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Week 16


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week 16 Grammar practice

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Week 16

  1. 1. Week 16 MONDAY 11th - Day 56 report. Conversation about the weekend. (S. Past)WENT + ATE + PLAYED WITH+ FELT + WATCHED + WENT TO VISIT OD Communicate. Booklet p. 12 Irregular plurals (only the ones mentioned in the book) Plural nouns rules in the blog Plural practice in their folders.
  2. 2. WEDNESDAY 13th - Day 57 report.  Salvi’s show and tell. (see post)  Comparatives practice in their folders.  Where questions practice in their folders.  Plural practice.
  3. 3. THURSDAY 14th - Day 58 report.  Verb to be practice. Where questions  Comparatives  Plural practice.  Correction of the photocopies in class.  They take the lending library home.