Cesa spring elections 2013


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Cesa spring elections 2013

  1. 1. Queen’s-Trent CESA Elections Nominee Profiles
  2. 2. President Nominee
  3. 3. 1) Being on CESA for 3 years would definitely help me be a successful President. I was the junior social rep,Michael Neumann senior social rep, and this past year the Vice- President. Being Vice-President allowed me to have a leadership role in CESA and the Concurrent Education Community. I am now ready for a new challenge on CESA that the President role would bring, and I am confident in my abilities to be in this position. Being on CESA for 3 years has really taught me the ins and outs of Con Ed, and this would be important for President as I would work closely with all members of the CESA Executive and help run a smooth team. 2) For 2 summers I worked at Red Pine Family Camp, as a member of the Senior Staff team. In this position I had to work with 2 other members of senior staff and supervise a team of 24 junior staff. This experience allowed me to develop interpersonal skills, which would definitely help me be President on CESA. 3) I have been involved in many different student groups at Trent for the past 3 years. Some areas I have been involved with outside of CESA are LEC Rez Reps for one year and LEC College Cabinet for two years. By being involved in many different ways at Trent, I have been able to recognize what works well in different organizations. My experience in different groups at Trent would definitely help me be a strong leader of CESA.
  4. 4. Vice President Nominee
  5. 5. 1. I have been on the CESA Executive for the past twoyears (as Secretary and Communications Coordinator),which has given me good experience to be the VicePresident of CESA next year. I am now confident in the fact Christina Hoffmanthat I know how CESA runs as a student group, and I havebuilt a strong connection with many students in the Con Edstudent community and faculty. I would definitely feelcomfortable being a leading member of this organization.2. The two prior positions that I have held on CESA(Secretary and Communications Coordinator) were bothhighly reliant on ensuring that information is conveyed in aprompt and accurate manner to other students. This is apriority that I would continue to value as Vice President,since it acts as a mediating position between the executiveand the Concurrent Education student population. I wouldensure that students know that their opinions are valued,and that their ideas are conveyed to the executive so thatour program can be the best that it can be!3. I was on the Introductory Seminar Week staff for LadyEaton College this past September, and it definitely helpedme to be a student leader. I really enjoyed helping studentsto get accustomed to Trent life, especially new Con Eddies!I loved providing a familiar face throughout the year to newCon Ed students around campus and at events! I will be onthe LEC ISW staff again next September, and I definitely lookforward to helping new Con Eddies enjoy their startingsemester at Trent through CESA!
  6. 6. SecretaryNominees
  7. 7. Megan LeonardI am extremely hardworking, dedicated andpassionate. I consistently strive for excellence in allareas of my life and if elected, I promise to bring thissame enthusiasm to an executive position.I am a responsible and highly organized person—mytwo years of CESA experience have been incredible,and I feel as though they make me extremelyqualified for the role of secretary. I also have strongwriting skills and leadership capabilities, and havebeen involved in a number of extra-curricularactivities, both in high school and my time at Trent.I am outgoing, flexible and reliable, and I will doeverything I can to positively contribute to the Con-Ed community. It has been an honour working asSenior Red Apple Editor; I have met so many amazingpeople, developed invaluable skills, and would loveto remain a part of the CESA team.
  8. 8. Alejandra Bonilla1. I am committed. If you vote for me, Ill try my very best to fulfill the role of CESA secretary.2. Organized I will be able to keep theoffice clean and tidy so members canfind things easily. Being organized will also mean that I will be able to maintain and keep track of all the administrative work. 3. Detail-Oriented. I pay attention to the little details and am able to stay focused! This is will be useful when writing minutes for meetings.
  9. 9. Treasurer Nominee
  10. 10. * 2 years of CESA. Ive already been a part of theamazing council thats brought everyone so muchto the table for 2 years. Lets make it a third year for David Greaveseven more con.ed fun. Vote for continuity.* Trust the math guy. Im used to keeping all thevariables accounted for and cheques balanced.Besides, I understand money more than youraverage con.ed student - I took mathematicalfinance (MATH 3510) and got an A in it. Not that Illbe needing to do advanced calculus to be thetreasurer or anything, but dont you think its nice toknow you have someone who understands moneyon such a fundamental level?* My past experience is fantastic. Ive been a Donin residence for the past 2 years, which includedworking with and around Trents systems forhandling money. I also was your professionaldevelopment coordinator (junior, then senior) forthese past 2 years where Ive helped to grow theconference to where its bigger and better thanever. Being on the conference committee is a partof the treasurers job on CESA and I already know alot about that. Besides, handling the budget for theconference was something I had to keep in mindthis past year.
