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Revise in odoo


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If the clients will require negotiations whenever we sent a quotation to them.In such cases, we need to edit the Quotation's order lines. This blog describes how to revise a quotation in odoo.

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Revise in odoo

  1. 1. How to revise a quotation in odoo
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION In any business organization, sales is the department that generates revenue and the basic goal of the sales team is promote the sales and increase the contribute to the profits on one hand and satisfaction to the customer on the other hand. They are always a spine of an organization.
  3. 3. • Best sales team need some qualifications.  Make and Keep the network with customers.  Find good and best Markets.  Good listeners.  Building and maintaining relationship with customer.  Correct and healthy follow up.  Good Planning for future sales.
  4. 4. When we get a lead we can convert it into an opportunity and after traveling different stages, we won that opportunity and make it as a quotation. We sent that quotation and client satisfied with the amount we quote. Then sales happens very smoothly. When we are using Odoo we can go through this workflow. If the clients are not satisfied with the amount we quote. Then what we do? The point is very simple. Negotiation. A good salesman is good at negotiating almost anything. After the negotiation we edit the quotation and resent it to the clients. This process is run until a healthy quote will approve by the client. Odoo sales allow you to edit the quote in quotation after sent it to the customer. And resent it to the customer.
  5. 5. • If the sales team want to see the negotiation history. Then this module will help you Quotation Revised History ( • After Install this module is satisfies 3 major things  Retrieve the history of revised quotations  Automatically set expiration date for quotation  Email template contains the expiration date.
  6. 6. • After the installation of ‘Quotation Revised History’ module there is some changes on the workflow. • First one is we can’t edit the quote in quotation in the ‘Quotation Sent’ state. That is before confirm the quotation we need to fix the amount in the quotation. • For that we sent the quotation through email or by hand. If the customer need negotiation, we can’t edit it in the sent state.
  7. 7. To edit the quote we just click the new button appear in the quotation form is ‘Revise the Quotation’
  8. 8. • In this state we can edit the order lines and resent it to the clients. After click on the button we can see that the name of quotation SO008 changed to SO008/R1. If we revised it again the name will changed to SO008/R2.
  9. 9. Revised Quotations name is unique like SO008-1, SO008-2…...etc. In the sales Settings Sales --> Configuration --> Settings ---> Quotations & Sales --> Expiration Date This Smart button redirect you to the Quotation History.
  10. 10. Every quotations have an expiration date which we set manually. On configuring the above shown settings we can automatically set the expiration date very easily.
  11. 11. No Expiration Date: No changes (we have to set the date manually) Default 14 days: The expiration date calculated from Quotation Creation Date or form Quotation Sent Date is set for 14 days. Created as company rule: The quotation will expire as per the custom days set by user from Quotation Creation Date or from the Quotation Sent Date. Choose either of the two, Expiration Date Calculated From: Choose either of the two Quotation Creation Date or Quotation Sent Date
  12. 12. If we set the Expiration date manually or automatically it affect on the Quotation Emails.
  13. 13. Refer this link for more:
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