Mul Intel And Bloom Tax Master Sheet


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Lesson Plan for Science Expo 2008 by Ceanlia Vermeulen

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Mul Intel And Bloom Tax Master Sheet

  1. 1. MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES & BLOOM’S TAXONOMY LA: Natural Science Grade 7 Program Organiser: Science Expo 2008 Grade: 7 V Multiple Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels Intelligences Knowing Understanding Applying Analysing Creating Evaluating Verbal STEP: 1 Hypothesis Presentation (impress) Relationship maps - Design a set of *Conclusion I enjoy reading, writing Question Matrix: Herring or fish bone Questions *Evaluate whole project Choosing your topic Example (WP, Mind Prepare speech Presentation & speaking Interview (WP, mind mind maps, SWOT Vocabulary Builder Diary/Journal (Powerpoint, Impress, map, internet, DTP) Analysis, PMI, Venn, Software mapper, sound recorder) (blogging, Myspaces, Zoho presentation tool, 6 Questions [See List (WP, Mind map) Bloom's, Learning bebo, facebook, Photostory, Google Quiz/Test (Online Performance bloglines, blogger) present) tools, WP, Cue Label (WP, Mind map, styles & thing Performance organisers] Presentation Story (WP, DTP, sheets) (Powerpoint, Impress, Presentation, Graphics) ( Inspiration, Flashcards (Podcast, vodcast, film, Zoho presentation tool, podcasting, photostory, (Moodle, Hot kidspiration, smart ideas, Cmap, Photostory, Google voicethread) potatoes, scorm audio recording, Mindmapper, present) Project (WP, objects) speech, Powerpoint Story (WP, DTP, Ganttproject for Gantt Definition (WP, freemind Online tools - Presentation, charts and PERT simple Mind maps, Show) podcasting, photostory, Charts, Openproj for wiki) voicethread) gantt, Pert and critical http://www.mindmeist Project (WP, pathways) calendars, http://www.drawanyw Ganttproject for Gantt flow charts [inspiration, charts and PERT freemind, C-Map , spx) Charts, Openproj for smartideas], mind Steps in the process gantt, Pert and critical maps) pathways) calendars, flow charts [inspiration, freemind, C-Map , smartideas], mind maps) Mathematical INTRODUCTION: Develop a “How to… *Draw a plan/map for Graph (Spreadsheet, Collect pictures/photo’s Clarify your perspective I enjoy working with Timeline Relating to the text poster digitizer) for poster/ppt storyboard on the book *Compile all info to solve Spreadsheet (Calc, Blogging & video Persuasive speech numbers & science Summary (WP, Mind Facts Chart Label problem excel) blogging (Creating (WP, Sound recorder, (WP, graphics map, internet) playing - mmorpg's Do a PMI re your text original content in a reasonable -argument tools) List (WP, online games, blogging environment) software, Mind map - Mind map, Web Collection (WP, Mind simulations like Global - Blogging tool, presentation mode) publishing) conflicts palenstine blogger, wordpress, map, internet) Reproduction (WP, classroom blogmiester, internet, graphics bloglines tools, Chatrooms, 1 Ceanlia Lesson Planning: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
  2. 2. email, discussion Vodcast, podcast boards) videocasting screen casting - voice thread, blogging tool, skype Visual STEP: 1 Advanced and Demonstrations Checklist (WP, Publishing – whether via Peer/self assessment I enjoy painting Go to the Writing with Boolean Searching – Spreadsheet) the web or from home Draw/illustrations Scientists site. This is a progression Illustration (Corel, Graph (Spreadsheet) computers, publishing in Networking - social drawing & visualising http://teacher.scholast from the previous Survey (Web, WP, text, media or digital inkscape, GIMP, Paint) networking tools, audio category. Students Spreadsheet, formats is increasing. and video cewriting/ require a greater depth Simulation (Floor map, surveymonkey email, Display design conferencing, email of understanding to be discussion boards) able to create, modify Analyse results threads, Searching or graphic tools) and refine searches to Design cover/poster telecommunications, quot;Googlingquot; - Search suit their search needs. Sculpture instant messaging etc engines are now key elements of students' Make posters & journal book with covers etc Demonstration research. Photographs (Presentation, graphics, List Illustrations screen capture) Solutions Project 2 Ceanlia Lesson Planning: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
  3. 3. Kinaesthetic Reproduction Recitation (WP, Mind Illustration (Corel, Report (WP, DTP, Filming, animating, Blog/vlog commenting I enjoy doing hands- (WP, internet, inkscape, GIMP, Paint) spreadsheet, videocasting, and reflecting – graphics tools, Simulation (Floor presentation, web, podcasting, mixing and Constructive criticism and on activities map) remixing – these relate reflective practice are Chatrooms, email, map, graphic tools, GIS [Google earth, Explanation (WP, Mind to the increasing often facilitated by the use discussion boards) google sketchup) Google Maps, Flickr availability of multimedia of blogs and video blogs. Social Networking map, internet) Sculpture Arcview/explorer]) and multimedia editing Students commenting - facebook, Demonstration Graph (Spreadsheet, tools. Students frequently and replying to postings myspaces, bebo Show and tell (WP, (Presentation, digitizer) capture, create, mix and have to evaluate the Basic Searches - graphics, screen Spreadsheet (Calc, remix content to produce material in context and presentation, graphics, unique products. reply. search engines capture) excel) google Presentation - Checklist (WP, Working model Write report Mind map) Explain your impress, powerpoint, Spreadsheet) evaluate peer experiment Outline (WP, Mind map) google presentation, Chart (Spreadsheet, Zoho presentation digitizer, mind Interview (WP, mind mapping tools online mapper,podcast, tools - vodcast, audacity, sound recorder) Demonstration Performance (Podcast, vodcast, film, audio recording, speech, Powerpoint Show) editing - video and sound tools playing - mmorpg's online games, simulations like Global conflicts palenstine Do experiment Construct model to demonstrate how it works 3 Ceanlia Lesson Planning: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