  11. 11. Community & HumanIssues Rep Nominee
  12. 12. 1) I was Community and Human Issues Rep the past two years, and I felt it was a great fit for my interests andHaley Rosenthal leadership! I also thought of the idea and organized Con Dubarsky Ed’s first Con Ed formal in over ten years, which sold out and was a huge success! Over my two years in the position, I also successfully organized and coordinated the Canned Food Drive (and we broke a record!), a School Supplies Drive, the first-ever Con Ed Blood Drive two years running, the P.D Movie Night and a Cultural Outreach Night at Kenner Collegiate. I also helped all of CESA’s many other events run smoothly! 2) I was a member of ISW Staff for LEC, and was Spirit Rep on Student Council in high school, so running events and fulfilling a leadership role is something I feel comfortable in! I attended leadership camps throughout high school, and helped run my high school leadership camp in my grade 12 year. 3) I also am an active volunteer back home in Ottawa, specifically with Children at Risk (helping children with autism) and have many contacts that I have made over the past two years (being on CESA) in Peterborough as well. I feel my compassion and sensitivity make me a worthy candidate for this particular position on CESA.
  13. 13. ClothingCoordinator Nominee
  14. 14. Miranda Moore1. I am well aware of the work that CESA doesas I was greatly involved this past year. CESAwould not be a foreign or new undertaking forme, as I already feel comfortable in thewonderful community and family that CESA is.2. I excel in creativity! I consider myself acreative and artistic person. I feel that I would beable to bring fun, new designs to the Con- Edstudents in regard to their clothing for next year.3. I am a very organized individual. I would beable to coordinate effectively with the clothingprovider of my choice and with the students andfaculty of the Con- Ed Department. I would haveset plans from the beginning of the year as towhen I would put out clothing orders, in regardsto specific seasons and when other programs orcolleges are putting out their clothing orders.
  15. 15. CommunicationsCoordinator Nominees
  16. 16. Karina Clendenning1. I have executive experience! I have been onCESA for the past two years as both the Jr. and Sr.Social Representative and know how to promoteevents and get information to Con-Ed Students. Iveseen all of our executive positions in action andwould easily be able to inform everyone of whatsupcoming!2. I love social media!! I already actively useFacebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more, which makesme the perfect person to update all of the placesyou get your CESA news!3. Ive done this before! Over the past several years Ihave been involved in many projects and clubs thathave required me to send out updates andpromotion via social media and other forms ofcommunication. This included running Facebookpages, creating events, sending out e-mail updates,and everything in between. Overall, I know what ittakes to be CESAs Communications Coordinatorand would have tons of fun doing it!!
  17. 17. 1. During my past year serving as the 1st Year Class Representative I have become a strongDylan Billings communicator, effectively passing along all messages from CESA to both 1st Year Classes. As well, I have successfully promoted all CESA events and represented the 1st Year class at nearly all events through the year. This experience will be essential in my role as Communication Coordinator. 2. I believe that I will bring fresh and new ideas to the executive team. After successfully having a competition on twitter for the 1st year class to give away free tickets, I have plans and ideas to expand this and take it to the entire program and various events throughout the year. 3. I am an avid user of all social media outlets; using Facebook as a promotion tool and "live tweeting" events (@dylanjbillings), just to give some examples. As a small summer job I helped a company develop their Facebook Page to effectively communicate their business ideals and values to the public. With this experience I believe that I would be the right person for the position of Communications Coordinator.
  18. 18. Jr. Professional DevelopmentCoordinator Nominees
  19. 19. Jesse Morrison-I am enthusiastic, outgoing, reliableand ready to try new things and workhard to achieve goals;-I would like to be more involved in inthe Trent and more specifically the ConEd community and am interested intaking a leadership role to help mypeers with their professionaldevelopment requirements;-I hope to develop and create newopportunities for professionaldevelopment that are intriguing, funand exciting and that incorporatepeoples interests and passions into thecompletion of their courserequirements.
  20. 20. 1. I believe I am best suited for the position of Junior Professional Development Coordinator because ofMadison Macken my experience. This past summer I was involved in a summer camp where I helped to plan events and organize activities for the campers and staff. Moreover, for the 2013 summer I will hold the position of camp director where I will be in charge of creating and designing an entire camp. This includes day trips, daily activities and development courses for counselors etc. 2. Secondly, I enjoy getting creative and planning. I am very organized, sometimes a little too organized! (I don’t know if that is possible) I think these are specific qualities which are needed for the position of Junior Professional Development Coordinator. 3. With my past experience I have numerous ideas to put forth when it comes to Professional Development ideas. Furthermore, I am ready to dedicate my time to this position and the responsibilities that come with it. I work well with others and believe I could bring a lot to the CESA team!
