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Instal custom modules in odoo


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We all know Odoo community is an open source complete ERP for a business. Why we prefer Odoo as our business management software? There are multiple plus points for choosing Odoo and one of the major points is Odoo is an open source software.

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Instal custom modules in odoo

  1. 1. How to install custom modules in odoo
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  We all know odoo community is a open source complete ERP for a business. Why we prefer Odoo as our business management software?. There are multiple plus points for choosing odoo and the one of the major point is Odoo is a open source software.  Actually odoo is a generic product that contain all the basic workflows that needed for a common business like Trading business, shopping sectors, Restaurants, Point of sales, Supermarkets and other common business. Then how can we make odoo as a best ERP software that adapt all the business flows in our company. Yes.! We need to customize it.
  3. 3.  For achive your requirements you can customize in two ways.  We can use Custom modules  We can edit viva Front end.  We all know Odoo have very good store for the products. We can check it here (
  4. 4.  We can see 13000+ apps in the store. And Day by day the number of contributions will become huge. The Odoo community is a large scale community and activities and performances are very high and fast.
  5. 5.  You can search and find the best app that suit to your business and achieve your requirements.
  6. 6.  From the top we can see Categories, Free or Paid, versions. When you finds a module that perfect for your business then first check the versions. Version of Odoo and apps version must be same. If you find a paid module in apps store just search same featured app as free. Many of the paid app’s features available as free apps too.
  7. 7.  Finally you find an app, then just download it by clicking the download button.
  8. 8.  Must check the version is compatible or not.  Now we get a perfect app for our business, then how can we include to our odoo.
  9. 9.  After downloading it we can get a .zip file. You can extract it then you can get a folder contain , or and other files.  You just copy the file and paste it in the folder(addons) of odoo.
  10. 10.  We can create a custom addon folder here. sudo mkdir /../../odoo/<custom_addons> sudo chown -R odoo:odoo /../../odoo/<custom_addons>  Now you can add the custom_addons path in the config file. sudo nano /etc/odoo.conf (provide the exact path of the config file)
  11. 11. [options] ……………………. ……………………. addons_path = /../../odoo/addons, /../../odoo/<custom_addons> • Edit the addons_path and add your custom addon paths. • You can past your new app into this custom_addons folder. sudo scp -r <custom module>// root@<ip_address>:/../../odoo/<custom_addons>/
  12. 12.  After paste the module do not forget to restart your server.  sudo service odoo-server restart  Then you can go to your odoo home page  <ip address>:8069/web
  13. 13. Then follow the steps.. ● Activate developer mode. ➢ In Odoo V8 and V9 click on the right top Administration menu. ➢ Click on About odoo
  14. 14. ➢ Click on activate the developer mode.
  15. 15. ➢ In Odoo V10 and V11 Go to Settings  Activate the developer mode.
  16. 16. ● Then update the module list by click the update button ➢ Odoo V8 • We can these menus under settings main menu. ➢ Odoo V9, V10 and V11
  17. 17. ➢ This option is available In ‘apps’ Menu
  18. 18.  Now your module is ready to install. Go to the apps and search your module, avoid the “apps” filter from the search bar.  Please note one important point, some custom modules may cause crash the DB or make some conflicts and show errors. So before install the new module just take a backup file. After the backup of the database search your custom module name and install it. And test it.
  19. 19. Refer this link for more:
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