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Benefits of Odoo 13


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Odoo handles a scope of business needs that covers e-Commerce, warehouse, CRM, billing, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and manufacturing. Being an open-source project, the application is constantly upgraded by the Odoo developer community, assuring its constant growth.

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Benefits of Odoo 13

  1. 1. Benefits of Odoo 13
  2. 2. Why Odoo ERP?
  3. 3. From ERP to CRM, e-commerce to CMS. Almost 50+ apps are available, which help the user to expand the business as they grow. All in One ERP Solution
  4. 4. Being an open-source project, the application is constantly upgraded by the Odoo developer community, assuring its constant growth. Open Source
  5. 5. Community Edition is freely downloadable and Enterprise Edition with lesser licensing fee compared with other ERP’s. Also lesser implementation cost compared to others. Low Cost
  6. 6. A smooth and user-friendly experience that has been built in Odoo to ensure the seamless action and performances. User-Friendly
  7. 7. The movement through the pages/apps is really simple, as the navigation patterns are better with easy directions. Easy Navigation
  8. 8. Can kick off with basic modules and can add on new modules in future as the business expands. Flexibility
  9. 9. Inbuild connectors such as DHL Express, UPS, FedEx, eBay, VoIP, Bpost, EasyPost, Amazon and many third party connectors. Easy Integration
  10. 10. Being an open-source project, the application is constantly upgraded by the odoo developer community, assuring its constant growth. Open Source
  11. 11.  Quotation Builder: Create a professional quote in seconds. Set predefined templates with products, price lists etc. to help your sales persons to work more efficiently.  Pro-forma: Convert from Quote to Pro-forma invoice in a click and send it to your customers. /  Quotation Template: Set frequently created quotation as a template and reuse them to save time of your team.  Upselling: Sell your product/services more by proposing extra options, additional products, applying closing triggers, discounts, etc. Create Excellent Quotations 1
  12. 12.  Online Signature: Allow your customer to review the quotation online and sign them.  Variants Grid Entry: Add product variants to quotation/sales orders line with a grid or matrix displaying with all the possible combinations of a product's such as sizes, colors. / Create Excellent Quotations 2
  13. 13.  Sales Orders: Converting quotations into sales orders is super easy, let your customers do it themselves with online quotes and Odoo eSign.  Customer Portal: Your customers can access to an online portal to view & confirm their quotes, sales orders, and also track the status of delivery orders in real-time.  Manage Invoicing from Sales Orders: Invoice based on what customer ordered or what you delivered, based on time and materials. It easy to manage the payment terms by customer or by invoice. And easily track and follow up on invoice ageing.  Order-Specific Routes: Set special routes for product in product from & order lines: dropshipping, replenish on order, etc. Manage Orders & Contracts 1
  14. 14.  Contracts: Track your contract phases such as renewal, upselling and invoicing using Odoo Subscription App. Manage your recurring invoices such as memberships or service contracts, contract renewal alerts, and contract options. And a powerful dashboard, which allow you to track recurring revenue.  eSignature: Get signed on NDAs, contracts or any other PDF document easily with your customer with the help of Odoo eSign.  Order-Specific Routes: Set special routes for product in product from & order lines: dropshipping, replenish on order, etc. Manage Orders & Contracts 2
  15. 15.  Schedule Activities: In just one click, follow key quotations and orders, and get alerts based on relevant activities.  Email Gateways: View all your email communications automatically added to the corresponding customer order, which allows to track back on conversations and more effectively negotiate.  Onboarding Emails: Create an email templates for particular products that can provide customers with important information such as instructions, service reminders and so on.  Inter-Companies Rules: Sales and purchase orders instantly synchronised in multi-company setup. Productive Communication
  16. 16.  Manage Product Variants: Create and configure various attributes or variants for products such as size, color, material composition, etc.  Discounts: Apply discounts for any quotation line item if the discount is activated.  Manage Product Types: Manage any product including services, stockable goods, delivery charges or consumables.  Third-Party Shipper: Automatically calculate shipping costs, print the shipping labels and monitor your shipment. Works with the USPS, Bpost, Easypost, UPS, DHL, FedEx made easy. Products & Prices Management 1
  17. 17.  Shipping Cost: Calculate the shipping costs based on multiple variables (weight, volume, margin, address of delivery, etc.)  Product Configurator: Configure and sell your products easily with exclusion and optional products, by choosing your variants & attributes.  Coupons: Create a custom coupon code for a price list and allow your customers to use the discount at purchase.  Units of Measure: Sell your product in multiple measuring units, and Odoo will handle the conversion automatically.  Pricelist Management: Create your own price list for products, based on the customer country and country group. And automatically use the created price list on the basis of order conditions such as quantity and/or time. Products & Prices Management 2
  18. 18.  Trackable KPIs: Easily monitor the KPI dashboard for all important information, such as total amount invoiced, country, salesperson, sales team and more.  Order & Invoicing Analysis: Analysis your Order & Invoices based on orders, invoices, or both and group it by any provided details such as product type, salesperson, country, sales team etc.  Next Activities: Get a complete overview of all your sales activities, next actions and performance data.  Dashboard: Build your own dashboards and share filters with the team. Visualize your margin at a glance. Powerful Reporting 1
  19. 19.  CRM App  Accounting App  Inventory App  Ecommerce App Integration
  20. 20. For More Details Check our company website for Odoo related blogs and Odoo book. Check our YouTube channel for functional and technical videos in Odoo. Cybrosys Technologies
  21. 21. Thank You