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The Everywhere Bear


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by Junior 2

Published in: Education
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The Everywhere Bear

  1. 1. By Junior 2 2019
  2. 2. Every afternoon Miss Ceci teaches Junior 2, And this is her crew! That’s Tota and Cata and Feli and Beni, Owen and Vicen and Tomi and Emi Sofi A and Sofi B, Nico and Marcos Mili and Ali, Pedro and Santos Salvi and Mati, and don’t forget Coca Tilde and Silver, Alfon and Gonza Valentín and Agustín, Dante and Serena Guada and Santi and the Everywhere Bear!
  3. 3. The everywhere bear has a home on a shelf But he doesn’t spend very much time by himself, For each boy and girl in the class is a friend And he goes with one of them everyday. Then they carry him back to Junior 2 And show all the others the things that he liked to do.
  4. 4. He does handstands with Santos And craftwork with Feli He loves reading with Vicen and Emi
  5. 5. He likes playing football with Marcos And kicking penalties with Gonza He goes to taekwondo with Agus And to a led party with Tota
  6. 6. He has bus rides with Nico And scooter rides with Dante and Owen With Pedro and Tomi he has a sleepover!
  7. 7. He eats pasty with Valen He bakes muffins with Sofi With Sere, he enjoys a tea party And a banana smoothie with Sofi
  8. 8. Ali enjoys coloring with him And Coca taking him to Halloween. He likes playing cards with Mili and with Cata, chess With Santi and Alfon he prefers online games
  9. 9. He goes home with Tilde He likes looking after Silver’s sister He stayed at the sports until green won With Mati he goes to a rock climbing wall
  10. 10. He likes riding Beni’s bike And playing Salvi’s guitar He visits the Science Museum with Guada And learns about reptiles, birds and mammals.
  11. 11. We’ll miss our bear in Junior 3 But perhaps some day he drops in. He doesn’t have time to sit down on a chair, No wonder they call him The Everywhere Bear!