Reservation Methods in Odoo 15

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Mar. 24, 2022

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Reservation Methods in Odoo 15

  1. Reservation Methods in Odoo 15
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ Odoo 15 adds a new feature called Reservation Method, which is used to reserve products used in a particular operation type: Delivery. This will ensure that the products are reserved for the defined operations of the company at required times. ❖ This option is basically for scheduling or is a reservation method for Delivery orders or manufacturing orders on the basis of reservations that can be considered as: ➢ At confirmation, ➢ Manually ➢ Before Scheduled date. ❖ The, Before schedule option, allows you to easily set the reserve days for the delivery order before scheduling the Order.
  3. ❖ From the Inventory module, you can find an Inventory Overview where all the operation types are shown.
  4. ❖ Inventory > Overview > Delivery orders > configuration ❖ So when you open the Configuration page of an operation type, you can find a field RESERVATION METHOD.
  5. ❖ This reservation method is used to decide how the products in transfers of this Operation Type should be Reserved. ❖ There are three types of Reservation Methods. ➢ At Confirmation – Reserve the product only when the Sales Order is confirmed. ➢ Manually – Manually want to check the availability to Reserve the required quantity of products. ➢ Before scheduled date – Only reserve ‘X’ days before the scheduled date. You can mention the number of days before the scheduled date to reserve products.
  6. ❖ Set Reservation Method as ‘At Confirmation’- It means that the products are reserved whenever a Sale Order is confirmed if the stock is already available. To have an understanding, firstly, create a Sales Order. ❖ Sales module> Orders > Create an order.
  7. ❖ Create a Sales Order by filling in all the details such as the Customer, Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Expiration Date, Quotation Date, and information details. Under the Order Lines tab add the product that you want to sell along with the quantity. ❖ By confirming the Sales Order, the product is automatically reserved on delivery.Can view frin View Forecast
  8. ❖ Then set quantities and validate the delivery. Here since the product is available and products are automatically reserved on the Sale Order confirmation. After that, create an Invoice and complete the order. ❖ The second Reservation Method is Manual, i.e., we want to reserve the product manually by clicking on the ‘Check Availability’ button.So set the reservation method as Manually.
  9. ❖ So, again create a Sales Order, and on delivery, you can check availability and reserve the product.
  10. ❖ In this case, product reservation will not take place automatically; instead, it will describe the availability status. Based on delivery time or priority of delivery, you can manually reserve products for orders. ❖ Then ‘set quantities’ and validate the delivery. ❖ Before scheduled date - ○ In this Reservation Method, you can provide how many days before the scheduled date the products should be reserved for delivery. This will help to plan the delivery and ensure that the products are available for delivery.
  11. ❖ So set the Reservation Method as ‘Before scheduled date’ and reserve products two days before the scheduled date.
  12. ❖ For this, you can also set the Customer Lead Time in the product.
  13. ❖ After setting the customer lead time, you can create a Sales Order by choosing the product. Here the Sale Order is created on 01/17/2022 and the Customer Lead Time is 3 days. ❖ So when an order gets confirmed, it will take 3 days to deliver the goods to the customer, and the products are reserved only 3 days before the scheduled date.
  14. ❖ After confirming, the quotation is changed to the Sales Order. To validate the delivery, go to the Delivery smart tab, and there you can see the status as ‘Waiting.’ Since the scheduled date is 01/ 20/ 2022, the products will be reserved 3 days before the scheduled date.
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