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Marketing & sales dec 6-11


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Marketing & sales dec 6-11

  1. 1. Marketing and Sales Strategy December 5, 2011
  2. 2. ObjectivesGenerate demand for CS productsIncrease brand awarenessNew markets for current products Footer text 11-Oct-10 2
  3. 3. ObjectivesSustainabilityLaunch product marketing targeting new products thatdrive future growth Footer text 11-Oct-10 3
  4. 4. ObjectivesIncrease revenues throughout the society Footer text 11-Oct-10 4
  5. 5. S&M Team OrganizationS&M team focus on all productsConsistent, compelling messages and campaigns Footer text 11-Oct-10 5
  6. 6. S&M Team OrganizationReorganization of marketing teamExperienced contractors for higher quality and lower cost Footer text 11-Oct-10 6
  7. 7. S&M Team OrganizationSales team compensation incentiveMarketing driven new business developmentTraining on all products Footer text 11-Oct-10 7
  8. 8. StrategyElevate the brandImpacts demand for all products and membershipSociety and product messages with compelling valuestatement and messages Footer text 11-Oct-10 8
  9. 9. StrategyConcept: The one source for computing professionalswho are or want to be technology leadersProtect your future…find it, know it, answer it Footer text 11-Oct-10 9
  10. 10. StrategyNew tagline and about us positioning statementClear value proposition for each productGetting our experts out in social media & PRBlogs (With outside exposure—Word Press) Footer text 11-Oct-10 10
  11. 11. StrategyAll marketing programs, materials and collaterals withconsistent messaging, brandingFocus website on target markets, products and servicesOngoing marketing campaigns for existing & newproducts Footer text 11-Oct-10 11
  12. 12. StrategyPartnershipsIncrease awareness, credibility and feet on the streetTarget partners: Microsoft; other software companies;technology organizations Footer text 11-Oct-10 12
  13. 13. Potential New Packaged ProductsPositioning: Don’t be left behind….Be a TechnologyLeaderGoal: build a sense or urgency about purchasing CSproducts and/or membership Footer text 11-Oct-10 13
  14. 14. Potential New Packaged ProductsFeature a hot topic such as cloud on websiteLink to packaged product that could includepublications, CSDL, conference, webinarInclude analysis to add greater value Footer text 11-Oct-10 14
  15. 15. Industry FocusFeature a particular industry on the websiteLink to a packaged productCreate industry messaging and collaterals for CAPCreate a industry community Footer text 11-Oct-10 15
  16. 16. Industry FocusUsers communicate with each other and our expertsGenerates revenue selling a variety of productsOnce the community is established, users get 30 daysfree access, then we charge to be part of the community Footer text 11-Oct-10 16
  17. 17. Global Community- a DifferentiatorRegional portals: EMEA; AsiaPac; India; South AmericaCommunication with our experts—online & teleconferenceRegional specific packaged products can include certification Footer text 11-Oct-10 17
  18. 18. Training & CertificationFocus certification campaigns on hiring companies aswell as universitiesBecome an online resource for hiring companies Footer text 11-Oct-10 18
  19. 19. ApplicationsDevelop a training program that’s like a video gameHuge potential market with all CAP prospects as well astier 1 and midmarket software companies Footer text 11-Oct-10 19
  20. 20. ApplicationsMembershipMobile application that allows members to renew anddownload content by topic Footer text 11-Oct-10 20
  21. 21. Software Solutions CentersSoftware engineers are the largest profession in our membershipother than academiaOffer practical solution centers (SaaS, SC Risk Management)Information on solutions as well as analysis Footer text 11-Oct-10 21
  22. 22. Computer MicrositeLike, have a Computer microsite linking off thehomepageSignificant advertising revenue opportunitiesWould require ongoing editorial support Footer text 11-Oct-10 22
