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Sub task in project


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Sub task in project

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Sub task in project

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • This Module Enables Sub-Task Feature In Project Module • In This Module, You Can Split Your Task Into Subtasks • Brief description about Sub-Task for Task • Every system has project management • Currently, Odoo has no sub-task feature in Project Module
  3. 3. This customized module brings "SUB-TASK" forms and its configuration for projects with configured stages A user can also analyze the subtasks under the project-reporting menu dynamically
  4. 4. Following are its main features: - Sub-task Feature for Project. - Sub-Task Lists Under Task. - Sub-Task Count in Task Kanban View. - Sub-Task Stages in Configuration. - Sub-Task Analysis under Report. - Deadline Validation for Sub-Task. - Stage Validation for Sub-Task.
  5. 5. Sub-Task Feature For Project • We can split our task into sub-tasks • We can assign these subtasks to different employees • We can create sub-tasks to allowed projects only • If you give permission to use subtask for a project then you can assign sub- tasks for a task that belongs to this project.
  6. 6. Sub-Task Analysis Under Report • We will get a brief report about subtask through Sub-Task Analysis under report. • We can take any report related to any subtask from here. In addition, we can give any filtration.
  7. 7. Validation For Sub-Task Sub-Task Module gives validation for stages and deadline When you move the stage of the task into the final stage, but its child task does not reach the final stage That time this module blocks this movement with a message “You can't move it to a final stage some child tasks are not completed yet” When you move the stage into cancel stage that time all the subtasks under those tasks will go to cancel stage
  8. 8. Validation Message
  9. 9. This customized module done by Cybrosys Technologies is available in the link below: