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Online Presence

  1. 1. The Importance of Online Presence to Your Wireless Business<br />
  2. 2. Celly Source<br />The following presentation will cover and help you understand the following:<br /><ul><li>CellySource’s marketing strategy used to help your business succeed
  3. 3. How to understand, target, and satisfy your customers needs
  4. 4. What local online search is and how it can benefit your bottom line</li></li></ul><li>Our Marketing Strategy<br />Our online marketing strategy encompasses three important aspects:<br />Understanding customer needs<br />Targeting customer needs<br />Satisfying customer needs<br />
  5. 5. Understanding Customer Needs <br /><ul><li> Understand where customers research cell phone plans and phones (online and in store)
  6. 6. Understand how customers find local cell phone stores (online, print, locally)
  7. 7. Understand the latest news, phones, and other wireless information that consumers are looking for </li></ul>The cell phone industry is a rapid and ever-changing environment. As a wireless business, you must:<br />
  8. 8. Targeting Customer Needs <br />Now that you understand your customers needs, how do you target them? Here are a few ways:<br /><ul><li>Offline advertising
  9. 9. Newspaper
  10. 10. Other print
  11. 11. Radio
  12. 12. Word of mouth
  13. 13. Online advertising
  14. 14. Websites/blogs
  15. 15. Social networking
  16. 16. Article marketing
  17. 17. Directories</li></li></ul><li>Satisfying Customer Needs <br />Now that you understand your customers needs and how to target them, its now time to learn how to satisfy their needs quickly and cost effectively.<br />Your customers are looking for:<br /><ul><li>An easy and quick way to locate and research local cell phone dealers
  18. 18. An easy way to connect with local cell phone dealers (offline and online)
  19. 19. The ability to find local coupons/discounts</li></li></ul><li>Advertising Costs<br />How much do other forms of advertising cost? Here are the results from our local city and the pricing for each option:<br />* Newspaper Ads<br />$200+/month for 3 lines <br />* Mail Coupons/Flyers<br />$350+/month for 10,000 households<br />* Online Directories<br />$28-$100+/month<br />* CellySourceTargeted Listing<br />Prices under $10/month!<br />
  20. 20. www- The World Wide Web<br />The World Wide Web is a network of computers all over the world.<br />I’m sure you have surfed the internet at times and were overwhelmed with the amount of websites online. You may ask yourself what many others ask, “How will my business be found on the information super highway?”<br />Here at Celly Source we offer your company the ability to not only drive on the highway but to find the correct route to your destination. <br />
  21. 21. Online Presence <br />One of the largest groups still ignoring online marketing and SEO are smaller, local businesses and professional services.<br />More and more people are migrating away from the standard Yellow Pages and are searching for businesses online. Here are a few local professions that are very common to be searched for through major search engines:<br /><ul><li>Real Estate (agents, brokerages, appraisers)
  22. 22. Medical Professionals (doctors, dentists, chiropractors)
  23. 23. Retail (cars, computers, cell phones)
  24. 24. Travel-related (hotels, car rental, airfare, limousines)
  25. 25. Other local services (dog boarding, kennels, photography, plumbers)</li></li></ul><li>Online Presence <br />Does my business really need to be found online?<br /><ul><li>Having a strong online presence is similar to investing at an early age. The earlier you start, the more effective it will be in the long run. Not to mention that the local search industry is continuing to grow each year and the number of people searching for local businesses and services is only going to grow.
  26. 26. Local businesses need to shed the idea that they don’t need a website or other online presence if they aren’t selling products online. By participating in online marketing and SEO now, you are jumping in on one of the most effective advertising methods. Print ads, flyers and mailers continue to be less and less effective as people recognize them as junk mail.</li></li></ul><li>Local Online Search<br />Any online search aimed at finding something within a specific geographic area. (i.e. “Verizon store in San Diego.”) How important is online search to offline businesses? Here are some local search statistics:<br /><ul><li>97% of Internet users in the U.S. gather shopping information online, and of those consumers 51% explicitly characterize their behavior as “Shop Online, Purchase Offline”
  27. 27. 75% of Americans use search engines on a regular basis
  28. 28. 56% of Americans use search engines every day
  29. 29. 40% of all search engine searches are for local businesses and services
  30. 30. 54% of Americans regularly use the internet instead of the phone book to find local services</li></li></ul><li>Local Cell Phone Searches<br />How many local searches are related to the wireless industry? Here are some common searches and how many were conducted in one month (January 2010) according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool:<br /><ul><li>Cell phone store related
  31. 31. “Cell phone store”- 368,000
  32. 32. “Cell phone stores”- 33,000
  33. 33. “Cell phones stores”- 7000
  34. 34. “Cell phone shops”- 6000
  35. 35. “Cellular phone stores”- 1000
  36. 36. Carrier related
  37. 37. “AT&T store”- 306,000
  38. 38. “Verizon store”- 368,000
  39. 39. “Sprint store”- 246,000
  40. 40. “T-Mobile store”- 60,500
  41. 41. “Metro PCS store”- 40,500</li></ul>That’s over 1.4 million monthly searches with just these 10 exact phrases! (over 46,000/day)<br />