  21. 21. 2 Year Rep nd Nominees
  22. 22. Megan Lawson1) I have valuable experience workingin a committee thanks to cabinet,however I would like the chance to bemore involved in the Con Ed program.2) I think that I am approachable andwould therefore be agood resource for students in my yearto go to.3) I am willing to help and supportother members of CESA in order tohelp put on the best events,conferences and other activities aspossible.
  23. 23. 1) When I was in high school I was invovled in the Executive team for our drama club for three years, I started in the position or Treasurer, and worked my way through the roles of Vice PresidentAmanda Glazer and finally President in my final year. While I was on this committee as president I was in charge of arranging the meetings that we would have, deciding what needed to be discussed and when in order to have a smooth and easy theatre season. The executive had to make announcements, meet every week, make decisions, choose plays, hold auditions, select actors, and interview potential directors for each play. I have gained strong leadership skills through this position, as well, I have learned how to handle large amounts of responsibility and pressure. 2) In the past few years I have been in many positions of high responsibilities. In my grade twelve year of high school when I was an assistant teacher to 10 young theatre students in a Parks and Recreation group called Sirius Theatrical. I basically worked with the teacher the way we do with host teachers on placement. We help out in class, create lessons and teach them to the students, and help them with the skills that they have difficulty with. I enjoyed working in this program from start to finish, I felt a great sense of pride watching over the childrens final performances, knowing that I helped to get them there and helped them to discover their potential. I was expected to be there every week on Wednesdays, and I did not miss a single day. With this job, I have obtained some experience in a position of authority and I think it has made me a better person as well as a better future teacher. 3) Finally, I think I would make a great candidate for this position because I have a huge amount of drive and determination, I am easy to get along with and work well with others, I have creative and original ideas that can help to bring us forward in the 2013- 2014 school year with "chutzpah"!
  24. 24. 3 Year Rep rd Nominee
  25. 25. Rachel Daley1. Going into my third year in the Queen’s TrentConcurrent Education Program, I would like tobecome more involved in the program. Participatingin the CESA events has been fun for the past coupleof years, but this coming year I’d like the chance tobe directly involved in the planning andaccomplishing of those events. Being in con-ed, Ihave ideas throughout the years concerning eventsand other matters that I would like improve and try tomake the program even more enjoyable foreveryone.2. Education is something I’ve been passionateabout for many years and being a part of CESA, Ibelieve, would be a good way to discuss andenhance my thoughts on education. (And to addideas to my extensive pinterest board).3. I could give another point about why I want tobe but you should probably just vote for me and I’llshow you why it was a good decision instead.
  26. 26. 4 Year Rep th Nominee
  27. 27. 1. I have already been on the CESA executive for 2 years. In year one (2010/11) I was a member at large and aided in the planningAlyssa McGill of the amazing better in b.ed night as well as various other actives! In my second year (2011/2012) I was the senior professional development coordinator and ran a successful Trent-Queens education conference as well as helped with the better in b.ed social night, coffee house and food drive. In these 2 years I have proved to work amazing in a team setting contributing unique ideas to CESA! 2. I am currently studying at Lancaster University in England as a year abroad and have become so involved in a variety of clubs and teams such as the Varsity lacrosse team and the Study abroad society executive. I have gained some great leadership and teamwork skills from these 2 groups as well as some amazing ideas for socials such as pub golf and fun athletic mini con-ed tournaments with classes competing against each other. I have also volunteered with a couple not for profit community organizations on campus here at Lancaster and have some unique fundraising ideas for our year to support! Everything I have learned here on my study abroad year I will bring back with me and use to plan some amazing socials and fundraising opportunities. 3. I want to make my final year at Trent the best, and I assume all of you want your 4th year to be amazing as well, and I will try my hardest to make our year the best year yet, and hopefully help make the transition to Queens next year as easy as possible! I will make sure everyone knows deadlines, hints and tips from current students at Queen’s faculty of education. I will also ensure that your 4th year will go out with a bang, with another fabulous winter formal, better in b.ed night and Trent Queens September teaching conference. Support me and I will support you in the best year of our university experience yet! 