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Week 17


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week 17

Published in: Education
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Week 17

  1. 1. S Week 17 MONDAY 18th - Day 59 report. Conversation about the weekend. (S. Past) using WENT + ATE + PLAYED WITH+ FELT + WATCHED + WENT TO VISIT Hamburger writing Animal homes and habits
  2. 2. TUESDAY 19th -Day 60 report. S Picture of the 60th day of school. S Dictation practice #5 S Revision exercise #5 S Unit 6. Get ready S Booklet page 13 S Introducing questions with WHO and WHAT songs in the blog
  3. 3. THURSDAY 21st -Day 61 report. S Dictation practice #5 S Rochi’s show and tell. (She was ill, we’ll do it next week) S Booklet page 14 S Collecting lending library. S Argentina football match.