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Trabajo de inglés

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  1. 1. We went on holidays toLondon. The weather was very good. It was sunny and very hot.
  2. 2. The hotelThe hotel was very very very bad. It had two beds but they were small.There was a drunk at the door and he was smelly. Our room was big but empty. At night we were very afraid. I saw aghost and I couldn’t sleep all night.
  3. 3. The spa The spa was nice but thebeds had a lot of dust and they were very dirty.We got a massage but later our backs hurted us.We put a hot rocks but we burned our backs.
  4. 4. The swimming pool The swimming pool had moss. People threw bottles at the swimmingpool. It had a slide but also had moss. We could see a tip through the window.
  5. 5. THE TOWER OF LONDON fortified It is one of the most famousbuildings in the world. The tower was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, it was a place, prison, treasury, arsenal and a even zoo! Today in the Tower are Crown Jewels. In the Tower you could find the Crown Jewels. We were there and it was very big! The ticket cost 18 pounds. A beefeater said to me ‘’ Be careful boy, because I am watching to you’’ I couldn’t t ake photos, but I didn’t know.
  6. 6. HYDE PARK Hyde Park was acquired by Henry VIII in 1536 for its excellent hunting. We walked for the park, swam in the lakeand played a lot of sports in the grass.Then, we went to the Speaker’s Cornerand we saw Carlos and Javier. The tiket cost 20 pounds
  7. 7. THE CRUISE ON THE TAMESIS The cruise on the Thames cost us fifteen pounds each but we saw many monuments on the cruise as the Houses of Parliament. From the boat we saw the fish. The cruise had fun but we werecold.There were strangers from different nations.They were very friendl y!
  8. 8. THE LONDON EYE.We rode a giant wheel (135m) and from there we saw all LondonIt was high but still we were having a blast.The ticket cost us 15 pounds as the cruise.The return on the wheel was pretty good.
  9. 9. BIG BENWe also saw Big Ben and visited inside. The entrance cost us twenty pounds but it was worth.It is part of the houses of parliament and is a symbol in London. There was a lot line and take us long to enter but was very very beautiful and very big. We took a picture at night.