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Odoo ecommerce extra tools


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one can seamlessly create spectacular product pages. Odoo E-commerce extra tools help in modifying the existing templates to a more productive platform.

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Odoo ecommerce extra tools

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION I hope you are already familiar with Odoo E-commerce. It is the platform where you can create and publish your product using Odoo website tool. As Odoo ERP support website design, the end user can seamlessly design their pages without any predetermined skills. In addition, Odoo supports multiple payment methods for seamless transactions and ultimate shopping experiences. One can also configure the payment methods in Odoo website. Here I am introducing extra tools such as wishlist, comparison tool, promo code etc. which makes Odoo e-commerce much more useful and user-friendly.
  3. 3. Wishlist and Comparison tools You can enable wishlist and comparison features from Website > Configuration > Settings. Once you enable the feature you can find extra buttons for Add to wishlist and Add for comparison inside each product display.
  4. 4. Upon clicking the Icon you can add the product to your wishlist and on the top right, you can view your wishlist. On clicking on wishlist you are redirected to wishlist again and there, you can view the items in your wishlist.
  5. 5. You can add an item to your cart by clicking “Add to cart” near each product, also you can remove items from your wishlist. There is an extra selection option for a user to keep their product in wishlist while adding the product to cart.
  6. 6. By clicking on the button , you can add a product for comparison and can view extra button on the bottom of the website. You can compare multiple products by clicking on the “Compare” button and redirected to comparison view.
  7. 7. From the comparison view, you can view/compare product features and can find add to cart button on each product for adding the product to your cart directly from comparison view.
  8. 8. Promotion and Coupons This feature is only available in the enterprise version. You can enable coupons and promotions in the website from Website > Configuration > Settings.
  9. 9. You can create/edit promotion programs and coupon programs by clicking on the Promotion programs and Coupon programs respectively. When you are trying to check out your cart orders you can see a button ‘I have a Promo code’. You can add your promo code by clicking on the ‘I have a promo code’ button.
  10. 10. You can apply your promo code to your order by clicking on the Apply button. There you can see a product line with the discount amount (-ve). If you are interested in Odoo ERP for your business, kindly drop your message to We can guide you better with Odoo support and pricing plans for executing your organization goals, Cybrosys Technologies is an exponent in Odoo ERP solutions with more than 10 years of experience.
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