  4. 4. Musical Compose a rap/song Watch & listen to Playing – The increasing Video tape Directing and Perform I enjoy making & (finale notepad, WP, demonstrations demonstrations- play producing – to directing song/rhyme/dance to emergence of games as Sound recorder, Song (finale notepad, back or producing a product, perform to learners listening to music Audacity, podcasting, a mode of education performance or WP, Sound recorder, leads to the inclusion of Film (Movie maker, Debate (WP, sound recording narration in Audacity, podcasting, Avid Free DV, production is a highly recorder, podcasting, this term in the list. presentations Pinnacle Studio, creative process. It inspiration, free mind, recording narration in Students who [photostory 3, requires the student to presentations successfully play or Adobe premier Chatrooms, IM, email, powerpoint, impress]) have vision, understand Highlighting – pick [photostory 3, operate a game are elements Online tools the components and Discussion boards, powerpoint, impress] showing understanding of [See web2.0] video and Phone out and highlight key meld these into a Online tools [See process and task and, conferencing [skype, words and phrases is coherent product. application of skills., IM]) a technique for recall. web2.0] Create a Write a rap/rhyme/song www.pinnacleshare.c song/rhyme/dance to Panel (WP, chatrooms, m/ om,, perform to learners IM, email, Discussion http://www.looplabs.c www, boards, Video and om/ phone conferencing) http://www.jamglue.c Report (WP, DTP, om Presentation, Camera) http://www.podomatic .com/mix ) 4 Ceanlia Lesson Planning: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
  5. 5. Interpersonal Quiz/Test (Online Commenting and Diary/Journal (blogging, Interview Collaborating and Posting – posting I enjoy working with annotating The user is Investigate networking – comments to blogs, developing Collaboration is an others tools, WP) understanding by Myspaces, bloglines, Survey (Web, WP, increasing feature of discussion boards, threaded discussions. Definition (WP, Mind simply commenting on blogger) education. In a world Spreadsheet, These are increasingly the pages. This is increasingly focused on common elements of map) analogous with writing Share information with surveymonkey email, communication, students' daily practice. notes on hand outs class and peers collaboration leading to Fact (WP, Mind map, Good postings like good With a friend plan discussion boards) collective intelligence is a Presentation - comments, are not simple interview questions and key aspect. Effective internet, discussion discuss possible impress, powerpoint, Database (relational; collaboration involves one-line answers but google presentation, rather are structured and answers evaluating the strengths boards, email) Zoho presentation databases constructed to evaluate and abilities of the Interview (WP, mind the topic or concept. Worksheet/book (WP, participants and using MySQL mapper,podcast, evaluating the Demonstration/ Mind map, Web) vodcast, audacity, and Access,Flatfile contribution they make. Presentation sound recorder) Networking is a feature of Label (WP, graphics database collaboration, contacting Performance and communicating with tools) (Podcast, vodcast, film, using Spreadsheet, relevant person via a audio recording, network of associates. List (WP, Mind map) speech, Powerpoint GIS) Interview Reproduction (WP, Show) Abstract (WP) editing - video and internet, graphics sound tools Report (WP, DTP, tools, Chatrooms, spreadsheet, email, discussion presentation, web, GIS) boards) Graph (Spreadsheet, Work with others digitizer) Brainstorm Spreadsheet (Calc) Checklist (WP, Spreadsheet) Chart (Spreadsheet, digitizer) 5 Ceanlia Lesson Planning: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
  6. 6. Intrapersonal Bookmarking or Blog Journaling – This Editing – With most Validating – With the How many hypothesis Testing (Alpha and Beta) I enjoy working by favorite-ing – this is media, editing is a wealth of information can you suggest is the simplest of the – Testing of applications, where the students process or a procedure available to students Blogging & video myself mark for later use web uses for a blog, where a that the editor employs. combined with the lack processes and student simply quot;talksquot; blogging (Creating procedures is a key sites, resources and Survey of authentication of original content in a quot;writesquot; or quot;typesquot; a element in the files. Students can Make a journal data, students of today daily- or task-specific blogging environment) development of any tool. then organise these. Illustration (Corel, and tomorrow must be Keep a journal journal. This shows a able to validate the - Blogging tool, To be an effective tester basic understanding of inkscape, GIMP, Paint) blogger, wordpress, you must have the ability Simulation (Floor veracity of their the activity reported classroom blogmiester, to analyze the purpose of information sources. To upon. The blog can be map, graphic tools, bloglines the tool or process, what do this they must be used to develop higher google sketchup) able to analyse the data Vodcast, podcast its correct function should level thinking when Sculpture be and what its current sources and make videocasting screen used for discussion and Demonstration function is. judgements based on casting - voice thread, collaboration. (Presentation, these. blogging tool, skype graphics, screen Research Plan(Inspiration, Evaluate progress Journal: cut out pictures capture) Make a poster Cmap, free mind, WP, Presentation - Calendar) impress, powerpoint, google presentation, Zoho presentation 6 Ceanlia Lesson Planning: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels