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20100309 Evento Sostenible Espana


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Eso es la presentacion compartido en Madrid y Barcelona sobre 3 Bottom Line Reporting y la Huella de Carbono. Entro 50 a 100 personas presentes.

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20100309 Evento Sostenible Espana

  1. 1. CRECIMIENTO RENTABLE Y SOSTENIBLE CON SOLUCIONES SAP Cedric Mulier SAP Head of Sustainability business in EMEA and India Mobile: (+34) 620 705 469 ;
  2. 2. The Business Approach to Sustainability Increase short and long-term profitability by holistically managing economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities. © SAP 2009 / Page 2
  3. 3. SAP’s Dual Strategy Sustainability SAP as SAP as Exemplar Enabler Transform SAP into Lead the market a role model for of sustainability sustainability solutions © SAP 2009 / Page 3
  4. 4. “Organizations that are looking at SAP Exemplar sustainability reporting: Examine SAP's report as an example of a good practice in terms of navigation, stakeholder DJ engagement, and sof SI integration of its so ftw tw strategy for fixing its llea are ead are business and the der er solutions it provides to customers.” Gartner, June 4th 2009 Sustainability Council and cascaded targets and Over 150 Sustainability Champions GRI B+ standard, assured by KPMG Carbon footprint reduced by 15% & Planet Finance partnership © SAP 2009 / Page 4
  5. 5. UNDERSTANDING THE BUSINESS CASE: The Business Drivers SUSTAIN THE BUSINESS MODEL Ensure business longevity. COMPETITIVE RESOURCE ADVANTAGE PRODUCTIVITY Enhance the brand. Limit exposure to price volatility More sustainable offerings. of energy and natural resources. COST AND RISK OF REGULATION Automate compliance. Reduce cost and risk © SAP 2009 / Page 5
  6. 6. El Mapa de Sostenibilidad Responde a los 4 Desafios Compliance Competitiveness Sustainability Benchmarking Financial Assured Reporting Strategy & Risk Performance Mgt & Analytics Performance Energy-efficient Energy Carbon Energy and Carbon Assets Management Management Smart Grids Product Safety Product Material & Recycling & Recall Product Sustainable and Stewardship Compliance Product Safety Re-Use Management Footprint Design Sustainable Commodity Trade & Resource Supply Chain Procurement Traceability Supply Chain Risk Management Optimization Optimization Environment, Environmental Occupational Industrial Hygiene Emergency Health and Safety Compliance Health & Safety Management Sustainable Labor Compliance Diversity Talent Management Workforce & Rights IT Infrastructure Availability Security, Accessibility & Privacy Green IT © SAP 2009 / Page 6
  7. 7. Why Is Managing Sustainability Performance So Challenging? Difficult to define Collection via spreadsheet sustainability for the business is slow and costly KPI1 KPI2 KPI3 = Reporting results No consistent process to drive not actionable performance improvement © SAP 2009 / Page 7
  8. 8. © SAP 2009 / Page 8
  9. 9. SAP Carbon Impact to assess, analyze and act on the 6 GHG across the 3 scope CO2 SF6 CH4 N2O HFCs PCFs SCOPE 1 SCOPE 2 DIRECT SCOPE 3 INDIRECT INDIRECT Purchased Electricity for Own Use Employee Business Travel Production of Purchased Materials Company Owned Vehicles Waste Disposal Product Use Contractor Fuel Combustion Owned Vehicles Outsourced Activities Scope 2: Emissions Scope 1: Emissions Scope 3: Indirect from purchased from direct on-site emissions from supply energy/utilities sources chain or services 2007 © SAP 2009 / Page 9
  10. 10. Riesgos y Oportunidades en Carbon Management © SAP 2009 / Page 10
  11. 11. 1000 CUSTOMERS ON SUSTAINABILITY * Environmental SAP Carbon Impact & SAP SPM Compliance People Health and Safety Product Safety & Stewardship © SAP 2009 / Page 11