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Week 26


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Week 26

Published in: Education
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Week 26

  1. 1. Multiple intelligences project Week #26
  2. 2. MONDAY 3rd - Day 90 report.  Class picture. (see post 90th day of school)  Presentation of multiple intelligences project. Junior 2. English. Numbers and school objects. Aim: To activate students’ existing knowledge of the topic.  We’ll choose the group members by draw.  1) Introducing the topic. Visual Intelligence  Video. How do numbers help us?  Group work. Collage with numbers.  2) Read a non-fiction text. Numbers every day. OD workbook. Linguistic Intelligence.  Complete the sentences.
  3. 3. TUESDAY 4th -Day 91 report.  3) To understand words about numbers. Logical Intelligence.  Vocabulary: plus sign, equals sign. Problem. Addition answer. Odd numbers/even numbers. OD. Page 88  Calculation. We’ll play the game Roll to 100  Which number comes next?
  4. 4. WEDNESDAY 5th-Day 92 report.  4) Kinesthetic Intelligence. People sculpture  They’ll choose a number and they’ll have to represent it with all the group members.  5) Naturalistic Intelligence. Bring nature to classroom  They’ll choose another number from a bag and they’ll have to bring nature objects in order to represent that number
  5. 5. THURSDAY 6th-Day 93 report.  6) Interpersonal Intelligence.  Booklet page 46. + collaborative work. List: Look for… school supplies  7) Musical intelligence. Use your school objects as percussion instruments.  Produce a song using the school objects that you collect.  8) Intrapersonal Intelligence.  Concentration ability.  Self evaluation