  23. 23. Product Marketing ProcessWorking closely with product team identify:Customer needsWhat problems are they trying to solveWho is the target market and what is the size of that market?What is the competitive situation? Footer text 11-Oct-10 23
  24. 24. Product Marketing ProcessTime to marketCS differentiators and positioningCS product development capabilities and costGo to market plan and market testUse MRD for the process and proof of concept Footer text 11-Oct-10 24
  25. 25. Marketing Campaigns -- CAPMarkets: tier 1 and mid-market technology intensivecompaniesFocus: How NGIS improved training in a cost-sensitiveeconomyProspects invited to a webinar with Neil in early FebSales team follow upSalesforce used for response marketing Footer text 11-Oct-10 25
  26. 26. Marketing Campaign -- CPSCreate value proposition and differentiatorInclude a package of digital content on a related topicTargeted email campaign to CS, IEEE and othertechnical conferences Footer text 11-Oct-10 26
  27. 27. CertificationMarket: Hiring companiesInsure the quality of your outsourced developmentTarget list of companies that outsourceTarget universities: leverage IEEE resources in Asia, India & Europe Footer text 11-Oct-10 27
  28. 28. Marketing Campaign -- CSDLTarget markets:Universities with CS departments globally—social mediaprogramsTechnology intensive industries – email and social media Footer text 11-Oct-10 28
  29. 29. Build Your Career/Jobs BoardSpecific community forums—CIOs; softwareengineers; studentsPromotes certification, membership, jobs board, etc.Work with partners for extra exposure and credibility Footer text 11-Oct-10 29
  30. 30. Build Your Career/Jobs BoardBeef up the jobs board with an industry jobs feed initiallySales focus on industry jobsCreate a virtual jobs fairTarget an email marketing campaign to corporations anduniversities Footer text 11-Oct-10 30
  31. 31. Marketing Campaigns-MembershipUse CS innovators and members with prestigiouspositions for email campaign quotes and videosVideos on the websiteTargeted, consistent social media campaign Footer text 11-Oct-10 31
  32. 32. Marketing Campaigns-New MembersTargeted email campaign to get CS professors globally to promotemembershipLeverage BOG members’ university and corporate connectionsTarget practitioners in technology intensive industriesContests Footer text 11-Oct-10 32
  33. 33. Marketing Campaign ProcessMarketing statistics:5-15% of prospects purchase initially40% purchase within 12 months with regular, targeted contact80-90% purchase after 24 months with regular contact Footer text 11-Oct-10 33
  34. 34. Marketing Campaign ProcessAll leads go into database (Salesforce/Bronto) after initial campaign―A‖ leads directly to sales team―B‖ leads get an email or other contact every 60 days with a free whitepaper, webinar invitation, article, etc.All leads in Salesforce are assigned to a sales rep who gets reports inlead activityr Footer text 11-Oct-10 34
  35. 35. PR—Instant Awareness BuilderCreate newsworthy CS stories for placement in tier 1pressAlign press releases with marketing campaignsIntegrate social media with PR and marketing campaigns Footer text 11-Oct-10 35
  36. 36. WebsiteMain marketing delivery vehicleGoal: Increase traffic, credibility, sales User experience  Minimize homepage load time and number of clicks to get to data Design—Key to brand recognition /traffic inside website  Redesign of homepage and other landing pages  Differentiate ourselves with compelling message and graphics Messages  Throughout the site every product area needs to be positioned with clear calls to action 11-Oct-10 36
  37. 37. WebsiteCredibility and awareness builders Use of rotating video testimonials (for different products) to drive interest and ultimately sales  How NGIS has improved training in a challenging market (Promotes CAP and other educational programs.)  Members with key positions in industry or innovators (Promotes membership.)  Short, focused videos with a call to action Expert Blogs on hot topics linked to WordPress SEO  Builds traffic, promotes brand, products 11-Oct-10 37
  38. 38. Sample Websites 11-Oct-10 38
  39. 39. Deliver the right message and the rightproducts to the right market at the right time 11-Oct-10