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The Global Future Of Sherry In Mixed Drinks


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It is no secret that sherry has been something of a dormant category, too often associated with the sickly sweet liquid our grandmothers used to drink by the bucket full. Thankfully the last couple of years has seen a resurgence in the number of sherry drinkers and sherry based cocktails with people drinking smarter and indulging in richer, lower ABV cocktails. Join us as we explore a brief history of the sherry category and taste some special and remarkable concoctions before moving on to an overview of sherry cocktails past and present. Experience the liquid's versatility and the possibilities it has to offer. This is an in-depth look and discussion about the global future of sherry in mixed drinks.

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The Global Future Of Sherry In Mixed Drinks

  1. 1. TITLE BY LINE The Global Future Of Sherry In Mixed Drinks By Michael Callahan, Danil Nevsky & Celia Schoonraad #SherryngIsCaring
  2. 2. TITLE BY LINE The Panel (that’s us)
  3. 3. • Born in Japan, raised in Hawaii • Works all over the world • Currently in Asia • Likes Oloroso Michael Callahan @BrotherCallahan @Delavaez
  4. 4. • Born in Russia • Works at Tales & Spirits in Amsterdam • Likes Loud Shirts • Loves Pedro Ximinez Danil Nevsky @CocktailManDan @CocktailMan
  5. 5. • Born in South Africa • Lived & worked all over the world • Currently Nomadic • Loves Palo Cortado Celia Schoonraad @StirSensibly @StirSensibly
  6. 6. Social Media Bag it and #tag it Michael @BrotherCallahan @Delavaez Celia @StirSensibly @StirSensibly Danil @CocktailManDan @CocktailMan TOTC @totc @tales_of_the_cocktail #SherryngIsCaring
  7. 7. What Is SherryThe how, the what, the why, the where, the wisdom, the wonder…
  8. 8. Palomino Fino Pedro Ximinez Muscat
  9. 9. Biological Aging & The Solera System
  10. 10. • Sherry is an Anglicisation of Xerez or Jerez • Francis Drake sacked Cadiz in 1587 • Sherry became a major export to the British Isles • Many Jerez cellars were founded or co-founded by British families The Rise of Sherry
  11. 11. TITLE BY LINE Understanding The Past (how it all matters)
  12. 12. • First-known entry 1809 – Washington Irving • Low-Alcohol • Popularised the straw • Promoted the export of New England ice • Highly adaptable • Air-conditioning of the day The Sherry Cobbler
  13. 13. • Maison Premiere – NYC • Take the old and make it new P.X. Oloroso Amontillado Manzanilla Pineapple Lemon Berry Compote The Maison Cobbler
  14. 14. • Blend of dry sherry, French vermouth & bitters • Louis Eppinger – Manager of Grand Hotel, Japan • Late 19th Century • Highly Adaptable The Bamboo
  15. 15. TITLE BY LINE The Present & Future (dun dun dun…)
  16. 16. Rework It, Revise It, Liven It Up • Classics are highly adaptable • Sherry is diverse from dry to sweet • Substitute • Experiment • Base or modifier
  17. 17. En Rama: The Unfiltered • En Rama – “from the vine” = Raw • Only applies to biologically aged sherries • Undergo minimal filtration • Retain flavour and colouring molecules • Pure flavour • Shorter half life
  18. 18. En Rama: The Unfiltered “The juice in mass-produced plonk is no longer worth the squeeze…” -Joaquin Simo Pouring Ribbons, NYC
  19. 19. • Oxidised sherries elongate the the experience in the palate • Biological sherries add a crispness and brightness in the front/mid-palate • Sherry as a sweetener • Sherry as a blender • Sherry as a base being supported by higher alcohol spirits Sherry As A Modifier
  20. 20. Sherry In Asia (Oooooh….)
  21. 21. Where Is It Currently? • Associated as sweet • Largely used as a modifier • Only a few places are offering it by the glass. • Ham & Sherry (Hong Kong) • Esquina ( Singapore)
  22. 22. … • Trapped in a negative feedback loop. • Education is lacking in the market. • Slow movement and high wastage. • Cost is relatively high. • Risky for importers (tax, transports, weight)
  23. 23. How It’s A-Changing • Competition = price drop • Bigger variety of modifiers sparking more interest in sherry • Decrease in wine prices have also benefited fortified wines.
  24. 24. Helping Sherry Along • Embrace all styles of sherry • Use sherry as a primary component • Educate staff & patrons • Communicate with suppliers to stock quality products
  25. 25. TITLE BY LINE A Take On The Fine Wine (same same but different)
  26. 26. Sherry – One Old Sack Of Bones
  27. 27. Sir John Falstaff – Oldest Sack Of Them All
  28. 28. “…the vital commoners and inland petty spirits muster me all to their captain, the heart, who, great and puff'd up with this doth any deed of courage—and this valour comes of sherris.” -William Shakespeare Verily.
  29. 29. “If I had a thousand the first humane principle I would teach them should be to forswear thin potations and to addict themselves to sack.” -William Shakespeare Very Verily.
  30. 30. The Future - Old Dog – Young Tricks
  31. 31. TITLE BY LINE What Does It All Mean (why is this relevant you talkative $#@%s)
  32. 32. Thanks To Our Sponsors @BodegasWilliams #SherryngIsCaring
  33. 33. Social Media Bag it and #tag it Michael @BrotherCallahan @Delavaez Celia @StirSensibly @StirSensibly Danil @CocktailManDan @CocktailMan TOTC @totc @tales_of_the_cocktail #SherryngIsCaring