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Digital Marketing Course details 2017


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Digital Marketing & Data Analytics, Certificate Program in Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization, Certificate Program in Digital Advertising and Responsive Blog
Design & Blogging

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Digital Marketing Course details 2017

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Training program in Kerala (A Govt. of Kerala Undertaking) Digital Marketing & Data Analytics, Certificate Program in Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization, Certificate Program in Digital Advertising and Responsive Blog Design &Blogging are the major training programs to enable students to cope-up with the new online lead generation/ campaign tactics. Program details These are advanced training programs that have been designed based on the research and study in the global market. Due to the identified high internet penetration and influence of new media has opened a new door for opportunities, there is high demand existing for trained man power in Digital Marketing, Online Campaigns, Business Lead generation sector and blogging sectors; the new approach which comprise of most result oriented and cost effective Marketing & Promotional strategies and processes are devised and implemented.  Certificate program in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics (CDMDA)  Certificate Program in Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization (SEOSMO)  Certificate Program in Digital Advertising (CPDA)  Certificate Program in Responsive Blog Design and Blogging (CRBD) Complete Training Modules_ Module 1: Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization  Inbound Fundamentals and Inbound Funnel Model Get found, Attract, Convert, Close, Delight Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines, Creating Content with a Purpose, Search Engine Result Page Ranking (SERP) Introduction HTML/ XML/ CSS
  2. 2. Site hosting procedures, Cpanel , XML Sitemap and Robots.txt  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Online and Offline tactics, collaborative tagging, Lexical Analysis, Folksonomy algorithms, Link baits, Search Engine algorithms URL Domain Name Controls and URL redirection Working with FTP and Cpanel , Setting-up 3rd party URLs  Local Business Listing and Google Verification  Creating Link Baits: Call To Action process, Persona Factor Landing Page/ Squeeze Page, Thank you Page, Welcome Page,  Business website architecture: RSS/ Atom feeds, Apps/ Codes/ Brand Icons: QRC, AR Codes, Favicons  Social Media Optimization : Working with Community/ Page/ Account/ Groups/ business pages  Social Media Developer Section: Widget integration process: ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest ), Open Graphs, Twitter Cards, Rich Snippet, Knowledge Graph, Featured Snippets  Posting Criteria: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+  SubRip File Management: YouTube Channels, Video Optimization, The Husting  Advanced Optimization Tactics: Rich Snippets, RDFa, JSON  Lead Generation steps: Transforming way of selling, Buyers journey and life cycle stages (SQL and MQL), Lead Intelligence  Semantic Meta Data Integration through XML: Rewriting search queries with Synonyms, XML Refinement Labels, Custom Search XML Annotations files Expanding Search Queries with Synonyms  Off page SEO Tactics: Social Networking, Blog Posting, Social Bookmarking, Press releases, Article writing, Forum discussions, Classified submissions, Leveraging docs  Selling through right prospective channels: Google Merchant and Facebook Store Module 2: Digital Advertising- Search and Display Advertising:  Different Ad types, PPC : Cost per click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), CPM ( Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
  3. 3. Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Video & Youtube Ads  Client Centre Account Creation and Management (MCC)  Google Partner Accounts  Google AdWords Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn Ads Contextual Display, Lead Generation forms  Annotations and Adv extensions: Call out extensions, Review Extensions, Map extension, Social Extensions Unique Selling point (USP) in Ads  Value propositions: Most common policy mistakes and best Practices Responsive Display Ads Email Marketing Response Rates, Cross Device Conversions (CDC) Universal App Campaigns (UAC) Expandable Text Adv (ETAs), Rich Media Ads (RMA), Light Box Ads (LBA) Multiple Calls to Action (CTA) in Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) Display Campaign Optimization (DCO) Remarketing and Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) Click Through Rate (CTR) and Threshold, Reach and Frequency Report Module 3: Responsive Blog Design and Blogging  Introduction to Blogs & Blogging Different type of Blogs Uniqueness and Structure of Blogs  Social Media Integration and Verification Process  Domain Name Control/ Hosting Controls Blog Spot templates, Editing HTML, Integrating Social media widgets Setting privileges  WordPress : Creating account and managing blog posts  Header and body of HTML file( blogs) Widgets/ Jquery integration Alternative form of Blogging - Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, etc.
  4. 4. Metatags and verification process  Income Generation modes: AdSense, and Referral marketing.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques for Bloggers Blogging Etiquettes and Rules of the Web Method for tracking blog visitors - Google Analytics Google Webmaster tool Promoting your blogs through AdWords Ego Surfing RSS in general and uses in blogging  Useful Web Tools: Google Alerts, Readability, Delicious, Evernote, Google Docs, etc. Module 4: Website Auditing and Competitor Analysis based on Marketing Perspectives  Web Master Tools: Sitemap submission, Search appearance, search traffic, Google Index, Crawling controls  Google Analytics: Accounts, views, and Reports Source of traffic, Interact with graphs Audience report, Audience overview, Audience demography, Geographical data  Technology Report to see devices used onsite : Real Time data, adding custom campaign tracking  Business Website Architecture, Auditing & Testing Index page properties, business landing page/ welcome page/ thank you pages Call to Action function, Persona Factor. A/B testing/ Multivariate testing (Theory only)  Marketing Grader / Trend Analysis Keyword Research Tool, Google Trends Analysis XML/ HTML conflict identifications, Web traffic Analysis, Audit Reporting Site Ranking, Site health check, Site Load Time Meta Data Validation, Content Optimization and Canonical Issues Broken Links, Deep linking, inbound links  Case Based elucidation: Strategic election campaigns through interactive Husting and Augmented Reality
