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How to setup drop shipping


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Drop-shipping is the process of delivering the products from supplier to the customer directly.
There is no involvement of the inventory

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How to setup drop shipping

  1. 1. How To Setup Drop-shipping
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Drop-shipping is the process of delivering the products from supplier to the customer directly. • There is no involvement of the inventory.
  3. 3. How to setup Drop-shipping ?
  4. 4. 1. Change the configuration settings of inventory to the following. Go to : Inventory ? Configuration ? Settings
  5. 5. Set Routes and Drop shipping settings as the following. Routes : Advanced routing of products using rules. Drop shipping : Allow suppliers to deliver directly to your customers.
  6. 6. 2. Change the configuration settings of Sales to the following. Go to: Sales ? Configuration ? Settings Set the Order Routing as Choose specific routes on sales order lines
  7. 7. 3. Must assign a vendor to the product that you want to Drop shipping. Go to: Product Form ? Inventory Tab
  8. 8. Here you can add Vendors for the product. How to use it ? When we creating a sale order, there is an option to select the Route for the Sale order line. Select Drop shipping as the Route.
  9. 9. • Then confirm the Sale order. • • After confirming the sale order you can see the difference in the sale order form. • In normal sale orders, there is a smart button appear for deliveries. • But in this case we can’t see that smart button.
  10. 10. • That means, here we didn’t move that product from our stock to the customer location. • Instead of that, there create an automatic purchase quotation. Note : If the sale order contains products with different vendors, then it creates multiple purchase quotations.
  11. 11. • Go and validate the purchase quotation. • After validating the purchase quotation you can see in the sale order form, the smart button for Delivery is appear. • You can either receive products from sale order section or from the purchase order section. Note : If you are not giving a vendor under the product, then there creates a procurement exception.(Inventory ? Reports ? Procurement Exceptions).
  12. 12. • You can’t run that Procurement. • To run that procurement, go to products form again and make a vendor for that product (we are already discussed about this in above paragraph). • Then Run this procurement. • At that time a Purchase quotation will create. Note: You can see the error message appear under the procurement exception, that tells the reason for the procurement exception.
  13. 13. Refer this link for more:
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