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Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence

  1. 1 Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence Ralph Kink | Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
  2. © Microsoft Corporation Waves of Innovation IoT Harnessing signals from sensors and devices, managed centrally by the cloud Edge Intelligence offloaded from the cloud to IoT devices AI Breakthrough intelligence capabilities, in the cloud and at the edge Cloud Globally available, unlimited compute resources
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  5. Microsoft US-East2 Data Center (Virginia, USA)
  6. Microsoft US-East2 Data Center (Virginia, USA)
  7. Project Natick – Pushing boundaries with underwater datacenters
  8. AnalyticsData Cloud Democratizing AI
  9. Machine Learning
  10. Sam Harris: Stephen Hawking: Elon Musk: Wikipedia:
  11. Microsoft AI for Good
  12. Digital Feedback Loop: Enabling Digital Transformation Data + intelligence Optimize operations Transform products Engage customers Empower employees Data Capture digital signal across business 2 Insight Connect and synthesize data Action Improve business outcomes
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