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iSimply: Learn through social media


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Poster presentation from the CDE’s Research and Innovation in Distance Education and eLearning conference, held at Senate House London on 19 October 2012. By Anita Pincas and Tom Preskett (Institute of Education).

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iSimply: Learn through social media

  1. 1. An EU project 2011-14
  2. 2. iSIMPLYinvestigating how social media interactions can be used to create learning objects for marketing professionals
  3. 3. The iSimply project will….create a social media collaborative learning model &associated e-environment where the use of socialmedia tools will enable social media marketingprofessionals to interact while the smart system willcreate training content.
  4. 4. The project outputs are: a) the social learning model b) the e-environment c) the knowledge extraction methodology d) to create training content for the selected target group
  5. 5. The project outputs are:e) To validate both informal and formal learning withinthe system through pilots with the participation of thetargeted user groups.f) To allow reusability of the model and methodologyinto other sectorsg) Raise awareness and reach as many European TGmembers as possible through strategic disseminationactivities
  6. 6. Engage with the project…
  7. 7. Engage with the project…
  8. 8. Anita Pincas, Institute of Preskett, Institute of