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Use Case: Airbus and Process Mining Technology


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Within the framework of its digital transformation, Airbus is using Celonis software to gain a better understanding of its processes to maximize improvement. In this session we will discuss how our ERP Solution Center is organized to answer all the organization’s business needs for process mining. We will also provide you with an overview of business area uses for Celonis at Airbus and provide a concrete use case of process improvement at the operation level.

Mr. Gildas Lavergne, Head of ERP Solution Center Technologies, Airbus
Ms. Xiaowei Jiang, Product Owner of Process Mining Solutions, Airbus

Published in: Technology
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Use Case: Airbus and Process Mining Technology

  1. 1. Process mining ERP Solution Center – Technology Celosphere Gildas Lavergne Xiaowei Jiang April 2019
  2. 2. Process mining footprint @Airbus Airbus Procurement Operations Procure to Pay Logistic FAL Briefcase flow Flow metrics Finance C2C Controlling Account Payable Quality Non conformity Metrology Sales Document mgt. Spares IT Semaphore ChaRM
  3. 3. Predict Process prediction • Tanks to machine learning, define mechanism and that could lead to predict process • Make analysis to study potential impact of improvement scenarios Methodology Process compliance & improvement • Compliance analysis (difference between theoretical process and reality) • Find potential improvement • Define improvement plan and follow-up Improve Analyse Process analysis & optimization • Create/Update analysis according to context • Add missing steps and adjust data model • Make the process owner / data analyst autonomous as much as possible Discover Process discovery & mapping • Understand process • Create, reuse or adapt data model 1 workshop 1 to 4 hours 1 to 3 WS Depending the number of use cases and analysis Follow-up Each business should determine the better WoW Data scientist Data analyst Viewer
  4. 4. Distributed organization Data scientist Data analyst Viewer Business HO • Go in the detail of the analysis and follow action-plan and indicators Business Team • Go in the detail of the analysis and follow action-plan and indicators Business Analyst • Go in the detail of the analysis and follow action-plan and indicators Business process owner • Define use cases that make sense for process mining • Compute business cases and potential return on investment • Maintenance of analysis ERP Solution Center • Creation and maintenance of data model • Run methodology to achieve creation of analysis • Creation of the firsts analysis • Give expertise and support on any data analyst topic Autonomous business To allow quick enabler at process level Centralized technical expertise To allow reusability and accelerate new analysis Dissemination To improve day to day activities at every level and follow process improvements
  7. 7. Business feedbacks “ Celonis is magic! ” “ We can now see processes from all our data sources ” “ My new process has been deployed thanks to process mining ” “ I have now a clear picture of all my tracking flow ” “ I reduced to near to zero issues in my suitcase supply chain ” “ I have optimized the work of my milk-runner: automatic preparation, less move ”
  8. 8. Next steps Machine learning We are exploring the “Machine learning” ability in Celonis. This new functionality will help customers to perform process prediction analysis. Community The Process Mining Community will provide visibility on all topics with all stakeholders. New features by Celonis Celonis provides continuously new features to improve the performance of the tool, such as Pivot table in Celonis and Partial loading, etc. We are going to keep our customer up to date to the latest version of Celonis. Support model Keep the same level of reactivity. We’ll be the most reactive possible to better support our users.
  9. 9. Process Mining Hackathon with business cross-functional teams • To check conformity • Highlight dysfunctions • Build KPI and KPPI • Propose concrete improvement solutions 1 Fuzzy Process 2 WINNERS • Share results • Jury decision: best design and the best content 6 TEAMS 28 miners, 6 cross-functional teams 3 Airbus Domains, 4 Nationalities 3 Celonis consultants Many exchanges and new ideas 6 new analysis produced 2 Winners: best content and design . . .
  10. 10. Return on Experience - Hackathon “Great event to share knowledge / experiences. Also great platform to teach each other tips & tricks & FUN! Great time” “Impressed to have a complete dashboard at the end of the day” “Great to have lots of geeks in the same room. Loved it” “Organize sessions with other Celonis end users of different dashboards and Celonis designers / architects in order to give / Share ideas of dashboards, views and tips for creation” “Show professionalexample of analysis”
  11. 11. Return on Experience What went well  Facility of usage of the tool, at every level  User Friendly  Training fromCelonis  Connection to our multipledata sources systems  Recognition of the business  Qualityof analysis produced  Facility and fastness of implementation What could be improved  Support of process improvement  Difficulties to have a ROI (on pure Celonis usage)  Have a use case to share with business, at least for the first usage  Product roadmap and SAP versionreleased
  12. 12. Thank you & Questions?