Corkboard Projects 2007


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Originally put this together back in 2007

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Corkboard Projects 2007

  1. 1. Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner ProgramDescription: Developed a master databaseof Microsoft partners that deploy WindowsMobile devices. These go-to mobilitypartners were then connected to businesseslooking to deploy mobility and wirelesscarriers.Responsibilities: Successfully recruitedInformation Technology professionalpartners of Microsoft into the MobilitySolutions Provider Program. This includeddeveloping relationships with partners andassisting them in meeting qualifications forthe program.
  2. 2. Microsoft Mobility Partner EventsDescriptions: Worked with members of the International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners topromote mobility amongst other partners and customers.Responsibilities: Coordinated with International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners to host MobilityPartner Events.
  3. 3. Microsoft Mobility Event ManagementDescription: Market Windows Mobile devices and the mEvent conference program to businesses around theUnited States.Responsibilities: Mobility expert at Microsoft events. Coordinated and distributed Windows Mobile devicesto participants and taught them to use the mEvent conference program as well as troubleshoot.
  4. 4. Windows Mobile Legal Marketing InitiativeDescription: Develop marketing materialsincluding presentation decks, micro sites,and reference sheets for mobile operatorsand value added resellers to sell to the legalVertical.Responsibilities: Developed marketingcollateral for mobile operators and resellersto sell to the legal vertical. This includedresearching applications pertinent toattorneys.
  5. 5. Sony Ericsson/Brightpoint Print CampaignDescriptions: Sony Ericsson andBrightpoint partnered to target wirelessresellers on new mobile devices.Responsibilities: Analyzed media andcoordinated timeline for targeting mobileresellers. Analyzed publication calendarsand looked at budget to determine the mostappropriate buy for the target.
  6. 6. Pinnacle Marketing Group Website CopywritingDescription: Update Pinnacle MarketingGroups website.Responsibilities: Sent out RFP andscreened website developers for PinnacleMarketing Groups website update. Wrotecopy for the website biographies and worksamples.
  7. 7. Novatel New Business PitchDescription: New client pitch presentation development.Responsibilities: Researched and developed initial branding presentation deck for perspective clients. Thisincluded looking at their current activity and relationships and studying the habits of the market place.
  8. 8. Microsoft/Palm/4Smartphone Hosted Exchange CampaignDescription: Market Hosted Exchangeoffer from Palm, Microsoft to small and growingbusinesses.Responsibilities: Analyzed and boughtmedia for the Hosted Exchange MarketingCampaign. Worked with, and to target smalland growing businesses with online bannerads, newsletters and e-mail blasts.
  9. 9. Bag Borrow or Steal Online CampaignDescription: Market Bag Borrow or Stealonline using search engine marketing anddisplay advertising.Responsibilities: Reported, analyzed andoptimized online search and displaycampaign for Bag Borrow or Steal. Thisincluded but was not limited to A/B copytesting, daily and weekly reporting, creativeoptimization, and keyword bidding.
  10. 10. Redfin Online CampaignDescription: Develop regionally targeted online marketing campaign for homebuyers.Responsibilities: Account managed and developed presentation for new client pitch. Worked with designerand client on producing online display ads. Worked with publications on reporting and optimizing creativecampaign.
  11. 11. Jackson Auto Group Video-on-DemandDescription: Create innovative interactivemarketing tactic for Jackson Auto Group.Responsibilities: Bought media,coordinated video production and wrotecopy for Jackson Auto Groups Video-no-Demand segments. This included theorganization of over 35 separate 2-minutesegments. The segments provided a directcall-to-action from the televisioncommercials and allowed for customers toshop for cars in the comfort of their homewithout the pressure of a salesperson.Award: 2006 Mixx Awards VOD andInteractive Television Award.
  12. 12. National Kidney Foundation EventsDescription: Promote awareness of kidney disease to the general public.Responsibilities: Organized, developed and facilitated events for patients with kidney disease and theirfamilies. Organized, developed and facilitated educational events and kidney screenings for the public.