcesMentioned•  Idaho Commission on Libraries Report•  Screen Time (Lisa Guernsey)•  Giving our Children a Fighting Chance (Susan B Neuman)•  The New Co-Viewing (Joan Ganz Cooney Center)•  Pioneering Literacy in the Digital Wild West (Joan Ganz CooneyCenter)•  Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early ChildhoodPrograms Serving Children from Birth through Age 8 (NAEYC/FredRogers)•  American Academy of Pediatrics•  Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood (Screen Free Week)•  Mind in the Making (Ellen Galinksy)•  Parenting the Touchscreen Generation: Do We Need CredibleFresh Thinking? (Eitan Schwartz)