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Cedric Hinds Resume

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Cedric Hinds Resume

  1. 1. Cedric Hinds
 4980 Pioneer dr. | Berrien Springs, MI 49103 | | 954-740-2085 OBJECTIVE Recent MBA graduate with a 13-year military background, seeking continued experience in project management/ production management using organizational, administrative, and leadership skills. I possess extensive work experience in the global market that has given me essential professional skills that can translatein contributing to any typeof work environment and community. RELATED ACCOMPLISHMENTS Supply Chain/Logistics  13 years of professional supply chain/logistics management  Coordinated with head management on inventory accountability. Through collaboration with other companies and countries, ensured 100% documentation accuracy and recouped $200K in material costs, ultimately saving millions of dollars. International Business and Cultural Experience  By forging international relationships, my organization and I were able to lead both the host and home countries to economic growth estimated at more than $700 million annually.  In times of misalliances, I learned that renegotiation and at times contract revision were necessary in coming to an agreement that not only satisfied both parties, but benefited them as well, while keeping the organization’s goals in mind. Doing so taught me how to relate to and understand our nation’s differences with another’s, and weld thosedifferences into a beneficial partnership, giving me a global perspectiveon negotiation. Thought Leadership  Upon thediscovery of inefficient data analysis, I created an accountability program, which resulted in profitable and productive asset control.  As an asset manager, I detected weak spots within our confidential accounting systemthat allowed for potentialpilfering, and therefore took measures to provide security for our assets, leading to 100% efficiency of products. EDUCATION 2014 Masters Business Administration (G.P.A. 3.5) Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 2013 Bachelors of Science, Business Administration (G.P.A. 3.1) Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 2005 Associates in applied Sciences-Logistics
 (G.P.A. 4.0) College of the air Force, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL WORK EXPERIENCE Andrews University Berrien Springs, MI January 2011-Present Facility Manager  Designed, constructed, and carried out plans for renovations, collaborating with other departments to reach a mutual goal. Maintained the building including structural, and electrical matters, as well as managing stock and inventory of photographic studios and software.  Through this position I achieved a major improvement of the building, saving the photography department $12,000 monthly. Andrews University Berrien Springs, MI 2010 –Jan 2011 Fulltime student  During my time of unemployment, I was adjusting to a career change, and entering a full time student schedule. My timewas contributed to classes, studying, and volunteering.
  2. 2. US AIR FORCE, Supply Chain Manager(Technical Sergeant) Globally 1996-2009 KADENA AB, 18TH LOGISTICS SUPPORT OKINAWA JAPAN 2005-2009 Chief Operations Manager, Hazardous Material  Managed thePacific Air Force’s largest hazardous material department by maintaining meticulous asset accountability of $8 million worth of hazardous materials to ensure safety compliance, sustaining zero biohazardous mishaps, within the facility and the island of Okinawa, as well supervising local Japanese nationals who worked within thefacility. Classified Parts Manager  Initiated corrective actions on 56 Armory deficiencies (inventory), corrected in less than one month bringing the Armory to 100% compliancy.  Phenomenal management of 4.5K weapons/$5M on 18 accounts; 100% weapons accountability.  Managed 3 mobile defense kits valued at $96M;researched 2000 products for redistribution. Leadership & Development Instructor  Trained Airmen not only in dress and appearance, but also in combat security training, including rigorous physicaltraining for 100% preparedness. Asset Inspection Manager  Retrained and revitalized self-inspection program to reconcile over 100 discrepancies w/in 7 sections bringing all areas to 100% compliancy.  Led inventory to schedule and re-design defense kits cross-functionally between military branches; performed monthly inventories valued at $11M, maintaining a 96% performance rate.  Oversaw nine warehouse validations/inventories; authenticated 88K assets valued at $82M, accomplishing a 95% inventory accuracy for fiscal year 2007.  Asset acquisitions and quality control for 16 accounts; scrutinized and corrected 274 errors within those accounts to bring them up to standard with Air Force Materiel Command headquarters. NELLIS AFB, 99th LOGISTICS SUPPORT NEVADA JAN 2008 Confidential Assets Management  Ensured processing of 500 weapons;assured delivery within 4-hour limit while maintaining maximum security of assets.  Meticulously monitored cargo movement; honed critical asset tracking skills, and reduced transportation time by 35%.  Coordinated with aircraft maintenance units to ensure 100% performance accuracy; pulled and issued 18K items valued at $280M from inventory, allowing for over 15K missions to be flown. TYNDALL AFB, 325th LOGISTICS READINESS SQUADRON FLORIDA MAY 2008 Confidential Assets Management  Proficiently accounted for kit and shop stock items valued over $5M;kept balances accurate, and enabling daily accountability.  Safeguarded 195 classified assets worth $42M;enforced strict handling procedures--zero security violations. ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE (RAAF) Base AUSTRALIA AUG 2006 Supply Chain Supervisor (Staff Sergeant)  Overhauled Supply Discrepancy Report programthroughout various organizations; reviewed 474 submissions of fraud, waste, and abuse of assets, recovering $600K for stock fund.  Processed 4,787 supply transactions;ordered 21K items valued at $500K which supported 19 organizations consisting of over 3K customers  Created accountability logs; tracked and processed over 200 customer hand receipts. EGLIN AFB, 96th LOGISTICS READINESS SQUADRON FLORIDA OCT 1996 - AUG 2005 Supply Chain Supervisor (Staff Sergeant)  Began my career as an entry-level personnel, and moved up the ranks at a faster rate than average, ultimately becoming a supervisor.  Coordinated with civilian contractors (Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Alro Steel); issued 20K items valued at $300M from inventory;executed development tests and evaluation of air delivered weapons with a 100% accuracy rate.  Contractor relations expert; coordinated day-to-day delivery of Mission Capable Assets, enabling 20,000 resources to be expedited and used during Operation Iraqi Freedom combat hours.