  5. 5. Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) in Campaigns and Organic results Module 5: Psychological Attributes in Digital Marketing The Endowment Effect, Reciprocity, Consistency Principle The Foot-in-the-Door Method, Framing Effect, Loss Aversion Conformity and Social Influence Acquiescence Effect, Mere Exposure Theory Informational Social Influence, The Decoy Effect, Availability Heuristic, Buffer Effect of Social Support, Ben Franklin Effect, Propinquity Effect Project/ Case Study: 7 days (External/ Internal) COURSE DETAILS
  6. 6. 1. CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN DIGITAL MARKETING AND DATA ANALYTICS (CDMDA) This course is a Government recognized program in order to educate students in the area of digital marketing. This course gives students an opportunity to develop a detailed understanding of the role of Digital Marketing and Data Analytics in business around the world. Through Digital Marketing & Data Analytics training program students will get hands-on experience in various campaign, marketing, advertising and analytics tactics based on New Media. Course starts Inbound Marketing approaches and ends with Business Analytics, Auditing and Testing. This process is used to identify, quantify, evaluate and analyze the strategic steps to promote a business through online. This process is to ease the interaction between customer and client which will be applicable in both B2B and B2C areas. Program syllabus Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3 + Module 4 + Module 5 Eligibility Degree or 3 year Diploma Duration, Fee and Payment Structure Total 160 hrs 40 Days (Regular) 4 hrs/day 20 days (weekends), 8 hrs/day Fee for the training is 24,000+ Tax Single Installment 2. Certificate Program in Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization (SEOSMO) The persona based Search Engine optimization and Social Media Optimization program enhances search engine visibility and top ranking in web environment. Effective filtering and segmentation features of this program ensure to attract right prospect for your business. This program helps B2B, B2C and B2G sector for their promotion, online PR, branding et al.
  7. 7. Program Syllabus Module 1 Eligibility Plus Two Duration, Fee and Payment Structure: Total 96 Hours 24 Days, (Regular) 4 Hours/ Day 12 Days (Weekends), 8 Hours/ Day Fee for the training is Rs17,500+ Tax Single Installment 3. Certificate Program in Digital Advertising (CPDA) Digital Advertising enables candidates to define and implement advertisements as per the prescribed standard defined by Search Engine’s and Social Medias platforms. This program is suitable for people those who are in micro, small, medium business. Program Syllabus Module 2 Eligibility Plus Two Duration, Fee and Payment Structure: Total 16 Hours 4 Days, (Regular) 4 Hours/ Day 2 Days (Weekends), 8 Hours/ Day Fee for the training is Rs.3000+ Tax Single Installment 4. Certificate Course in Responsive Blog Design and Blogging (CRBD) Certificate Program in Responsive Blog Design and Blogging aims to create Blogs in an easiest way to have a website. With blog software, it literally takes minutes to have a professional looking site up and running. The course teaches how to create, maintain, manage, get
  8. 8. feedback, income generation plans and effective content distribution methods in an easier way. The programs intend for newbies, professionals, writers, business people who want to get started with blogging, in terms of readership and feedback professionals can go for the next level where they are able to generate income enabling display advertising through their blogs. Responsive Blog Design & Blogging is a short-term certificate program equip attendees to publish or present their creative skills or business information through content marketing and “Get found Tactics” among internet users, Certificate programs guide candidates to create their own blogs responsive to all type of platforms and this self-employed training teaches candidates how they could generate income online in a systematic manner, through publishing advertisements through their blog. Topics Module 3 Eligibility: Plus two Duration, Fee and Payment Structure: Total 32Hours (Regular), 8 Days, (Regular) 4 Hours/ Day 4 Days (Weekends), 8 Hours/ Day Fee for the training is Rs.6000+ Tax Single Installment Program Features  Program certified by Government of Kerala`  Third party certification opportunity** (**Conditions Apply) Uniqueness of the program We are creating a bridge between potential job market and jobseekers, the approach is making candidates to learn and know the ropes. In the Diploma program the section is designed in a two stream level discussing digital Marketing in the first phase and high level data Analytics in the second phase.
  9. 9. The training approach suffices to satisfy the clientele needed to generate adequate inbounds for their business. Candidates will have an opportunity to work with real time environment. The USP of this multi-facet program is that this is one of the ultimate Skill Development Training programs lending entry pass into job market. A Market Study and Job Opportunities Potential Growth Brand promotion is peaking with internet-based public relations. The rise of online shopping, campaigns, online education, and other activities translates into more growth for digital marketing. It scores well because companies can estimate the number of people who receive their advertisement more accurately. Our training program covers advanced level the lead generation tactics right from evaluation, plan, and full implementation of marketing tactics including trend analysis, target market identification, market positioning, and competitive analysis, Data Analytics, A/B and Multivariate testing practices to ensure right result. Now it has been identified there is huge opportunities existing in Online PR, Reputation Management, Branding areas About 1.5 Lakh jobs are expected to be created in the digital marketing space during 2016. Follow the link below for more information: 1-5-lakh-jobs-by-2016-Experts/articleshow/40198077.cms For Enquiries: Training Coordinator: 9072555444 Email: