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Odoo partners vs freelancers


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The degree of courtesy extended towards the business customers or clients defines the ultimate success of any business, no matter how big or small they are. Customer Relationship management, in other words, the Lead Management plays a very crucial role in our business as it tracks every sale and leads pipelines for making the business successful and productive. An efficient CRM streamlines every action within the business right from managing the client interactions, sales prospects, management of leads in an effective format.

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Odoo partners vs freelancers

  1. 1. Odoo Partners Vs Freelancers
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  When it comes to the ERP implementation, there comes a lot of ideas, measurements, calculations and concerns revolving simultaneously. One of the most decisive choices you need to make before implementing an ERP is, whom you will contact or take the help in supporting the implementation project. The decision is utmost crucial, when it comes to the implementation of ERP modules like E-commerce, Human Resource, Customer Relation Management or Warehouse Management, as they directly affect the business profit and expansion.
  3. 3.  One may go for freelancer service to get your Odoo Implementation done. The reasons behind choosing the freelancer can be routed for several reasons like the cost of production, the flexibility of work, future customizations, etc. But a customer should understand that the quality of software deliverables differ between a freelancer and an Odoo Official partner. Only an Official Odoo partner will be able to provide scalability in work. In the prime vision, both Odoo Official Partner and Freelancers provide end users with Odoo services, but a freelancer has his own limitations as he is the sole person to render the right from implementation to customization and later support.
  4. 4. His future availability for any kind of development or maintenance cannot be assured as they are not officially authorized. On the other hand, Odoo official partners establish trust and reliability in their service. The authorized partners will uphold their reliability and credibility towards their client at any cost as it directly affects their business. In addition, the Odoo Partners encompass a team of techno and functional consultant/developers who are highly qualified, certified & trained in Odoo ERP. The Odoo official partners will be an exponent in all segments such as CRM, Accounting, POS, Warehouse, 3PL integration, API and web-services, Project Management, Sales, Purchase, Event Management, and Survey etc. On the other hand, a freelancer might only possess certain specialization that too not in all the dimensions making them less competitive compared to Odoo Official partner.
  5. 5.  Odoo partners exclusively specialize and do development programs on key segments like Odoo Consultancy, Odoo implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Training & most importantly providing the future support for each module. Whereas, in the large majority the freelancers will only be providing the general Odoo Services. Secondly, Odoo Partners have authorized signatories having access towards Enterprise Edition source code. They can report a bug to Odoo establishing the symbol of trust. On the other hand, Freelancers have no access towards the Enterprise edition source code and cannot officially report bugs to Odoo addressing the security concerns.
  6. 6.  Working with Odoo Partner ensures professionalism in workflow, Odoo Official partners encompass a robust team of professionals including developers, designers, managers to analysts with varying skills and knowledge ensuring versatility. During each implementation stage, the quality service is rendered by the designated person. On the other hand, freelancer plays a single army with limitations and challenges.
  7. 7.  Unlike Odoo Partner, Freelancers are working in exchange for money. A cross-check over the quality produced and methodology meeting the official standards are never taken care by the freelancers. With Odoo Partner team, all you need to do is get in touch with project managers, run your eye over the final document of the completed project, approve/cite alterations if any, and finally wait for the next implementation stage. The harmonized and structured approach from Odoo Official partners never fails to meet the deadlines.
  8. 8.  Whereas, with freelancers, meeting deadline is always at risk as they will be cluttered with multiple projects at a time. Due to their involvement more than one project at a single time, they fail in planning and organizing the work schedules. This automatically results in frequent postponing the project.  The main reason for choosing a freelancer over the official Odoo partners is the production cost. But in reality, we should understand that Odoo Implementation Partner can dedicate a team of developers to the customers who are highly flexible and can fluctuate in size based on the project requirements A flexible Odoo Implementation Partner will work with your company to ensure that the appropriate technological needs are met simultaneously reducing the overall production cost.
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