  3. 3.  Oversaw inventory/replenishment of bench stock items; parts readily available; reduced parts wait time by 35%.  Expeditiously accounted for large shipments of classified inventory; $25M worth of assets prepared within 12-hours, well below normal preparation time.  Corrected 40 equipment balance errors; secured $28M in assets;coordinated with upper management (the general), redistributed/filled Air Force wing shortages, saving $723K.  Excelled quickly in rank far above average rate, and obtained computer accuracy with data processing systems and Microsoft Office. SKILLS Management and Leadership Customer Service Strategic Guidance Project/Policy Management Interpersonalawareness Computer Skills Disputeresolution Risk Management
 Quality control Financial administration Public Speaking Team building Communication Skills Supplies distribution CPR VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE 2012–Present Mittens for Michigan; Berrien Springs, MI Volunteer through Chemical Bank: Donation of winter clothing for those who are experiencing difficult times. Over the last two years, Chemical Bank has collected and distributed over 23,000 items across the state. 2011–Present Habitat for Humanity; Benton Harbor, MI Partnering with families to providedecent and affordable housing for low-income households. 2011–Present Neighbor-to-Neighbor; Berrien Springs, MI Using my photography skills to provide quality images for web and press development. In addition providing canned goods for over 100 needy families. 2011–Present Adopt-A-Highway; Berrien Springs, MI Adopting a two-mile stretch of roadway to keep clean, attractive, and safe from harm, as well as beneficial for the environment. 2011–Present World Vision; El Salvador Sponsorship of $35/month provides child (Katerin Yesenia), their household and community with essential needs such as food and water, clothing and education. 2010–Present Operation Compassion (Creator); Chicago, IL Use of own income to feed and offer encouragement to the homeless of Chicago. While the impact of this does not boast large numbers, and it is impossible to measure change in this circumstance, by offering compassion to those who are dejected, it has impacted me through personal growth and humility. 2010–Present Deliverance Mass Choir; Andrews University Section Leader; Impacted community through music ministry, lead and communicated between director and section, benefit concerts to raise money for “We Remember Haiti,” and other relief foundations. HONORS/AWARDS 1997–2009 Received an unprecedented56 awards and decorations for performance well above average expectations, placing me into a top percentile status within the military. 2007
 Outstanding HonorGuard, Non-Commission Officerof the Month Awarded to the most skilled leaders committed to excellence through presentation, precision, and performance within one of the most elite organizations that uphold military customs and traditions. 2005 Airman of the Year, Non-Commission OfficerVolunteerof the Year This award recognizes an outstanding enlisted Airman, excelling in superior leadership, job performance, community involvement and personal achievement. This is only awarded to 12 Airmen out of approximately 10,000 military members base-wide. 2002 Bob Hope Humanitarian Award Presented to thosewho have selflessly contributed an extraordinary amount of time, talent and resources to significantly enhance the quality of life. Achieved by performing in a benefit concert for “Relay for Life,” as head volunteer for “Meals on Wheels,” head leader for hurricane and beach cleanup, and Section Leader in Elite Base Honor Guard. 1997 Airman of the Quarter/Airman of the Year Recognizes outstanding achievement, and rewards individuals for initiative and substantialachievement.