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How to make data more human with Data Studio - Code For Life


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Code For Life is a non-profit initiative from Ocado Technology creating free, open source games to teach all students computing. We currently have a main portal website,, that we are redesigning, and a first game for primary schools, Rapid Router:
We started to use the new data visualisation dashboards from Google Data Studio, to help us make sense of our analytics and viewers' behaviour. This briefly covers how to set up a dashboard and what benefits we can get from such a tool.
The talk was given at PyData London meetup on 4th April 2017.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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How to make data more human with Data Studio - Code For Life

  1. 1. Trying out Celine Boudier - 4th April 2017 - PyData London
  2. 2. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Code For Life Code For Life is a non profit initiative that delivers free, open–source games that help all students learn computing 2014 UK introduces computing in the primary school curriculum
  3. 3. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Is it the Data you were looking for? Data! Data everywhere! ... ...And what does that mean anyway?
  4. 4. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Tools No linux...
  5. 5. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Demo! (in beta in the UK)
  6. 6. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Select time range
  7. 7. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier
  8. 8. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Change style
  9. 9. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Change metric
  10. 10. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier
  11. 11. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Add filters
  12. 12. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier
  13. 13. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Change data source
  14. 14. @codeforlifeuk @CelineBoudier Share like a google doc Edit / View mode...