  42. 42. Local Cell Phone Searches<br />Now, let’s get more specific. Let’s take an inside look into how many of these type of searches are happening in one particular city (San Diego):<br /><ul><li>Carrier related
  43. 43. “AT&T San Diego”- 8,100
  44. 44. “ATT San Diego”- 4,400
  45. 45. “Verizon San Diego”- 4,400
  46. 46. “Sprint San Diego 2,900
  47. 47. “T-Mobile San Diego”- 1,600
  48. 48. Miscellaneous
  49. 49. “Cell phone San Diego”- 12,000
  50. 50. “Cell phones San Diego”- 1,600
  51. 51. “Cell phone repair San Diego”- 600</li></ul>That’s over 35,000 monthly searches with just these 8 exact San Diego related phrases! (over 1100/day)<br />
  52. 52. CellySource Search Rankings<br />Our site traffic and search engine rankings are improving daily! According to Alexa, we are already a top 50,000 website with traffic rank in the U.S. and we just launched!<br /><ul><li>One main goal of ours is to show up on the first page of search engines when people are searching for cell phone stores. You can see a real example of this by typing “local cell phone stores in San Diego” into Google. CellySource is one of the top results which will help businesses on our site to be found!</li></li></ul><li>How Are We Being Found?<br />We have implemented many strategies for our site to be found, especially by search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Here are some actual Google search terms that lead to our site:<br />1413 pinsen valley<br />cell phone mercy road san diego<br />verizon wireless store in daphne?<br />sprint on bell rd 85032<br />1413 pinson valley<br />1574 w. government b brandondon ms<br />1604 beltline road, decatur, al<br />2310 iowa avenue vicksburg ms<br />2508 e franklin blvd 28056<br />2619 8th avenue, jamestown, nd<br />4 vintonst wireless inc<br />645 main twin falls id 83301<br />7025 e greenway pkwy #250,scottsdale<br />all cellular 90250<br />alpha omega wireless ""celly source""<br />apex in malvernar<br />at&t dealer in ellicott city<br />at&t on cornell rd hillsboro or<br />at&tsouthpointfredericksburg address<br />at&t store honolulu<br />at&t wireless new castle,de<br />att store gardnervillenv 89410<br />att store in hawaii<br />augusta t-mobile maine<br />boost mobile billing questions<br />boost mobile billing zip code<br />boost mobile stores in south carolina<br />cellular connection verizonshiloh<br />cellular sales 27284<br />cellular wireless little rock rodney<br />cricket maps<br />diamond wireless ka'ahumanu<br />fredericksburgat&t store southpoint<br />in to wireless rainsvillealabama<br />local cell phone stores in san diego<br />mineral spring ave cell phone store<br />mineral spring t-mobile in ri<br />sams club south charleston<br />sprint in franklincarolinanorth<br />tmobilemineral spring<br />tmobile,mineral spring ave.<br />verison dealer rapid city south dakota<br />verizon ""america's choice"" coverage map<br />verizon dealer rapid city south dakota<br />verizon wireless conway<br />verizon wireless store in stillwater<br />virginia mountain wireless<br />where is an at&t store in aberdeenwa?<br />wnm communications<br />zcom wireless new milford, ct<br />This list goes on and on…..!<br />
  53. 53. Increasing Profitability<br />The winning formula:<br />Increased online exposure + a CellySource listing = <br />More customers and increased profitability!<br />What is one more customer worth to your store? What is one more activation worth to your bottom line?<br />
  54. 54. Basic Membership Sample Page<br />Features<br /><ul><li>Basic business information (name, address, #’s, carrier(s) offered…)
  55. 55. Company photo/logo
  56. 56. Business description
  57. 57. Products/Services offered
  58. 58. Search engine optimized
  59. 59. Profile management
  60. 60. Sharing functions
  61. 61. Priority placement + more! </li></li></ul><li>Premium Membership Sample Page<br />Features<br />All basic features plus:<br /><ul><li>Company video or powerpoint
  62. 62. Social and business networking links
  63. 63. Website link
  64. 64. Company slogan
  65. 65. Special offers (coupons)
  66. 66. Email and organizational contacts
  67. 67. Job link + more! </li></li></ul><li>BONUS- Social Networking<br />Social networking is the interaction between a group of people who share a common interest.<br />As a business owner, it is a FREE and necessary method to target your customer. Here are some advantages:<br /><ul><li>Huge Exposure: Marketing your business online through social networking sites gives you a huge number of prospective clients or customers.
  68. 68. Inexpensive: Networking online is less expensive than any other type of advertising or marketing. Consider it the online version of word-of-mouth advertising.
  69. 69. Find Partners: Networking is not always about getting the customer; social networking online can help you get the partners you need as well. </li></li></ul><li>BONUS- Social Networking<br />Let’s look specifically at Facebook. Your potential shoppers/clients are spending a considerable amount of time on Facebook. Therefore, you should be there, too. If not you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to find new business. <br />Here are some tips on how to effectively manage your Facebook business profile:<br /><ul><li>Create a business account which has different functionality than a personal account.
  70. 70. Completely and accurately fill out your profile; this will help to add creditability, as well as earn trust.
  71. 71. Post professional pictures of your business and employees. Ensure that all photos are “business appropriate”.
  72. 72. Customize your tabs with relevant options for your business
  73. 73. Don’t get lazy! Update your business profile on a regular basis with current industry news and events.</li>