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Tech trend mapping between us and china, inspired by kpcb internet report 2012


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Tech trend mapping between us and china, inspired by kpcb internet report 2012

  1. 1. Tech Trend Mapping between US and China, Inspired by KPCB’s Internet Report 2012I loved KPCB’s vivid “Re-imagination” by visual contrasts between “Then” and “Now”So began my random thoughts on parallel mapping between “Now” and “China Now”Selected 28 “Now” from KPCB report as my mapping benchmarkMy summary of the mapping: needless to say, inveterate copy phenomenon in ChinaBurning puzzle: is copy really bad?Answer: if I cannot be creative or inventive , at least I shall do “smart copy” or “optimized copy” Not every concept is feasible in China due to the differences of culture, online behaviors, legality etcSome areas already have dominant players, while some are still pending for fierce competitionGuess my slides were copying KPCB as well…but still I tried to do sth more hereIf you happen to see my slides, thanks for your precious time and attention.I am sure I would make some errors in my slides, please do point them out . Your genuine criticism will be my improvement. 1
  2. 2. China Now Sina weibo combines the function of Facebook and Twitter, is dominating in ChinaYes, I know Facebook’s copycats in China,Renren, Kaixin001, but they are lackingluster right now due to Sina Weibo’spopularity 2
  3. 3. China NowAlready several incumbents, competingeach other in this cloud notebook area Yunbiji Noteyoudao Note.Sdo 3
  4. 4. China NowStill a new territory inthis country???? 4
  5. 5. China NowAlready several clones with inferior filter tech;but I am confident on vertical curator ‘ssuccess Vertical travel curator type of Instagram Clone
  6. 6. China NowAgain clones are there; not surewhether Chinese people are so keenon private SNS??? Some youngerChinese tend to like flaunt everythingto get publicity instead of privacy… Diandi Taohuayuan 6
  7. 7. China NowAlready over 30 identical clones, pessimisticof their success, as scrapbook not really aChinese habit…Fashion or Food oriented Pinterest clonesare more fit into Chinese mindset; greatcultivating ground for social e-commerce 7
  8. 8. China Now (Zaker)The user experience is evenbetter than FlipboardNew players for such socialreading are popping up everyday 8
  9. 9. China NowNo dominant and domestic player like Kindleso far, though competition has been intense 9
  10. 10. China Now Facing the trouble of music copyright…Xiami 10
  11. 11. China NowCannot find such social sharing forsound creator…maybe I am ignorant??? 11
  12. 12. China NowAlready some strong players in China,while paying habit for Chinese netizens isstill in the process of nurturing 12
  13. 13. China NowReal time video sharing is universallycool, will gain huge popularity in China Vku.sdo 13
  14. 14. China NowCannot think of anything, butTencent’s Weixin 14
  15. 15. China NowNot yet in China??? I cannotfind any copycat so far??? 15
  16. 16. China NowOnline home deco, still in primitivestage 16
  17. 17. China NowPrivate car driver idea is not reallyfeasible in China due to legal regulationand lack of mutual trust in the societyBut might be workable for the cars fromthe Taxi companies like 17
  18. 18. China NowChina version of Yelp: Dianping hasenjoyed solid success in China 18
  19. 19. China NowGroupbuying was huge in the first half 2011,exploding up to 4000+ sites in China;Since second half 2011, many have died, due toferocious competition, counterfeit goods,dissatisfied customer servicesMarket consolidation is in progress, and big playersshould be less than 10 in the end 19
  20. 20. China NowCompetition is fierce as more and more suchstartups are popping up; while popularityremains weak or underdeveloped 20
  21. 21. China Now (Wowsai)My personal love for purchasing uniquehandmade or vintage items online; wouldlike to bet on the success 21
  22. 22. China Now No Shapeways’ 3D printing yet in ChinaDo find personalized design of birthday giftsand custom shirt services in China, thoughproduct designs are never striking… 22
  23. 23. China Nowproximity-based, real-time, buyer-poweredmarket platform is cool in US, but in Chinesesociety in which mutual trust is often frail, Iworry about its prospect; copycat will not doThis idea might be applied to Chinesecollege community, because suchenvironment and people tend to be simple 23
  24. 24. China NowCrowdfunding like is only limitedto projects for creative product designat this stage in Chinapersonally love such idea for buddingdesigners and products; should have abright 24
  25. 25. China NowOnline platform of peer to peerlanding, not that I am aware of…China’s private capitals perhaps arein need of such lending andborrowing, but lagged financialsystem and rampant fraud issueswould hamper the prospectPersonally not certain on this one 25
  26. 26. China NowEnterprises social platform is cost savingand efficient, huge potentials in future,though uncertain of its current copycat 26
  27. 27. China Now“Linkedin concept” is still new in China, andneeds take time to gain traction; copycatsmight need to verticalize or categorize;overall I am optimistic of its futureUshi, more business leadersdriven, current registered usersover 800,000+, expected to over2,000,000 in 2012Tianji, current registered users over9,000,000+; sometimes even organizesoffline networking event 27
  28. 28. China NowAs far as I know, maybenot yet in China??? 28
  29. 29. China Now(Mhealth=Money in China, startups are budding) self-diagnosis/remote consultation/LBS for pharmacy and hospitals…yet no on-demand access to doctors in minutes so far Yaodian.manle 29